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  1. who knows where i could get these products from?
  2. Reason #1: You Turn Your Skin Into the Sahara Desert at the First Sign of a Pimple Reason #2: You’re Not Really Removing Your Makeup Reason #3: You’re Not Using Retinol Reason #4: You’re Layering Products With Abandon Reason #5: You’re Off of Your Exfoliation Game Reason #6: You’re Eating Like a College Student ASK ME WHY AND HOW!
  3. dear isabelfromcali, ive tested out a copule reasons why people get undereye circles and dark rings. i used to drink a bunch of water before going to bed cause i heard it was good for you, but i noticed i tend to get puffier eyes and dark rings. so i stopped drinking water before bed and drank more during the day so i wouldnt get thirsty. also its okay to have a glass of water beside your bed and take sips but 2-3 water bottles may be the cause. check out this post for home remedies http://www.indianbeautyspot.com/2014/01/10-home-remedies-to-treat-dark-circles-overnight.html
  4. i suggest bb or cc creams i use brightening cream to even out my dark spots and i love it!
  5. best places to shop online and in stores. ask me anything!
  6. tips on how to prevent blackheads and pimples. how to get rid of them and things to better your skin routine for future breakouts.
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