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  1. I'm getting the following: Not too excited to get most of the items. NYX Eyeshadow seems okay. I'm excited to try the sleeping pack, but that's about it. I think this is my last month. It's not worth it anymore, especially considering I've to pay extra for shipping and foreign exchange rate
  2. I received a full refund for my review today! So if you are still waiting for yours, it should be coming in soon.
  3. Yeah, I'm pretty sad I can't get anymore memeboxes...it was good while it lasted I'm glad they are not shipping international anymore at this point - I have way too many skincare now and don't want to be stuck with more once I move later this year. Maybe in the near future, I'll be happy to by from them again (if they start int. shipping again).
  4. @@theori3 thanks so much! I just submitted my review. Not sure if I would get a refund, but I really hope so!
  5. Can someone please send me the review rules for the restock boxes? I think I saw it on the addict page a couple of weeks ago, but can't find it now. Also the email address where you send the reviews. Thanks so much!
  6. Nope, I've been waiting for almost two weeks to get my review points. Not sure if they stopped giving out points since they're not catering to international customers anymore. Maybe they will turn the points we're supposed to receive directly into cash after we send them the paypal payout form, without bothering to turn them into review points first? I'm wondering if I should wait for my remaining points or just go ahead and get cash for the review points I already have in my account.
  7. I thought my fingers were going to fall off in this freezing cold weather! I didn't bring my gloves with me yesterday and my fingers are still sore from the cold. I don't know why I never check the weather channel. I just assume it's sunny outside, so the weather must be nice out too. Wrong, living in Canada after all....its sunny even when it's freezing outside! I'll be staying in this weekend. Thanks for the warning. Despite the weather, I did manage to pick up my memebox. My sampler set finally arrived and 3 of my other packages are being processed. So looks like I only have 2 more boxes coming and that's about it. Only mystery box I've left is Flowers & Seeds- fingerscrossed it's a good one! This time around I want it to be a complete surprise because it's my last memebox and all. I won't be looking at spoilers or at least try not to! I was wondering what the leaders box was all about....then I checked Memebox's email right now lol. Mystery solved
  8. My packages come to the Mississauga, Ontario and then they ship it my house. I only live a few minutes away from Mississauaga, so I don't understand why it's taking so long Yay, at least your package is in transit, you will get it soon enough! One of packages actually went around the entire country before it came to me lol. It was Canada Post error apparently. I feel a little bit better now. I hope its not being held up by Canada Customs because my package is under $20 Could be the current weather....who knows. I usually get my packages within 2-3 days after they're get sent for further processing.
  9. Biancardi, I don't have them yet! I wish, I bought them on the same day you guys did from TK. I don't think tester korea even shipped them yet. I did see some swatches online though. https://beautyfulldreams.wordpress.com/tag/valentine-collection/ Anyone else having problems with Canada post? My Intro Sampler set ($15) "arrived in Canada and was sent for further processing" for the past 5 days or so. Not sure if that means it got stuck in customs. EDIT: This site has better swatches. http://musicalhouses.blogspot.ca/2015/02/etude-house-give-me-chocolate-eyeshadow.html
  10. @@artemiss I haven't placed my roseroseshop order yet. I didn't know they're on ebay. Oh they've free shipping too. Definitely, you can get so much stuff with $35.99 from other sites (same amount as one memebox + shipping). I'll say memebox is good for trying expensive and unknown brands for less, but that's not even the case anymore. Do a patch test on your hand/arm before you use benton. Also try the etude house chocolate eyeshadows that @@Jane George mentioned. I'll be buying more of them soon!
  11. I'm making a nice little care package for myself consisting of everything chocolate and food related If anyone is interested, you can get the Missha Choco Latte cleasing foam from the USA Valentine's set at RosoRose shop for $2.70!
  12. And then you enabled all of us haha. I don't usually get excited by makeup, but these shadows look really good, especially the packaging.
  13. Those 3 etude house eye shadows even smell like chocolate! I got Salted Caramel. The Cherry shadow sold out before I could check out on TK. I'm still waiting for some of my review points. I think I'll just take cash at this point. There's barely anything interesting to buy on the meme site. The Shara Shara set does look good though.
  14. They might put items like the ones they have for the Chocolate and Roses (US Set) in the Candy for me box. I think that would be nice for everyone who bought the valentines boxes.
  15. They cancelled my V. Day order - that was quicker than I expected!

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