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  1. I think that foot peeling masks are among my favorite k-beauty discoveries. My heels/feet get terribly dry in winter. I'd like to order a bunch of foot peeling masks, but would appreciate suggestions about brands/masks and where to buy for the best pricing. I've used a couple that I got from Memebox in the past, but can't remember which ones. I definately prefer foot peeling to foot "softening" as I have a lot of dead/dry skin that I'd rather remove than soften Natural ingredients/lack of artificial perfume/colors, etc. a plus. Thanks!
  2. Thank you. I had forgotten about Yuzen. I think because they're quarterly they tend to slip off my radar. I will have to go check the fall spoiler thread. I am keeping my eye out for Calmbox reviews, and I'll go look at Buddhi Box and Yogi Surprise a little closer. I do think that Mindfulness Box looks good, but the value seems to vary. I like that they include "activities" to encourage meditation and I like the spiritual objects they've included (I'm more into having crystals around my home than I am into wearing mala jewelry or that sort of thing). I had seen one review for The Cosmic Box here. That's how I learned about it. She had Mindfulness Box reviews there too but not the others. I like Kloverbox too as a concept, I just am feeling pretty overwhelmed by all the skincare/makeup that I have right now from sub boxes. I'm trying to work through my stash before subbing for too much more.
  3. I like the idea of a box that focuses on peace, and calm. I think I've gotten overwhelmed by makeup for a while, although a little makeup/skincare thrown in wouldn't be a bad thing if it's low-toxic "green" kind of things. I was trying to look at The Cosmic Box, Mindfulness Box, Calm Box, Sapphire Soul, Kloverbox, Yogi Box, etc. but I didn't know if people had suggestions or experience with these or others.
  4. I so wish that BB would consider stated preferences. The #1 thing that I am always looking for is skincare, skincare, skincare. They also know that I don't like perfume and I think organic is a plus. Yet month after month, I see amazing organic products (that I rarely get) and awesome skincare (that I rarely get). This month between my 2 accounts I have 2 shampoos, 2 conditioners, 1 perfume, a body wash, body wash wipes, 2 lipsticks, and a body butter. The only thing that I'm happy to see is the Jane Iredale lip product because I picked it (had received one from Sample Society a while back and my daughter adored the cute mini sample and the color/ingredients passed the test for an 8 year old play make-up option) but her sister accidentally smooshed it so this will make up for past wrongs.
  5. Has anyone who used that BBHELLO or whatever code for the 2 extra samples in January received their box or even shipping/tracking info on their box? I used the code on 1/9 and my box never shipped (order is still "processing" 20 days later). CS claims that the box is still going to be sent and when I asked about the 2 extra samples they assured me that those were on the way too but I notice that 3 days after telling me this, there is a comped mystery pack on my account that does show order "completed." I'm thinking that the code messed up the regular shipping of the box and now they're scrambling to send me a Jan box and the 2 extra samples (and I have serious doubts that the box will ever ship as promised).
  6. So I'm trying to become more familiar with cosmetic/beauty "safety" rating websites beyond the one I've used mose in the past (EWG). I hear people reference CosDNA here but I can't find a lot of info on their site explaining what exactly their results indicate. I see the 5-point "safety" scale that they say is more about the long-term inpact on the skin, cells, or body. What I'm not fully understanding are the "acne" column and the "irritant" column. I assume that they both include scores based on a 5-point scale and I also assume that the acne column rates the likelihood of the ingredient to cause acne (?) and does the irritant column indicate the likelihood of the ingredient to irritate the skin (?) to irritate pre-existing blemishes (?) Can somebody explain this all to me?
  7. I'm annoyed and maybe someone here can help me figure this out....I resubbed for the Jan box on my second account using the code for 2 extra samples on Jan 9th. Using the cheat I was able to see the box I was getting (which was the identical box that I got on my first account and didn't like, so I was rather annoyed). That said, BB still has not shipped the box (no clicky truck, order shows as pending) even though it's been 18 days. The box contents still do not "officially" show on my account and I cannot review the items for points yet. Because of the sucky identical duplicate box, I took it as a sign from the BB universe that I should just cancel my second account at least for a while, but then there was the new code for 100 pts. good through the second. If I could cancel and resub for a Feb. box for free I would do it, but I do not want to pay for a Feb box on 2 accounts and risk getting a duplicate bad box again (Can't cancel my first sub because it's annual). At this point, I'm thinking if I cancel, I won't get to review my Jan box for points because they're still not in my account as an option/it hasn't shipped. I'm not sure by when I have to cancel to not get charged for a Feb. box, and I know that I only have until the 2nd to cancel and resub with the code. Any thoughts? Can I cancel and then still review my Jan box for points when (if) it ever ships? I have contacted CS about the never shipped Jan box but so far no reply.
  8. I'm hoping that someone can help me learn more about how to (as easily as possible) translate the product ingredients from Korean to English. I have to take particular care with the products that I use and I find KB especially appealing because they tend to use more natural ingredients but that doesn't mean that I can use everything and I hesitate to use products when I can't figure out what they actually contain. I have some vague memory (or maybe it was all a dream) that there was some way to get all of those lovely Korean characters to become English words with meaning I could understand. Anyone? (and I ask here because in my potential dream reference of a way to do this, I think that it was on this thread). Thank you!
  9. ....and it's traditional "stocking time" and the site has crashed.
  10. Well, supposedly the C serum alone was worth $125. $15 including shipping is hard to beat. ETA: and to Memebox's credit it's not like there were only a handful of them. There were at least 100 they just FLEW.
  11. Are you referencing the "starter set #2"when you say the pouch or is there something else that I'm missing?
  12. Hooray! Makes up for me losing the Tea box from my cart the other night!
  13. Stella, we must be neighbors (I'm in the Chicago 'burbs) and I hope that BF#2 finds its way back to you. That looked like such a great box. I must say that earning VIP status as of this month has been quite the let down. Not even sure how to use the so called "perks" that I now have.
  14. I'm just sitting here having my Memebox pity party. I've either stayed awake or set the alarm to wake up at 2 am for the restocks all week only to have such a lackluster offering of boxes, have boxes sold from out of my cart, etc. and then to add insult to injury, miss the W&C, Snow White, and chocolate mania "boxes" this morning that I've really been wanting because I was foolishly trying to dress and feed my children and get them off to school rather than stalk the Memebox pages (and where did they say anything about their big "box party" being value sets?). I may resign myself to never getting my hands on that Bounce Cheese Cream or a Mangchee product or I may be a glutton for punishment and hope for a Luckybox #5 in the wee houre of the morning tomorrow as a consolation prize. I totally came into Memebox at the wrong time (Nov/Dec.) Sad for what could have been.....
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