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  1. @@raindrop I haven't tried any of these products so I am pretty excited. There is also a good amount of skincare. I am definitely not looking for makeup items. I will say though, that shampoo although exotic and hard to get in the states smells a bit unpleasant to me. Not sure I want people around me to think I smell like asian herbal remedies. That being said the only thing I really really like was the aloe, rest are meh I don't have a lot of good experiences with korean cleansers, not a big mask fan, don't need a silver eyeliner pencil and definitely not a shampoo or any hair product junkie. I think I will see whats in next months box before I order. Felt like they kinda had a miss with me and this one.
  2. I preordered the June box and I got a shipping notice yesterday! It is priority 2 day and should arrive tomorrow or the day after. I am so excited! @@Fashion Diva this is my first time subbing to a new box so I don't have any bad experiences.However, from what I have seen from other boxes, with new subs, usually the first few boxes are the best (like ispy) because they need to draw in new subs. If the first few boxes bomb, most ppl unsubscribe and it will be hard to get them back. So I hope I get my money's worth. I am hoping this one takes off since I have been on the wait list for 3B like half a year and have lost all hope.
  3. My order from Korea Depart finally came in 6 weeks after I placed the order! these were the samples that came with it:
  4. @@beastiegirl nice haul I have one of those spoon creams coming in myself. I never tried it though. Those samples look amazing!
  5. @@biancardi Nice haul. @@blinded bad news I'm returning all the C10 and the toner. My pores were getting clogged after using it. I think my skin cant stand Butylene Glycol (mildly comedogenic) and Triethanolamine (mildly comedogenic), either or both. Those are the two ingredients all 3 of those products have in common. Returning the Aloe face wash too because it contains both of those -.-
  6. I've only used them for 1 day so far. I like the green bottle, its meant to help with oil control. It has no oil in it and is light. The blue bottle is rich and hydrating but I think was skin was slightly irritated when I first used it. Not sure cause I used 4-5 new products on my face at the same time. Haven't opened the yellow one in case I need to return it, since that was the wrong one.
  7. So I had a package come in yesterday and one come in today from Memebox. One of the order was delayed and they sent the wrong item. Customer service responded on same day and said they will ship out correct item. I am keeping my fingers cross that it means I can keep the wrong item they sent! Sorry for the big pics I have no idea how to make them smaller.
  8. Nancy Tang

    Memebox Issues

    I am super HAPPY, she responded to me in the same day saying they will send out the proper one. Yay that means I got a free item to try out! Kinda loving Memebox a bit right now
  9. Nancy Tang

    Memebox Issues

    I don't know I send them the e-mail at 1 pm and it is almost 6 pm now. I will give them till Tuesday (3 business days to reply). I ordered this one: https://us.memebox.com/power-10-formula-propolis and they sent me this one https://us.memebox.com/power-10-formula-co-effector?grid=1-1. The propolis was out of stock a few days after I ordered it. I have a sneaking suspicion that the propolis was unavailable (hence the 10+ day delay in delivery of my items) which then following my complaint they substituted a very similar looking product . Hopefully I get the propolis I see they have restocked.
  10. Nancy Tang

    Memebox Issues

    So I finally got my order. The customer service wasn't bad but I got the wrong item in the box. Sigh.
  11. So guys heads up KoreaDepart has an annoying feature. Since it ships by weight, not including samples and the weight they give you is an estimate. My items were suppose to be under the weight thingy but after the packaging and everything it went over by 2 grams or something. So they decided to cancel and refund one of my items without asking which. They refunded my Etude House Moonlight in Spoon Blending sleeping cream in Green Tea. They marked the item as sold out which I just checked the site and it is not. I am very annoyed because they should have gave me notice and let me decide. I wanted the one in green tea and would much rather have them remove the Royal Jelly version I also got. I think they just remove the cheapest and lightest item in the order. That is super unfair because what happens if that item was the one you wanted most from the order?!? So just a heads up this company's policy.
  12. Hi I'm not sure if this is a MISTAKE in price listing or something. The Super Aqua Cell Renew Snail Special Gift Set II is listed for 13 dollars on Memebox. That set is priced between 50-100 elsewhere!!! It is currently sold out but they make restock. You ladies might want to keep an eye on it.
  13. @biacardi yes please do a review. I have never heard of that brand before but I am assuming you know it is awesome since you brought so many goodies from it! I saw all the awesome samples and checked out lioeletexas.com. It seems to offer mid price ranged items. I'm not very familiar with this brand but I might have heard of the Lioele Acne Control Zero Night Spot (15ml). I seem to recall it because of its strongly pink bottle and weird application where you have to let the power settle to the bottom before use. Or maybe this one is a dupe for the other one. I haven't used any of this line's product yet. Let us know how the samples work out for you.
  14. Nancy Tang

    Memebox Issues

    So today my order still didn't arrive yet and it has been about 10 days. I send a message asking about my order to membox I am fairly upset it won't arrive in time for my birthday. I was pretty surprised Gwen responded to my e-mail within 5 minutes of me sending it! Well maybe their customer service has changed because I've heard so many horror stories on it.
  15. After hearing that I am so much more incline to try Korean BB creams. I have heard that American versions of BB creams are not comparable to their Korean counterpart. I have no idea since I never used one, but my notion of a BB cream is something akin to tinted moisturizer which gives light to medium coverage. Good for summer usage, if it is water proof. It goes up to 100 degrees here and I sweat all my makeup off in the summer except for the estee lauder wear. But the double wear just feels so thick and heavy in the summer.

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