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  1. I chose it's a 10, but now I'm kind of regretting it because I really wanted the blush in the curated box! But I also know I would have hated the no surprise factor. Ahhh, birchbox problems
  2. If you've already gotten the Feb box, the next box they send you will be March. They won't send you two boxes for one month. But if you open a new account - like a second sub - then you may receive the Feb box.
  3. Update: promo code JILLIAN works, I just got 110 birchbox points! Whoohoo to another "free" box Also, thanks Noel S. for posting!
  4. I really just want the blush - it looks like the shade roseberry from the thumbnail posted.
  5. Can't decide between the curated box and it's a 10... Help! haha
  6. I got Bain de Terre conditioner, two face serums, three teas, and a toffee pretzel! I'm so excited for this sample pack! I love the food/drink extras
  7. I saw that too a few days ago. But then it showed as back in stock... I'm wondering if it is a glitch or if they are out of samples.
  8. I should be getting mine today or Tuesday - I'm hoping that I got as lucky as you did
  9. I really just want the tea! It looks like they stopped sending tea though... :/
  10. So jealous! This was my dream box for Feb!
  11. Getting: Marcelle Makeup Remover Harvey Prince Ageless Want: Harvey Prince Hello: perfume, shampoo, or conditioner
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