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  1. I concur. We all have different styles and sometimes it just wasn't meant to be. Red does not suit everyone, although it is a good "general" colour.
  2. I too threw away everything with alcohol this week. Just realized how damaging it can be for one's face.
  3. 1. Butter lipstick - Picked up for all of the upcoming family get togethers and Christmas parties for work and friends. Nice and cheap but effective. Good. 2. Tru Visage face line corrector and wrinkle remover - Delivered to my door and still pretty affordable. I went through my last batch in under two weeks, but this stuff is so effective at removing wrinkles and other nit picky things on my face that I always have a few stocked up. A lot of people waste their money on crummy fake anti aging products that are just full of chemicals and garbage. I say that if you want a wrinkle remover, get something with anti oxidants. Read the review for the wrinkle remover here. Recommended, and picked up another one for a friend.
  4. I absolutely abhor self-tanners. I used to use tanning towels but then realized how pointless they are since the tan is gone in a matter of days, sometimes hours!
  5. Deluxe: Embassy Suites Facial Bar – Did the job as the other poster said by cleaning makeup brushes, but was smudgy so I can't recommend it. Ojon Advanced Hair Treatment Rare Blend Oil – Bit of a mess and needed reapplying. Would not recommend. Wash-Off/Sheet Masks: Tru Visage Anti Aging Cream - Cleared my wrinkles after two weeks of daily use (twice a day). Super happy with the results and recommended it to my friends. I found the scent to be kind of "new" at first, the antioxidants must have something to do with it. But I grew accustomed to it and actually love the scent now. Two thumbs up. (read a review for truvisage here) For all the ladies over 30, remember that if you do get an anti aging cream out there, don't just end up buying phony vaseline. Actually get something with antioxidants inside of it which have been clinically proven to be beneficial (such as the product I mentioned above).
  6. Definitely gonna try out the grey eyeshadow now that I've heard about it. Thanks!
  7. I'm well into my mid-late thirties and rely mostly on two products to keep me young. I've recommended this combination to countless friends and they all appreciate its amazing results which are observed often after a few days of usage: -Moisterizer, even something as simple as vaseline. You need to keep your skin hydrated and as moist as possible, especially if you have seasonal allergies such as myself. -Tru Visage anti aging cream. I use this twice a day with my moisterizer, once in the morning and another before I go to bed. I am so happy with the results I've had over the last year or so of usage that I've recommended it to at least 20 friends so far. Wrinkles are gone. My skin feels as good as new and I've had dozens of people comment on how young I look for my age. I would highly recommend it (you can read a review for tru visage here and order a sample to try it out). So those are my two recommendations that I personally use daily and am really happy with the results.
  8. Moisterizer, foundations, and perhaps a bit of mascara.
  9. Any more opinions? Also considering this.
  10. Castor oil, iron supplements (trust me, I had the same issue before as a child), and some sleep. Iron is the most important factor though.
  11. As the other poster said, apply the moisturizers as your are still wet from the shower. Hydration is key. Sunscreen is also your best friend.
  12. Vichy is nice if you can get over the pricing hurdle. Will definitely pick this up next time at Walgreens.
  13. Korean products, at least the ones I have tried thus far, seem to contain many antioxidants and organic products. So they check out fine in my books. Hope that helped.
  14. Olive oil is natural and is a tried an tested method for hydration. Also, drink plenty of water (common sense).

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