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  1. Thanks for all the answers so far! I have oily/combination skin. VERY Oily T-zone and nose, but the cheek/chin area is pretty normal, with dry patches here and there. I also have a roundish face, with pretty chubby cheeks for being underweight. I've been told by everyone that I will age well because of my facial structure, ethnicity (I have Asian genes), and skin type, so that is why I am upset that I did this to myself at this age. =( I don't think my parents got wrinkles this early in life either. So I really think I ruined myself! I kinda already know the "how" and the "why" part of why my under-eye wrinkles appeared. Right now, I just want to know if I can get rid of my existing wrinkles and prevent more from forming for at least a decade. For starters, any good products I can use that really works? Any facial treatments at the dermatologist/esthetician?
  2. Hello everyone, Since I was a young girl, I have already been plagued with dark circles under my eyes. But recently, it has worsened and now I even have wrinkles! I just noticed these lines about a week ago. I'm just 24 years old (almost 25) and have developed undereye wrinkles due to: -Lack of Sleep (I only get 5-6 hours of quality sleep per night) -Lack of Water (I rarely get 8 glasses of water per day) -Lack of Exercise (haven't been consistent, but I am underweight, not overweight) -Staring at the Computer/Mobile Phone Screen for 14 hours+ a day. -Junk Food -Stress This habit has been going on for several years. My eyes are now tired and chronically bloodshot. I was using a Dior eye cream prior to these wrinkles and even that did not stop these from forming. I have just started to put coconut oil underneath my eyes, hoping they would disappear. I am depressed because I have done this to myself. I would not be as upset if I was 35, since wrinkles would be expected. But I am just 24! I want to get rid of these wrinkles for at least 10 more years and prevent new wrinkles. I have already started to change my habits. I am still young and do not want fillers yet. What kind of alternative options do I have for treatment? Thanks for everything!

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