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    Beauty, makeup, hair care, skincare, body care products, all-natural hair care products, handmade and handcrafted beauty goodies!


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    I love trying new beauty products and sharing my experience!
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    Beauty, makeup, hair care, skincare, body care products, all-natural hair care products, handmade and handcrafted beauty goodies!
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    Sales person at Target.
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    1.) Shea Moisture 2.) Soultanicals 3.) OKAY Pure Naturals 4.) Nubian Heritage hair products 5.) Clean & Clear skincare products 6.) Bath and Body Works 7.) Shea Terra Organics
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  1. Hey.? 

    Zeitun natural skincare is a legacy of noble rituals, exotic fragrances and precious recipes of beauty and youth. Drawing inspiration from ancient Arabia, we create our products as a synergy of the finest natural ingredients, sophisticated design aesthetics, delightful aroma and cutting-edge technology.

    There is a limited offer now. We giveaway amazing OIL ENRICHED BATH SALT with APHRODISIAC. Here are the steps. 

    1.  You order the product (we will tell you which one) and after you receive it, you leave the review in 5 days and feedback to our store. 

    2. We send you full paypal refund for the order.


    *Please, don't write in any private messages or anywhere on Amazon that you were promised a refund for a review.


  2. use code: LS20 for 20% off your order! www.organicbeautynow.com
  3. Heeyyy guys! So I bought 4 "Too Faced La Crème lipsticks" , and they are the bomb!!! They are hella creamy and pigmented. And they smell delish too. They have this fruity chocolate scent. Kind of like one of those chocolate assorted packs you find on the holidays that have different flavors. Isnt the packaging just gorg? Too Faced needs to start selling print as well. I need this blown up and put in my future woman cave. Had to show this angle. If you run your fingers across the gold designs, you can feel the print. And just look at how the light catches it… *bites fist* One more angle. The print goes around the box so I thought to put the boxes together so you can get a better view of it. How cool is that? The lippie casings is okay. It’s a bit weighted; that’s noticeable if you hold MAC bullet lippie in one hand and Too Faced La Creme in another. L to R: Cinnamon Kiss, In The Buff, LoganBerry, Fuchia Shock UNDER NATURAL SUNLIGHT IN THE SHADE. AS YOU CAN SEE, THE SUN PEEKS THROUGH MY WINDOW NEAR FUCHIA SHOCK Too Faced La Creme are ridiculous creamy! Believe the hype folks. They’re pigmented, creamy (cannot stress enough), they moisturize the lips, do not feel sticky. You can layer it on and not get a weird ring around the lips or that funky clumpy gross mess in the corner of your mouth. I love all four but Cinnamon Kiss and In The Buff holds a special place in my heart. They are thee BEST, yeah, I said it, THEE. BEST nude lip I have came across. Does not make my look lips ashy at all and I don’t feel like I may need a lip liner because ya girl aint got the patience for it. I just want to dress my lips up and go lol. The only con is the packaging. I just wish it matched the box print. Dah well, still worth the money to go cop it unless it’s on sale. Don’t sleep on a sale if you’re not willing to spend $22 on it, okay? Good
  4. Mighty Roots Moisture Stuffed Conditioner
  5. Mighty Roots Hair Retention Shampoo
  6. Mighty Roots Hair Retention Shampoo
  7. My blog is: https://lifestxle.wordpress.com/ . its basically about makeup, curly hair, food, and randoms lol.
  8. Hi Reija! Even though I can go back to edit, I would like to delete the 2 posts: Facial Oils & Skin Care for the Elderly. The 2 posts have information from skin care companies that I enjoy using, but these companies will be closing soon because my cousin cannot keep them up and running. , so the info is irrelevant & and I want it to be removed. Thank you
  9. so I posted a post about facial oils and the name of the post is "Facial Oils" . But I want to get in depth more and share more facial oils and toners I have used that work for my skin, but there is no edit or delete button I was wondering if one of the Admins can delete the post so that I can start a new one. Thanks for the help!
  10. all these fruit sugar body scrubs from etsy look almost good to eat lol.

  11. I buy a lot of makeup and hair products off Amazon. I recently found out about this extension that you can install onto your computer that donates 0.5% of your of your order to charity on Amazon expenses. So think about it like this: you buy $50 of mascara, shampoo, foundation, and lipstick, and then Amazon will give 0.5% of your order to charity, whether it is food for the hunger, or to help save wild animals. On Black Friday, I SPEND so much on Amazon, and I am happy to know that buy buying, I am also helping. This isn't just for beauty, but also for pretty much anything you want to buy from Amazon! Install Smile Amazon helper: https://goo.gl/QKVNfZ

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