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  1. Thank you for sharing pictures and the Instagram link. I'm not subscribed to either sub service offered by LLB. I like the bud vase from what I seen in the pictures. I do understand how people can feel disappointed with the items. I hope that a few people will post their flowers once they arrive.
  2. My younger son opened the box for me. He saved the best (in his eyes) for last. He was excited that we received seeds Traditional Medicinals did a great job designing their tea bags. The little guy doesn't believe me when I tell him they are not seeds. Seeds are important in our house. I'm excited to see the Angel Face Botanicals Cleanser despite the aloe. I purchased the toner (has aloe) after trying it out in my Goodebox. I'll give it to my sister if it irritates my face. The Jacq's Organics detox soap has an outdoor woodsy smell to me. It has pine in it. I think it is going to be one of those soaps that smells a little different to everyone. I love pine forests and associate them with calmness and happiness. I received the Bedrock and Bloom Smart Ash in the July Vegan Cut Beauty Box. I've looked at it. I haven't been brave enough to try it. Now I have double the reasons to try it. I'm excited to see Mychelle! I loved every product that I tried. I like that it has a roller ball application. Everything looks great! I think it was worth the wait.
  3. I received a tracking email today! I wonder if the Back to School box will ship in late August or early September.
  4. I'm excited about this! I hope they offer a natural box in addition to the regular box. I liked the natural box that was offered months ago.
  5. I ordered the Back to School Box for my little guy. The August theme is Detox and Diminish . I wonder what will be in it. I am going to place my Kosmotology order in the next few days using the discount code. Any suggestions?
  6. Sorry, Kloverbox, I had the same first thought. I don't want my August box to be late! My second thought was that i want a box personalized for me - make it girly and colorful please . My third thought - Of course, I am going to order it. I have a 7 year old boy. Perfect.
  7. Here's the newest home decor box. I need to clean up from working on the farm and will post more pictures later.
  8. Here's a quick picture of the newest Home Decor Box.
  9. @@MET I posted on MSA that I thought the email might alienate subscribers. I can post the email here if people wnat to read it, but it is very long. I did post it on the blog. I felt it was a misstep to mention names and comments. Commenters do not respond well to that.
  10. My box showed up today! It's really pretty with the pink and white shredded paper. My scrub is Mango. I haven't opened anything yet because the heat got to the products. I'm sure everything will be fine in the morning.
  11. My Sundays are not lazy. I think my candle is marble. It looks like it and is heavy. It does state marble on the box. @vegmakeup4life People are going to have different reactions. I'm not interested in spending more money on an expensive box by swapping. I do have her letter on the blog I write for and it is also linked in the review. I also want to live the life where people can just go and buy a marble candle just because they like it People are welcome to think I am crazy for not liking my pillow or candle. I am fine with that. As I stated in my review, I HATE black and white. It has nothing to do with what other people received. The material collects hair and dust, I don't feel comfortable swapping my pillow cover in that state. The candle is black (looks and feels marble to me) and the gold trim peeled partly of the coaster as I unwrapped it from the tissue paper. I never saw a leather case that shape before. I assumed it would be larger. I did cancel the box because it is too expensive for me to receive items I don't like. I'm a big supporter of eco products and women own businesses. I was very excited for this box. Speaking of the letter, it does irk me that there will be a major jump in luxury materials for the next box. That was the kind of box I was hoping for the first time. Not everyone will like everything. I'm rarely negative on any box. This box did not work for me. That does not mean it won't work for everyone. I rather have everyone be happy with the box because it is a lot of money to spend.I much rather be happy for the box instead of regretting spending the money.
  12. @@vegmakeup4life I can't find the post where it is discussed on this thread that that the pillow spoiler is incorrect.I don't recall reading that anywhere and want to read it, please I'm curious.. Email is subjective so I am hoping my tone is coming across correctly. I posted a bunch of pictures on the blog. Here are the highlights. It's behind the spoiler tag so I don't eat up someone's cell phone data plan.

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