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  1. @@turntrekgodhead Happy early birthday! Enjoy a few new goodies!
  2. A LOOK BACK AT MY MONTH OF JANUARY EMPTIES. NEWEST AT BOTTOM. Here are my empties from days 1-10. FULL SIZE:4 Avon Footworks cream: I was given this as a gift. It was just OK. WNR Yes to Carrots shampoo: I didn't like this as a shampoo. WNR Up & Up polish remover: it does the job and is cheap. I have already repurchased. Simpatico hand cream: worked really well on my dry winter hands. WNR DELUXE SIZE:5 Jergens BB Body: This was not great. WNR Whish Shaving Cream: I did not like this at all. WNR Alterna Caviar Omega nourishing oil: Love this. WR Bobbi Brown Mascara: Left dark smudges under my eyes. WNR Aveeno Daily Moisturizing Lotion: Just OK. WNR RUNNING TOTAL = 9 EMPTIES Here are my empties from days 11-20. FULL SIZE:3 Black Raspberry Vanilla body splash BBW - Took forever! WR Dove Go Sleeveless deodorant - I really liked this. Lasted all day. WR Loreal Magic BB in Fair - Oxidized too orange for my ultra pale self. WNR DELUXE SIZE:3 Olay Tone Perfecting Cream - nice, but too small to really tell. Estée Lauder Enlighten Serum - again, this was nice, but too small to really tell. Oribe Shampoo - WNR FOILS:11 There were 11 total foils here. I have nearly nothing to say about them, so I am lumping them together. I don't like foils because it is virtually impossible to tell if a product works for you. WNR any. RUNNING TOTAL = 26 EMPTIES Here are my empties for days 21-30. FULL SIZE:4 Yes To Blueberries Wipes - OK. Probably WNR. Bare Minerals Well Rested - Didn't really do anything for me. WNR FrizzEase Straight Fixation - OK. I like hair oils better. WNR Dermalogica Skin Hydrating Booster - Did nothing. WNR DELUXE SIZE:5 Benefit Porefessional - I liked this. WR Juice Beauty Green Apple Peel - brightened my skin. Might repurchase. Nivea body lotion. Just OK. WNR Tarte Amazonian Clay mask. Not enough to really tell. OK. WNR Random scrub. Label came off. Too harsh for face. Used on body. OK. WNR FOILS:1 Lorac porfection - OK. Might repurchase. RUNNING TOTAL = 36 EMPTIES Photo of days 21-30 empties:
  3. Taking this one step further to eliminate as much waste as possible, we take a look at what is already in our pantry, fridge, and freezer before planning meals for the next week. We look to see what recipes we can make that will use the most ingredients that we already have on hand, then figure out the rest of the stuff that we need to complete the recipe. That is what goes on our list to buy. This has saved us huge amounts of both money and time at the grocery store. We have only thrown out a half of a head of cauliflower since starting this.
  4. @ could you return it? Good job posting it on here. That's a huge step.
  5. So much THIS. This is totally what I am striving for. Less consumerism in General is our goal. We could do so much more with our money. We could retire earlier if we saved more instead of mindlessly spending on small things that aren't small at all when you add in all the other small things.
  6. @@eastofthesun OK, that Into Mind site is all kinds of awesome! Thanks for sharing.
  7. @@Kristine Walker Sending some hugs your way. Sorry you're having a rough go of it right now.
  8. I would be really interested to hear more about your experiment. I'm so interested in things like that. Brightestbulbinthebox blog has a series on cost per use of makeup and I loved it. Sadly, it seems as though just when I found her awesome blog a couple of months ago, she abandoned it.
  9. @@eastofthesun Good plan! That is exactly why I did my $10 rewards like that. I could slip up and lose my $10 for those ten days, but not fail the whole challenge. You are doing so great!! Keep it up!
