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    I have been playing with makeup for years but it's has been a couple of years that I started to actually collect makeup. While I did have to downsize my collection, I am now investing in makeup and buying things in moderation.
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    Urban Decay Naked Palette
    Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer
    Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blush (Ethereal Glow)
    Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder (Diffused Light)
    Dior Nail Glow
  1. While I am not doing a no or even low buy I still wanted to take inventory to help me not to spend so much money on makeup. I was actually on a no buy for 6 months last year but since the holidays, I was given new makeup and bought things that I have been waiting to have for awhile. So here is my list: Foundations: 9 Powders: 7 Concealers: 3 Blush: 17 *(19) Bronzer: 7 (8) Highlighters: 6 (7) Brow products: 11 Eyeshadow: 186 (202) These includes eye shadows from palettes. Eyeliners: 16 Mascara: 5 (6) Lip products: 77 Eye primers: 3 Face primers: 2 * these will be the numbers once I received items from the mail. So I have tons of eye shadows and lip products to go through lol. Again, I am not doing a no/low buy but once I get all the makeup I order, I am going to put myself on probation for a couple of months. I want to use and experience all the new makeup I am have and getting while trying to use up all the old makeup as well. I even started a pan project to help me get started on this. It will be interesting to see the numbers at the end of the year but I do believe that eye shadows, will always be my weakness!
  2. So my first project pan!! Yay! I have so many things I have to go through but I thought I would start with some of the easiest to get rid of. -Tarte emphaseyes: 90% done! Really liked this one but I have the Rimmel scandaleyes nude on standby. - Maybelline baby lips in cherry (I think that's the name): This one I have at my computer desk and I just apply like crazy. Already owed it for about two years now and I am just tired of it. -Revlon Nearly Naked Powder: Hit pan but I have so many other powders that I just want to use this one up. -Nyc Smooth Skin Bronzer: Had this one for a year or so and I decided that I am just going to power through it since I am tired of having it around. Luckily this isn't too dark for my skin so I am just going to use it everyday. Revlon colorstay liquid eye pen: So disappointed with this product, I had gotten the Kat Von D tattoo liner in trooper in a sample size and at the time that it ran out, I was out of spending money so I gotten this to replaced it and I hate how big the felt tip is compared to the tiny brush of Kat's. Since it's brand new and the only liquid liner I have, I figure I will just use it up since it's not bad enough to trash. Hopefully, it will dry out soon. The rest are just sample mascara I got on sephora's orders before christmas and bb creams in the summer. The pink bb cream has one more use left but it has given me tons application since I had used it so rarely. I hoping the gold will go quicker if I used this one as my primary foundation.
  3. Finally used up Maybelline define-a-brow eyebrow pencil, all the way to a tiny little nub. I actually really liked this pencil but I have way to many other brow pencil to use first but this is my first empty of 2015! Looking forward for more to hit the bin lol
  4. These are supposed to be more professional and better quality than the regular line, hence why they are more expensive. Just think of them as brushes that you might get from mac or other high brands. (Not sure how they compare but I think that's the idea) They have them sold at Ulta so that they are more readily available to everyone. I have to wait till have I a little bit more money but honestly, I can't wait to try them!
  5. Oh man, I didn't even think about lipliners! I looked up twig and looks like a really pretty netural color. I am going to have to put that on the very long list of makeup that I want lol.
  6. So, first off I am new! Like just signed up today new and the reason why I signed up was because I had to tell someone that I just bought MAC for the first time ever!! Like, my hubby does not know how I excited I am! Unfortunally, I have to wait for them to come in the mail but still, super excited!! Here is what I bought: Custum eyeshadow Palette (x4) with: Omega All that Glitters Woodwinked Copperplate The brush kit by BollyDoll Mac lipstick in Patisserie Powder blush in Melba and the 205 mascara fan brush I will probably post when I get them in but feel free to let me know what yall think! I got pretty safe options since I am praticing everything in monderation and wanted to get colors that I know I will use. I think that if I like the lipstick and blush I might get one more of each but we will see!! Anyways just had to share!! Lol
  7. Just wanted to say hi <3 I have been playing with makeup since highschool but over the years it has really became a hobby and I enjoy collecting new pieces. Though, I do have to be careful since I am also praticing 'everything in monderation' mantra so it has been hard to find that balance of getting new makeup but still making sure I am not being wasteful for myself. I feel like I have a couple of more pieces to go before I go on a low buy spree. Anyways, I might post stuff, I might be just a lurker but I am happy to check out this place!!

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