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  1. Use this link! https://www.birchbox.com/me/boxes/women/2015/5
  2. Second box has loaded and it's really bad Number 4 Thermal Styling Spray (only thing I like - love all No 4 products) La Fresh Antiperspirant Wipes Naobay Moisturizer (I don't want anymore moisturizers) Well People Mascara Beauty Protector Body Lotion....
  3. That is a dream box!!! Did you get the two full size add ons? I read on the birchbox Facebook page some people saying that the cargo palette might be one of them.
  4. Thanks so much! i'll give it a try - I prefer to see images of boxes.
  5. Here you go! https://www.birchbox.com/me/boxes/women/2015/5
  6. Haven't posted in a while because I was not really excited with past months' birch boxes but excited for this one! On one account I'm getting the following (Oil was my PYS) and still waiting on my second account to load. Not a very exciting box, but I'm getting two PYS choices and the revealed palette. I seem to have too many face creams though: Benefit Total Moisture Facial Cream Jurlique Herbal Recovery Advanced Serum Macadamia Moisture Oil Coastal Scents Revealed 3 Palette Harvey Prince Sea Salt Texturizing Mist P.S. How do you manage to get screenshots of your box page on here? I have tried everything possible and cannot manage it Discover your next everything | Birchbox.ps
  7. So hard to choose!! I am crazy about make up brushes, specifically the Real Techniques ones. They are magnificent and at a great price and quality! As for my favorite make up product I would say it is theBalm Nude 'tude eye shadow palette. I wear that thing almost every time I go out
  8. Haven't got my email yet, but when I do I think I will go with the curated box, although the only reason I really want it is for the blush... I really want to reduce my boxes to just one this month, but I also want the its a 10 so I'm guessing I'll be going for curated on one and the its a 10 on the other.
  9. Definitely good for the wallet but if you really want the scarf, you should e-mail birchbox and double check if they have any more in stock or whether they could give you the deal when it's back in stock. They're pretty helpful
  10. I haven't received a confirmation e-mail for the necklace I reserved, but when I go back into the necklace add on page, it confirms there that I reserved it
  11. I think if you subscribe now you still get February's, because I wanted to resub on one of my accounts for March, but it's saying the box will ship by 1st of March which means it's February's box. However, if it says it would be shipped by 10th of March then it's most likely March's box.
  12. Fragrances are very common in boxes from experience. I remember seeing someone ask Birchbox about something similar on fb and Birchbox replied that you can get the same product in a man's and woman's box because they are considered to be different subscriptions. I think they said something along those lines, but you should double check!
  13. Thanks so much!!! Yes I know, I ordered some tea and I got the same notification. The weather has been making things crazy for the last couple of weeks, but hopefully it will be with you soon
  14. Sure!! Just enter this link in your browser and then replace the number at the end with the next box number, i.e. 1, 2, 3, and so on. https://www.birchbox.com/shop/birchbox-1/february-2015/february-2015-bb1 I think this month there were about 60+ variations
  15. Is the birchbox plus page not working? I tried going on it all day today and it says there's no products available...
  16. Hi! Sure - just enter this link on your browser and it should take you to your February box: https://www.birchbox.com/me/boxes/women/2015/2 However, it does depend when you signed up. If you signed up before the 1st, you should be able to see it, but if you signed up recently, I would say wait 48 hours from the date your payment goes through and hopefully it should work
  17. I don't see it at all! All I see is a gorgeous unique crystal necklace I caved in and reserved it. My First Birchbox Plus add on!!
  18. Did you get a confirmation e-mail? Because I would like to reserve it too, but don't want to try too early ** EDIT ** When you go on the website - a banner comes up on the top saying that you can reserve your March Birchbox Plus, so I guess we are good to reserve!**
  19. Please let me know when you receive the tote bag!!! Would you be able to post a picture? Because I am very interested in getting it when it's back in stock. Thank you!!!!
  20. I'm very tempted by the curated box because all those products are great and good value, but I recently got a face cream and eye cream and blush/bronzer/highlighter palette from birchbox So I'll prob go with the it's a 10 Leave In Spray since it's a very decent size. I'm on the edge about the plus items because I'm supposed to be on a no spending restriction for as long as possible! I already bought the Mott 50 spf scarf and love it and it's only offered $9 cheaper so I don't feel that guilty...but the Chloe necklace is gorgeous and $14 cheaper than its regular price of $40!!...Anyone going for it?
  21. Excellent detective skills Jay.Aitch.Gee
  22. Birchbox is having another 40% off sale, but this time it seems that it's not only for Aces, but for everyone. It's the Hibernate in Style Sale and seems to be mostly jewelry, teas, wallets and apparel: https://www.birchbox.com/shop/promo/hibernate-in-style?limit=all Thanks for pushing me over my no more spending this month Birchbox
  23. Here I was hoping to see some apology BB points haha. Seems they've become stingy with their points lately
  24. OMG Girls!!! I got an e-mail saying I won the BFF Party in a Box giveaway! That is such an amazing box - I am over the moon! Maybe it will help me stop spending on more beauty boxes for a while, who knows? Did anyone else here win?

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