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  1. When to go to bed is the best for beauty???
  2. thanks for your recommendation. But I trust my beauty adviser, and now my acne has been treated. So I wont change it
  3. no, i don't. My beauty adviser told me not to use it for sensitive skin.
  4. it contains herbal ingredients, it feels cool and soft. I have sensitive skin, but it brings no stimulation at all.
  5. 1. Apple -- Eliminate fats 2. Papaya -- Dissolve fats 3. Hawthorn -- Burn fats 4. Vinegar -- Promote fat metabolism 5. Salads -- Fat suppression 6. Plum juice -- Break down fats 7. Barley tea -- Get rid of fats
  6. 1. Thoroughly cleansing: cosmetics over night is the key cause dark and dull skin; 2. Use cotton pat with toner to wipe face: secondary deeply cleansing; 3. Do not forget using moisturizing product: skin dehydration is an important reason of dark skin; 4. Rub hands to warm and put on the face after applying cream: Keep away from dark skin by locking moisture firmly.
  7. 06:30 Get rid of toxin 08:30 Be Healthier 11:00 Refresh and relax oneself 12:50 Reduce burden and loss weight 15:00 Energizing oneself 17:30 Digestion and absorption 22:00 Promote digestive system and blood circulation
  8. Yes, all those bad habits you mentioned are the reasons caused your eye bag, dark circle and wrinkles. In a day, 11pm - 2am is the best repairing time for skin, you have to make sure you are fall a sleep in this period. Eye skin is the weakest of the face, its thickness is just 1/4 of our face. Often stay up late and face to computer radiation will cause eye fatigue and dehydrated. This will cause poor blood circulation that it can't eliminate melanin. And this is what makes dark circle. Eye wrinkle is the warning sign of aging, this will easily shows your age. This is due to the collagen and nutrition are easy to be loss which affect metabolism and damage elastic fibers. This is what causes eye wrinkles. I strongly advice you strengthen the moisturizing of eye, promote blood circulation of eye. First solve the dark circles then the eye bags and wrinkles.
  9. What is the standard??? Here is a graphic for reference.
  10. 1. Use warm water and cleanser for thoroughly cleaning. 2. Do oil-control and moisturizing. 3. Use anti-acne product contains SALICYLIC ACID, CAMOMILE EXTRACT and WITCH HAZEL EXTRACT. 4. Keep a good living and eating habits.
  11. These are grease granular. This is because of the skin's absorption is not good.
  12. Speed: 5 days Use milk for cleansing can help to change skin tone within 5 days! Believe or not??? Before makeup, use milk to wash the face. Milk can let skin become smooth and white, which is easier for makeup. But remember to use facial cleanser remove the dust before using milk. Steps: 1.Do cleansing to remove the dust 2.Take certain amount of milk and gently print on the face with tower for 5~6 times 3.Apply the milk for 3 minutes then rinse off *Edited by KellyKaye to remove social media advert. per TOS*

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