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  1. From The Subscription Addiction blog summarizing February 2015's box (which is sold out, so the coupon would likely work toward March 2015): MUSTHAVE5 to save $5 off your first box.
  2. I got my box yesterday, as my shipping delivery suggested. (Oftentimes, on the day I would receive my shipping notification, I'd get home to find my box on my doorstep!) I like this box and have use for each item. 1.) I'm wearing the silver necklace. It's tiny and cute! I'm glad I got silver. 2.) Haven't tried the chocolate bar yet, but that was a huge bar!! It's in my cabinet, so hopefully husband doesn't find it and decide to "sample" before me. 3.) I thought the cutting board was cute. Husband is a cheese fanatic, so the knife will be his claim on my box. 4.) I got the pink nail polish, which looks EXACTLY like a pink polish I got in an ipsy at some point last year. I am sure this is not encouraged, but I went in to Sally's and was able to exchange for a different color that I don't already have in my collection. I picked up two additional polishes with the BOGO promo (it's going all February, and according to the cashier, you don't need to present the voucher that came with the PSMH box). 5.) Bath bubbles. I'm not a bath person, so I'll either try this as a shower gel, or maybe gift this to my MIL who takes baths nightly. 6.) Haven't yet tried the blush or the pomegranate lip balm I got; I'm good on the flavor I was sent too! All in all, a great box for me. I'm happy with PopSugar for the moment...would love it if we could consistently ALL receive our boxes on time, and earlier in the month!
  3. Yikes. I have been in private communication with several admins including Reija and OpheliaDiFranco about this. Some excerpts from our conversations: Reija said: "Thank you for asking. It's actually against the rules. You can list the items in the Buy Sell Trade area. You can add your ebay link to your signature but you can't ask people to visit the store. Hope this helps!" Later, OpheliaDiFranco PMed me about it, and I told her that I had already been talked to by Reija. I made the change as requested by Reija (by adding my link to my signature) and then asked: Do I have the ability to remove the post I made in the PSMH forum since it is against the rules, or is that the job of an admin? Thanks! OpheliaDiFranco's response: IT would be the responsibility of the admin, but it doesn't really need to be removed. This was just an FYI really. If it was a purposeful violation, then it would be removed. (There's a huge difference between not knowing what the rules are, and knowing the rules and still breaking them:-) I didn't know if Reija sent you an e mail. I saw that she responded in the thread so I just wanted to follow up with more info. @@TooMuchElectric - to what I can tell, as a general user, I do not have the ability to delete my own posts. Please advise if this is incorrect and I need to adjust something in my settings to be able to delete it. I'm confused to the rules as I'm getting conflicting information from various admins in the Private Message setting. Thanks for clarifying!
  4. I currently have: PopSugar Must Have (since Sept. 2012-ish??) ipsy (but cancelling after Feb. 2015) BoxyCharm (just signed up, first one will be Feb. 2015!) I've tried and cancelled: JustFab Julep My thoughts: I really enjoy PSMH because it allows me to try new products I otherwise wouldn't buy for myself...even though the reality is, I probably don't NEED any of it. I've gotten some good gift items out of my boxes, and anything that is "not for me / not for gifting" goes on ebay. I have been with ipsy since Dec. 2012 and really liked it to begin with; I love make-up shopping, and having an ipsy bag come to me each month REALLY helped me curb unnecessary make-up purchases. That being said, the mini-size sample products are starting to accumulate and overwhelm me. I like that lately, I've been getting more skincare and haircare items rather than odd-colored eyeshadows I'll never use. I'm cancelling after I receive my Feb. 2015 bag which will include several items I just redeemed my ipsy points for. Instead, I'm going to try.... BoxyCharm! I figure for a few dollars more, I might get to try some new-to-me brands of higher quality, and hopefully they'll all be full-sized to add to my collection! Looking forward to my Feb. 2015 box. I was with JustFab starting in Jan. 2013 and it was OK. I didn't LOVE their shoe quality (though I did order and really enjoy several pairs of leather boots out of their "Luxe" line) and the purses were just OK. I skipped most months and decided to cancel simply because my tastes have changed and I have acquired plenty of shoes and purses. I started Julep after receiving a voucher for a free month in one of my PSMH boxes. I subscribed to Julep for a few months, but ultimately cancelled because I wasn't crazy about the formula of the polish, it felt expensive for the small bottles, and I have a TON of nail polish as it is. Overall, PSMH will continue to {hopefully!} satisfy my "random" needs, and {hopefully!} BoxyCharm will fulfill my make-up interests!
