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  1. oh, and it looks like they left out the smashbox sample, but i'm not gonna bother anyone about it because i honestly didn't want it to begin with
  2. I got the reservatrol BE one. it's all greek to me though, haha
  3. Oh, I'd be happy with Bite lip products if they gave us something to help with the coming dry-lips cold weather.
  4. That would be great, I really wanted it the first time
  5. The most recent clue seems to point to a Sephora-exclusive product, but they aren't giving us much to go on.
  6. You should give it a shot! I normally hate face oil but it actually made my skin look pretty good. Probably works different for everybody though, haha. At the least I'm sure someone would swap something good for it.
  7. I got mine, I feel like this box was themed "lavender" because everything smells like it, so I hope that works for you. It's kinda funny that I'm not a lavender fan, but it nevertheless helps with stress, so it'll probably come in handy. It's definitely not bad as far as boxes go, but I did like the previous box better because make up remover and body wash aren't so exciting for me. I also got an unfortunate-for-my-coloring hot berry-pink lip gloss, but I can probably make it work on top of something. I never get why people complain about getting skincare stuff, because that's the main reason I subscribe to things. I'm a moisturizer junkie. So, Allure powers-that-be that probably send interns to lurk in these threads, don't quit on me now.
  8. Hey, I totally called the belif moisturizer haha
  9. Oh no, I just bought something on Sephora and got the VIB Korean skincare sample bag with purchase, so I hope there aren't repeats, haha. Though if I like something, I guess I'll be glad to have more of it. If anything, the moisture or aqua bombs from belif seem to be the most popular thing right now, so I'd guess that. For the record, I was never in either of the cities they originally opened it up to or the ones that seemed to come after that, but I did sign up immediately, so I think it has more to do with your numbered position than your geographic location. Or maybe it's completely random? Who knows.
  10. I got my box! The hand cream smells somewhat like a hotel bathroom, but it does absorb quickly and moisturize, which is pretty much all a hand cream is required to do and will probably come in handy when it gets colder. There are four variations of the Cargo eye shadow, and I got the green one. There are also two variations of the jouer treatment oil, one that appears to be for acne and one that appears for moisturizing and anti-aging; I got the latter, though I would have preferred the former, but what can you do. I think when I try the Kryolan lipstick and red flower cleanser I'll know whether or not I'm truly happy with the box. The Bumble and bumble blow dry cream is a pretty standard small allure box size. Just looking at everything right now, I'm pretty satisfied.
  11. The products are sample size, but "deluxe" samples rather than tiny, one use samples. They are at least worth the $10 you put into the box.
  12. You know, when I saw the spoilers I wasn't very excited because I had tried everything except the marc jacobs eyeliner before, but now that I have it in my hands, I like everything a lot more. I'll at least be able to use everything, and the glamglow cleanser is bigger than the 100 point sample that you could get as a reward on the site.
  13. I'm a huge fan of this box. Though the tangle teezer is somewhat different in shape than the one i got in the qvc box, i can always use another so i don't have to keep taking my other one out of my bag. I'll use everything, so that's always a win in itself. Not sure how I feel about the tiny expensive serum. I guess we'll find out in a few days if it's actually worth that much money (preliminary guess--I highly doubt it)
  14. They just posted this on tumblr: http://allure.tumblr.com/post/127865231609/there-will-be-7-products-in-our-september-beauty I'm getting excited
  15. I got a Tangle Teezer in the QVC box and I really like it. It goes through my thick hair easily and is easy to "clean" by pulling stray hairs from the rubbery bristles.

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