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  1. This may not be the ideal place to ask this but a friend's wife has rosacea and I am wondering if anyone has some product recommendations. From limited reading it seems like Ph balance is critical and introducing one product at a time. Would Benton snail essence and steam cream be safe? It seems Meme's store is not stocking Benton at this time. Any recommendations would be really appreciated given her doc has advised she omit caffeine and many foods she enjoys. TIA!
  2. I purchased 3 eggs. I truly hope others fare better than 2 samples, lip tint and hand cleanser.
  3. My Easter egg mystery hunt consisted of a black sugar honey mask sample, Peri's tint jelly, sample skin 79 BB and a hand cleanser that is a duplicate. If I receive another face or hand cleanser, I am going to step outside a let rip a primal scream!
  4. I didn't see the eggs until 6:30 am EST but managed to snag 3 of them. Mystery boxes are my draw as well. Will be interesting to see if all same colored eggs have the same surprise inside. Agree they should have done this earlier so the eggs would have arrived for Easter. There seems to be a hit or miss with shipping. The berrylicious box sat in limbo for several days.
  5. Amen and thus not pulling the trigger on this box.
  6. New Box posted: Show some skin: There is nothing sexier than being confident in your own skin. We’d all love to look good without the need for concealer, BB cream and highlighters. That’s why we’ve curated a box to improve the appearance of your skin so you can wear a #nakedface. No makeup, just skin. In Drake’s own words- you’re the prettiest when you’re chillin’ with no makeup on.
  7. The Easter box and the Berry box are going to be a test whether Memebox is headed on the right track or is so derailed that I jump on a new train and don't look back. Since I came to the party in Nov and reading about what a great value it used to be I suspect my bar is not quite as high as some of you who were there from the early days.
  8. Fast disappearing act on the new Easter box. I pulled the trigger and hope I don't end up pointing the gun at my noggin. Masks are always something I will use as is sunscreen especially as there is the threat of spring.
  9. We are using a bionaire humidifier in the bedroom. It has cool mist or warm. We are using tap water but clean out the residual particles that appear in its base. They even provide a tiny brush. The air purifier was an expensive piece. It has a large slide in filter that gers replaced when it gives you the replace filter signal. Made by blue air. It has 3 speeds and I had to kick it into 2nd gear to end the sinus headaches. I think doing masks is helping as is lathering on the lip and face creams before the early morning dog walk. Knock on wood no chapped lips this winter, yeah!
  10. Regarding those of us who have a drier indoor environment, try a humidifier in your bedroom. Until I added one and an air purifier I would wake up with sinus headaches that were as bad as any migraine. . . Thanks for the comments re the winter skin box and kudos to MMB for reaching out and asking what peeps think. Was nice to receive the extra points this morning.
  11. My guess is there are fewer quantities available for each box offering in an attempt to gauge the market. Maybe now would be a good idea to consider doing a subscription. I would love to have more skin area, masks than glittery makeup etc. I seem to be allergic to their gel eyeliners which is a bummer coz I bought the set and don't dare use them again. They make my eyes tingle, almost water and the effect lingers After it is removed and my face cleansed. Since I have tried it twice with the same result, the problem is definitely the gel liner.
  12. After my typical mo of do I or don't I buy, I decided to pull the trigger on the new box. Please God of all things do not let me regret doing so. So help me if this box is a box o cow pies, I will delete all trace of memebox and reboot with a clean slate.
  13. I suspect they won't be successful in the US if this is the best they can do. So bummed.
  14. Wonder what happened with the unsold boxes and will the U.S. boxes only contain mehmeh's brand items? If so why bother? Did anyone else buy their gel eyeliners and have a problem with them making your eyes sensitive?
  15. Still winter here and it will be until the end of March. The new box is not interesting. If this is the best meh-meh can do, they should give up now. When I read no boxes for Korea maybe because folks there can purchase whatever they want; whereas not so easily here in the US and the same in Europe. Time will tell how the story ends. It boggles the mind how someone killed the goose that laid golden eggs (or pink boxes). And now they price a box at $45. I guess they are hoping to bring in new customers who don't know anything.
  16. Dunno why but I have left things in the cart for days. Could be coz if they decide to do the final up yours I sure do not want to lose any more money. This lucky box no show is a pisser especially since they put up one last night or whenever and it is sold out. Condolences to anyone who bought it coz it is like playing Russian roulette and chances are if the gun doesn't fire you will may receive a heap o'cow pies.
  17. In November I ordere lucky box bundle 12-14. I received the first box and have been waiting for a shipping update for the next which was Supposed to have been shipped January 24. This am I fired off an inquiry and being the pessimist that I am, fear if the other 2 boxes ever show up they will contain used toilet paper.
  18. For those who get zits and want to dry them up quickly, use the white of an egg, dab it on. It is colorless and will dry that pesky thing. Will revisit here again but I am off to feed and walk "Big-gums" our St. Bernard.
  19. This sure has been the week from hell. Just when you think things couldn't get any worse, the hole gets deeper and wider. I came to the party late but this is so sad nonetheless. To all those who gave their time, energy, spirit, love and advice, thank you for your immense gift to us. Fighting!(as the Koreans so wisely say) There is always a new path with new adventures; certainly there are lessons to be learned along each road traveled. May you reach new heights this year both in happiness and prosperity!
  20. Another box: Gwiyomi (Cute) Box: Packed with a bunch of irresistibly adorable products that are not only captivating to the eyes, but also work like magic to transform your skin to get that dreamy, charming glow! Valued at $57 for $35. Really? Plus shipping? At my age and that price, nothing is going to glow on my face, not the frown -- just MMB's coffers.
  21. Had both berry berry and dani box in cart and clicked to pay. No could do and why? Because the site lags in loading. This is not the first time either. What a way to go memebox. No wonder your customers are so fed up and bailing. aish!!!!!!!
  22. Woke up at 4 am EST and am still sol and I did not wake up on purpose to check as I value sleep too much. I tried to purchase the face box or whatever it is called to no avail as I am sure others were attempting to do. What kind of hell is this where it is not sold out but yet cannot for the life of anything purchase!!! It is finally fixed meaning sold out now. Doh! Did MMB hire Homer Simpson as their IT "expert?" While on a rant with bog legs of my knickers in a wad, I bought the Empress's secrets box yesterday, tried to use the golden ticket code, which expires in March, and the code was denied. Aish!
  23. Just noticed I am being charged tax on a Memebox, which I had not noticed prior. Is this new or am I just now noticing it? It is only $3 and change but since Memebox does not have a brick and mortar presence other than in SF, what gives? I found out about Memebox a lot later than most of you but am climbing on the bandwagon of being over it. While I am on a rant, why are so many CP boxes and not other offerings? The logic of it escapes me. Wishing everyone a healthy and glowing complexion in 2015 (and beyond for that matter!)
  24. Hang in there before filing a complaint. One of my boxes was stuck in N since Dec 19 with no update for a week. It finally arrived this week. No fault of MB but of USPS, obviously. (I'm in the hinterlands about 6 hours south of NYC.) My guess is once you see movement, they will arrive shortly.
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