  5. Hi everyone, Just an FYI to PopSugar Must Have Box newer subscribers (or those interested in select items!) that I have been posting some of the new PSMH items that are 'not my thing' on ebay. If you're interested in taking a look, search for my username on ebay: katerdpher51 and the direct link is in my signature below. Some of the things I'm selling include the slouchy winter hat that just came in Jan. with the technology gloves from last winter, lotion, picture frame, crusher straw hat, and more. I'm cleaning house and trying to purge what I've decided are not my cup of tea....or items that I already have a ton of and will never get around to using (i.e. - the lotions.) Thanks!
  6. A type to those who are considering buying a fitness tracker but don't want to look dorky with a rubber wristband: I have a FitBit One (it is just a little "pod" with a rubber attachment thing that you are supposed to attach to your waistband, and it comes with a wristband that you can wear at night to track your sleep cycle. I got the One for a few reasons, but the main one being that I looked like a serious dork wearing a wristband at work in a professional environment. Plus, I type on my computer all day long and already remove my watch and bracelets to more comfortably and quickly type, so I knew a wrist-type tracker was not for me. I don't wear the One on my waistband either...I'm always nervous about it popping off my belt. Instead, I wear it clipped to my bra! I clip it to the center of my bra, in between my boobs, and it tracks my steps throughout the day. As a plus, no one knows I'm wearing it!
  7. I think the polish will be super cute for Valentine's Day, assuming it gets here in time! I'll put it over a pale pink or white polish so the hearts really pop. I don't have anything else like that (all my other glitter polishes are legit glitter, like the Essie ones) but this could be fun! How frequently do they share spoilers?
  8. Hi everyone, Just an FYI to PSMH newer subscribers that I have been posting some of the new PSMH items that are not my thing on ebay. If you're interested in taking a look, search for my username on ebay: (removed, not allowed) Some of the things I'm selling include the slouchy winter hat that just came in Jan. with the technology gloves from last winter, lotion, picture frame, crusher straw hat, and more. I'm cleaning house and trying to purge what I've decided are not my cup of tea....or items that I already have a ton of and will never get around to using (i.e. - the lotions.) (Admins, not sure if this is the right place to post this announcement, please let me know if not here, where I should be posting this. Thanks!)
  9. I'm wondering if the February box might include a shadow palette like Lorac's new "Unzipped Gold" palette. As I'm new to BoxyCharm, are they likely to include another palette so soon as they just had the Revealed palette in December? What do you guys think? How frequently do they "repeat" product types?
  10. Oooh, the new Lorac "Unzipped" Gold palette would be a good eyeshadow palette to include for February! <hint, hint!, Thanks PopSugar! >
  11. There will be chocolates for sure, that's a definite "Must Have" for a Valentine's theme. Other ideas/wishlist: - A bracelet or necklace (Tiffany's silver bracelet with the turquoise heart charm....a girl can dream, right?!) - A blanket or throw to snuggle up with your sweetie (or cat.) - Maybe chocolate-covered strawberries? - A "romantic" eye shadow palette or make-up of some sort? - Perfume, though I suppose that's pretty risky since not all women like the same scents. - Undoubtedly, we'll get a candle. Maybe a candle "accessory" like a candle snuffer would be fun?
  12. Yes! A new thread for codes would be SUPER helpful! Great idea!
  13. I wouldn't have noticed either, except on Wednesday, I had emailed ipsy Customer Care to get a full summary of my ipsy points. I know they expire after a year, and for some reason, my account summary on ipsy's site only went back as far as 10/21/2014. I also had inquired about new rewards coming out, because I want to quit ipsy, but I also want to use up my points. The customer service rep was actually very helpful and let me know that they were going to be releasing new ipsy rewards on Thursday. Needless to say, I kept a browser tab opened all day to ipsy's reward page, and to ipsy's Facebook page (in case they announced it!) and kept refreshing. Go figure, even after checking throughout my 9-hour workday, they didn't make the additions to the rewards page until 6PM CST. Luckily, I checked my phone while I was making dinner and saw that they had been added, and jumped on it! I redeemed my 810 points for the 500-point eva.nyc hair cream (or whatever it was), and a 250-point hand cream (the mango mandarin flavor!) I have to stick around to get my February bag and freebies, and then I'm out! Moving to BoxyCharm!
  14. New Ipsy rewards out! Get 'em while you can!
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