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  1. Asians in general don't smell compared to westerners, therefor they don't wear deodarant. I was always told to bring my own deodarant when visiting Asia. So I am already counting on that product being mehh and useless
  2. December is the first mont that I have qualified for VIP status.. it's the 10th and I haven't recevied any email with special codes. Has MBox not sent out any codes for VIP this month?
  3. I would love to trade goodies with someone from Japan, or other Asian countries... Pm me of interested
  4. I'm new to Memebox... how often does Memebox usually releases boxes, how many different boxes a month?
  5. Does anyone know any spoilers for the Black Friday boxes 4&5? When the Black Friday sale went live there were originally BF boxes 1,2 &3 listed... Once everything started selling out they added boxes 4&5... So from my assumption those boxes weren't planners they even have a later shipping date.... I'm really hoping that boxes 4&5 aren't filled with reject and CPM2 ((((
  6. The cyber sale should be over already... Memebox we don't want an extension we want boxes!!! With the recent site crashes and lack of new boxes.. I'm wondering how long they will continue business... Really is disappointing, if memebox don't hurry and change the way they run their business another Asian company is bound to takeover... Come on memebox... Where are the boxes,responses or VIP emails!!! Has anyone received their VIP email?

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