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  1. Hello everyone! I don't know how the 100 days will go without the support I found here, but I'm going to keep it up as well as I can and will be sending support to you all from afar! Best of luck!
  2. @ Thank you! I agree that they can get really neutral, because that's the easy way. I'll have to check out that blog, because I'm ready to inject some color into my wardrobe. I based these palettes on what i already own, but I'm expecting they will evolve as I get more comfortable with color! (I have a tendency to stick to grey, white, and black more than I can.) Thank you also for all of your work as a mod! I've seen the posts that have been put up, and I'm shocked to hear what has been happening. All of your work is truly appreciated by me and all of MUT! Even before I joined the website officially, I was impressed by what the mods did and how involved in the community they all were.
  3. Sorry for the double post. I forgot to share my progress! 3/4, I'm calling that a win. I also completed my goal of making a palette for my capsule wardrobe, so I'm at 4/5. Color palette spoilered below if you're curious. The top one is for fall/winter and the bottom is spring/summer.
  4. Ack! I'm so behind! Everyone is gorgeous! I love all the looks and they are inspiring me to do new stuff with what I have! This week I'm using the MUA Baked Eyeshadow Trio in Chocolate Box, and I love it. I totally forgot how much I love this palette, which I guess is the whole point of the no buy. I suck at capturing it in the photos, but it's a lot of fun to work with. I'm still using the same products otherwise, though I did return to my beloved They're Real mascara. And then for dinner out, I added a winged eyeliner (Cynthia Rowley in black), which I was super proud of, because I got it on the first try. So gratuitous photo included below
  5. @@EggyBread You take care of yourself first, and treat yourself well! We'll be here for you and will be thinking of you.
  6. @ @@eastofthesun and @@tweakabell Thank you for your kind advice! I really appreciate the time you took to read my long debate with myself about the purchase. I'm going to stick with my original plan for the lotion and not let it cause me to spiral into a purchasing spiral. I'm calling it an allowable replacement, so the no-buy is still on. Thank you again to everyone in this forum for all of your support, we can all get through this with the support of everyone!
  7. Here they are! My day 21-30 empties! Full list and reviews spoilered below! Total: 9 Running Total (for the 100 days): 32 I'm aiming for 50 empties in 100 days, so I'm shocked and impressed that I'm keeping up with a 1 empty per day rate. Edited to format my list more clearly.
  8. Confession time (I'm sorry if this is the wrong thread) details spoilered below. Summary: I think I broke the spirit of the rules, but not the letter of the law. Not calling it a win, nor a loss, but would love some advice. ETA: Moar penance!!!!
  9. I love project 333! I've done it a few times already and I'm starting to notice that some items never make it into my 33, so I'm expecting to do a purge and will probably put that on one of my next few sets of goals! If anyone wants to lose a few hours playing around with color pallets, I highly recommend this website. A designer friend showed it to me, and it helps a bunch with generating random colors that still look good! http://coolors.co/ (I hope it's okay to link to this site, I don't think it's a competitor or anything). I'm working on using it to build my color palette in order to be more directed in my clothing purchases once the no-buy is over. I think I'll add coming up with a color palette to my goals for this set of 10.
  10. I think I remember my goals, so I'll try an update, since we're halfway through this set. (Also 25 days, wow! I can't wrap my head around the fact that it's 1/4 done!) 1) Apply to 5 jobs. Not yet, but I do have a list of about 10 that I want to apply for, so I can make good progress in the next 5 days. 2) Stretch 5 times. 2 down out of 5! 3) Resist temptation! I had 2 circumstances where i was tempted that I detailed, and I did give into one of them, but waited until i was within the rules I set for myself, so I call it a win! And now the other temptation seems less strong, so double-win! 4) Pick up around the apartment every evening for 5-10 minutes. Successful so far! ETA: Forgot a goal
  11. @@annatomical You are 100% right! I used to be good at it, but I slid in the past few years. I already have a date written on my new mascara in sharpie so I know when I have to throw it out!
  12. @@lovepink I love barre classes! I'm so excited for mine to start up again next month. We had 2 months off for the holidays, so it's going to HURT once they get going again. I'm always surprised how much little movements that don't seem bad if you do them once suddenly become crazy painful when you repeat them 100 times! I swear there's some sort of stockholm syndrome thing going on, because they hurt so much (and for days after) but I keep going back! Barre classes have transformed my body like nothing else I've taken, and I've tried a ton of classes. My husband even mentioned my curves have been rockin
  13. Thanks for the encouragement! I do need to work on my mindset on the empties front. I appreciate the length of the 100 days, because it gives me a chance to finish products that I could never finish in 10 days. Progress is progress, even if the bottle isn't empty, and I need to remember that! Speaking of progress, I purged a mascara and an eyeliner, but it's because I developed a sty in my eye last night! The mascara had been sitting open for at least 6 months, and the eyeliner had glitter in it. I had just started using them both in the past week, so I figure one of them is the culprit (I've never had a sty before.) I'm calling them empties, not thrown away, because I had every intention to finish them, and it's out of my control that I didn't. (This also helps on the stress front.)
  14. I'm so glad someone else is having no-buy dreams! Mine was definitely more on the nightmare side. I dreamed that I found a closet full of lotions that more than doubled my stash. I was so depressed that I wouldn't be able to use them up before the end of the 100 days that I started sobbing (in my dream) and then woke up. Clearly my hoarding is stressing me out, but I think i also need to put a little less pressure on myself to use stuff up. I met my goal of 10 empties for the last 10-day segment, but it was hard and felt like a ton of pressure.

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