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  1. WM Winter C1 is the box I received. Meh. A whole lot of coupons. A couple foil packets. Hairspray, some body butter and shave cream.
  2. Mine will be delivered on Tuesday. I hate waiting!
  3. It's weird to me too! I've seen this scenario play out with 3 different boxes now. While it is a big turn off for me, mostly I'm just embarrassed for them.
  4. I just checked Instagram and saw this. ramonahmbI believe we are in the September box.\
  5. Just wanted to update on this. The repellent is great! I love the scent and how moisturizing it is and it really does work! As for the August box, I'm stoked. I have a septic system and fabric softener is a huge no no. I also don't like dyer sheets because they seem so wasteful. I have been using vinegar in the wash and it does help soften the laundry, but these dryer balls seem like they are going to be perfect. I don't have much need for a laundry bag, but this will be perfect to store all my yarn. I really do like this subscription!
  6. I'm a fan of Bespokepost. I've given boxes as gifts on several occasions. Every month they have a handful of boxes to choose from. You'll know exactly what you're getting/giving. MSA reviews this box if you wanna see what types of items they have.
  7. I received mine today too. I got ANOTHER purple basket (that makes 5 now) but it is in the same pattern as the one @@DianeER received, so I guess it's not too bad. This is such a great subscription!
  8. Summer10 10 dollars off and the fruit infuser water bottle free
  9. I subscribe to: Globein PSMH Walmart Beauty Fix (Keeping for one more month then bye bye) hmm. it's not as bad as I thought. I've canceled several recently...barkbox, birchbox, ipsy, bb5, fff, allure, scentbird, llb, and glossybox, I never wanted to write them all down. lol...seeing this I've been spending close to 300 a month on boxes. No wonder I don't have any more room!
  10. @@mckondik LOL I like the way you think! I'm just pretending that I bought Starbucks and lunch. ~whistles
  11. It took me less than 3 seconds to decide to order (both). This was just after I decided that I wasn't going to get any more boxes until Nov.
  12. If you search this forum there are posts about this sub dating back to 2012. There were issues then.
  13. I'm really excited about the mosquito repellent! I hope it works. I've tried a million different products and none of them really work except for Deep Woods Off...which stinks!

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