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  1. Here is my January progress. I can see an impact, but not as much as I want! I'm proud to say I've tried every single color multiple times and am probably in makeup 6 days of the week right now (it's a very busy time for me visiting students in their field placements all over the east coast). I'll check in again at the end of Feb / beginning of Mar. I'm not touching my Hourglass Color Field palette until I hit pan on at least 1 color! Edited to add an apology for the lighting. I'm in a hotel and it is dreadfully dim!
  2. Just started this on Jan 25th...! 1) Clinique almost lipstick in black honey FS - A staple for me, already cracked open my backup. 2) 1 minute hand scrub true blue spa FS - Lasted forever, will rebuy if they still sell it. 3) Lush vanishing cream moisturizer DS - Prefer gorgeous by far. 4) Bite Lush Fruit Lip Gloss in Currant DS - Loved, will buy again! 5) DR. JART+ Water Fuse Water-Full Hydrogel Mask 1 MASK - two piece mask that made it be a universal fit for my tiny face. Overlapped on cheek but it was awesome- most masks are very badly aligned on me. 6) Boscia black mask DS - I am an exfoliate-a-holic. A mask that I see hair and gunk on when I peel it off is strangely exciting. 7) Philosophy pure grace 3 in 1 LITER - One of my all time favorite scents but it's time to use up my Lush body washes. 8) Yes to Carrots cleansing wipes FS - My second round of these. Decent quality for the price. 9) Sephora Rose Sheet Mask 1 MASK - Meh. Doubt I'll re-buy. 10) Boscia Purifying Cleansing Gel FOIL - Nothing special. 12) Clinique Acne Solutions Clinical Clearing Gel FOIL - didn't like on whole face but a good spot treatment (directions said either, so I tried both). 13) Origins Clear Improvement DS - Love these and tend to hoard the samples! 14) Almay oil free gentle eye makeup remover pads FS - Great for travel when I try to slim down my routine. I'll check in again @ the end of Feb / beginning of Mar with an updated list and pic! Keep up the good work everyone!
  3. I'm not using my Ulta code, so here it is up for grabs- since we are so close to expiration. 2Y6XZ5GFV0Q
  4. 40% off sale again for ACES! Link is below to the specific items. Not as good as the one in the fall IMO but still awesome! I paid $2.37 after $30 in points for over $60 of merchandise! Be sure to add the free pick two if your subtotal is over $35. https://www.birchbox.com/shop/promo/aces-only?limit=all&utm_source=Sailthru&utm_medium=email&utm_term=G_A_VIP&utm_campaign=013015_S_A_ACES_ExclusiveCategory Code is ACETASTIC40
  5. @@Monika1 & @@lauradiniwilk Thanks girls :-) And I am so sorry to hear you had to let go too @@lauradiniwilk I'm still pretty motivated on my palette. I'm a life-long makeup wearer but at 34 still have very little confidence in my ability. I might have started with just wanting rid of a palette but it has turned into so much more! I have taken the time to watch youtube videos, practice on the weekend, and use more vivid colors. AND that led me to the 100 empties challenge, a low buy, and organizing my sample surplus for swapping / selling on ebay. I owe it to you all for the gentle nudges, support, and for coming up with this thread!
  6. Drats! Then that's my problem. LOL well at least that saves me running to my phone for every single email today. Thanks @@BriBaybee !
  7. Has anybody seen the sample choice email yet? I got an email from Birchbox but it was about the makeup that was sampled in January :-(
  8. Hi all! I'm late to the party but just discovered this thread thanks to a post by @@AliciaKnits in the pan that palette thread. I'm not joining in on the no-buy (because I simply do not have that level of self control when it comes to beauty products) but I am cutting back. I've been tapping into my stash (or surplus or hoard - whatever ya want to call our guestroom LOL) without even knowing this challenge existed, so I'm in! I'm taking a multi-faceted approach to my slim-down: 1) pan that palette- I just have too much shadow and really prefer building my own but hubs got me this so I'm giving it my best effort 2) low buy- I've made it manageable for me by cutting my regular H&B budget in half 3) eBay- finally getting around to dumping all the deluxe samples and foils I acquired while living it up from Black Friday thru Christmas shopping and 4) use it- hence I'm joining in. Not sure I'll post pictures as the satisfaction of the trash can is so overwhelming, but I will keep track. I've caught up on all the posts thus far and you girls are quite the motivators! I'm excited to join even if I am a little late!
  9. I was up for renewal on Feb 1st too. About a week ago I got notice and cancelled. Yesterday it finally showed on my account that I am still active but also had the yellow box asking me to resubscribe. I had checked multiple times a day as I wanted to resubscribe on a monthly basis before sample choice came up (that account is ace). I think you'll be fine, it might just take a few days to process. If you want to pop in on sample choice though, I'd probably call. Hope that helps!
  10. @@FormosaHoney My Love With Food box came with a $40 off code to HelloFresh.com It is a menu service but it claims to include farm fresh ingredients. Just pm me if you want it.
  11. I wish I could figure out the color of the Sumita!
  12. I believe you can do reviews on your original box now and that they will either update your box automatically in a few days. If they don't you can always email them and ask them to update it after you get your replacement box and do a 2nd round of reviews.
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