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  1. I thought it was just me dribbling tea all over myself. Too bad such a cool sounding product turned out to be just meh.
  2. I am happy to report that they were super prompt in answering my email and will be shipping a new lipstick shortly.
  3. Has anyone had an issue with an item in their box? What was the response? My lipstick was mashed up into the cap. I have emailed and am waiting to hear back.
  4. Be careful. I received a similar email, but mine said I would be immediately upgraded to a yearly subscription if I decided to pick my box options. It sounds like there are more than one version of this email going out. Make sure you know which one you got.
  5. The strangest thing happened. I got my Target box last week...and then I got another one today. Same color lipstick, but two different color nail polishes and two different hair products (Blowout and the presun stuff). I had a super crappy day at work today (as in I was not supposed to work and ended up covering for the on call person who couldn't be bothered to return her calls) so this was a nice surprise when I got home. I tried the lipstick and while it is a super bright shade, I love the way the formula feels on my lips. I think I will buy this in a more tamed down shade.
  6. Wow! Mine came already. I am not unhappy with it, but I am not thrilled. The things in it are cute and fun. My only real disappointment was that I was so looking forward to feeling that $40 beach towel. I figured at that price point, it had to be luxurious. Nope, it feels exactly like a $7.99 towel from Target.
  7. Sadly, my balsamic vinegar smashed and leaked over everything but the towel (I am amazed, it was the only item that was spared!) I am not sure about the patina idea on the unglazed piece. Mine is like that and though only a little bit of the vinegar touched it, it absorbed it all too well and now it stinks to high heaven. Based on this, I would think it would just pick up all kinds of stains, dirt, oil and odors in a kitchen.
  8. I just shook my head at the comment about how if your necklace "wears out" it means your wish will come true. Is that sales speak for, "Yes, this is a crap product and it is going to break, but don't worry, we'll tell you your wish will come true so you don't feel so bad about wasting $24"?
  9. I got a variation with the Dancin' Goat Hula Bliss body lotion. I also got- Lasting Smiles Passionfruit Mango Organic Lip Balm Incoco nail polish applique set Style Essentials Twingloss (half pink, half purple- this looks like an item for a tween) First Aid Beauty facial cleanser
  10. They replied saying it was a website error. It looks like it may be fixed and if so, I am on track to review the right item and get my points.
  11. I have an email out to BB customer service on this one, but I am totally baffled. My box arrived and I used the Whish body butter in blueberry that was included. The card said body butter, it was body butter in the box...but when I went to review it, BB says they sent me shave cream. I can certainly review the scent, but it seems misleading to review the body butter in the shave cream section, but that is the only way I get the points. I hope customer service sorts this one out. Ugh. I want to review this one too, because all day I could not figure out what the smell reminds me of. It was driving me a little nutty. I finally figured it out! It smells like liquid amoxicillin. You know, the pink stuff you have to force down your kids when they are sick and need an antibiotic? Smells exactly like that! Speaking as a mother, it is not a calming, happy scent. I have worn it involuntarily a few too many times, LOL.
  12. I succumbed and ordered this one. It is a little rich for my blood and might be my one and only splurge on this box, time will tell. I do like the looks of the purse, I suspect my only gripe with it will be why it couldn't come sooner in the summer season, but knowing it is coming, I will avoid buying a new bag for summer. It will be a nice treat.
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