  10. I can't remember all of my goals! Here is what I think they were and how I am doing. Cook meals at home with the exception of one meal out in the 10 days. So far have only eaten out once. Only drink 2 sodas per week. DONE for last week. I know I can do it this week. Moisturize feet 5X. I've done it twice. Make as many empties as I can. So far I have 5 for this section. Don't buy any cosmetics. Haven't bought any. Work out 8/10 days. Have done this every day so far for at least a half an hour. Polish nails at least once. Still need to do this. Lesson plans completely done for the next week before leaving on Friday. DONE for this week. Use at least one mask/peel. DONE. Meal plan/Use up what we've got/Coupon? I can't remember if I had that down this time or not. Anyway, I have, and only spent $62 for a week's worth of groceries for 4 people! In addition, I cleaned and organized the fridge, freezer, and pantry. I also organized all of the kitchen drawers and my husband's night stand. I also cancelled ALL subscriptions!! Husband and I also reviewed the credit card totals for all of last year. Yuck! We pay them off every month, but there is still no excuse to be spending that much in the first place. We have been on our savings mission since January 1st, and cut our average per month spending from last year IN HALF for the new credit card statements. I'm very proud of us.
  11. Here are my empties from days 11-20. FULL SIZE Black Raspberry Vanilla body splash from BBW - was my all time favorite until an unexpected hit from Christmas Dove Go Sleeveless deodorant - I really liked this. Lasted all day. Didn't transfer to clothes at all. Loreal Magic BB in Fair - Really wanted to like this, but it oxidized too orange for my ultra pale self. DELUXE SIZE Olay Tone Perfecting Cream - nice, but too small to really tell. Estée Lauder Enlighten Serum - again, this was nice, but too small to really tell if it would lighten spots as it claimed. Oribe Shampoo - didn't care for the smell. Added TONS of extra volume which I try to do the opposite of. FOILS There were 11 total foils here. I have nearly nothing to say about them, so I am lumping them together. I don't like foils because it is virtually impossible to tell if a product works for you. I wasn't allergic to any of them. The only thing that stood out about any of them is that the Loreal Cell Renewal Day Cream left my skin really greasy. I had a mission during this 10 day period to clear out all of my foils just to get rid of the clutter. This is all of my foils except one. The last remaining foil is a face primer I will be using this week since my deluxe sample that I was working on just ran out yesterday. Not pictured is the one item that hit the trash. My Elf lip scrub broke off and rolled around in my sink. Yuck! I threw it away.
  12. I am posting on the 100 empties in 100 days thread, but I'm sure I won't get to 100 and it won't even bother me. My goal is to simply use up as much as I can. This goal helps me to move out products before they go bad and also to reduce clutter. Don't put yourself under so much stress and pressure. This is all about changing to a more positive mindset. Give yourself permission to relax and continue your awesome progress! You are doing great!
  13. 1. Use at least one mask or peel. 2. Exercise at least 8 days out of the 10 and for a minimum of 20 minutes each time. 3. Eat out tonight (b/c it is my son's birthday) and only one other time maximum. I am trying for no more times. 4. Use up at least 5 more items and keep track of them. 5. Keep my hair straightened every work day. 6. Have all lesson plans complete for the following week by the time I leave each Friday so that I don't have to work on lessons at home. 7. Go grocery shopping only once each weekend only for items to use with what we already have at home so we can use up food items. Search sales ads and coupons for discounts before shopping. 8. Return a Christmas item to Target that didn't fit my daughter. 9. Don't buy any makeup or skincare items. 10. Drink only 2 sodas at work this week. 11. Cancel one subscription box. 1. Done! 2. Done! 10/10 days for 30 minutes per day! Feeling great! 3. Done! Ate out for son's birthday and NO more times! 4. Done! Used up WAY more than 5. 5. Done! 6. Done! 7. Done! Saved lots with coupons and sales on Sunday! 8. Not done. Went to Target and forgot to take it with us! Urg... I *did* get an item returned to Amazon. 9. Done!!! No-buy successful for days 11-20. 10. Not done. I had 3. None at home to compensate, but I still didn't meet my goal. 11.Done! Cancelled 2! I feel that I did really well this round. Even though I didn't quite make my goal on 2 items, I surpassed some of my other goals and I am definitely making progress toward a better me all around. So far I have earned $20/$100 for my reward. Temptations for sure this time, but I made it. Great job on the hard work, ladies!!!
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