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  1. The hero item looks fun - I certainly don't have anything like it. And I'm happy to have more silver tone jewelry. And a winter accessory with a color choice - yay! Scarf, gloves, ear muffs? Hat? Hmm. I love winter accessories so can't go wrong there. I was feeling a bit sulky at all the sales they've been having - annoying to have paid up front for a year when others are getting a better deal, but the box is lookijg good so far...
  2. I am so ready for spoilers. It seems like they are still selling the fall box so maybe they're going to wait until that is sold out. I kinda wish they would go back to the box being a little more limited edition...I don't know. I kind of feel like a sucker for re-signing up for the annual when they are still trying to sell it with a $50 gift card on Gilt City. How many extras did they plan/order? Oh well. I have only been able to wear my cape once as it's been so warm here, but I'm traveling this weekend and will be bringing it on the plane. I'll be interested to see what the next hero item will be. Could be jewelry again, maybe a bracelet? The Zoe Report had an article linked on instagram where they called ruffles this seasons "hero" item and I went rushing to the website to see if we were getting a blouse lol, but I think it was just coincidental language. Anyway, maybe a wallet? Super luxe gloves? I'd love earrings but I know that's a touchy one because not everyone has pierced ears.
  3. Love it @@lauradiniwilk! It has been so warm here I haven't been able to wear mine, but I love it. Wasn't sure about the black white mix when I saw the spoilers but I think it's going to be pretty easy to style with my closet (although I think it's more of a cream, I tried it on with white and didn't love it like that). Overall I ended up loving this whole box, I really will use everything. I chose the mauve lip stain and I love the color, although it dries pretty pinkish ... I might buy it in a darker color now that I know I like the formula). Oh and I'm on my second annual subscription (5th box, it just renewed) and I haven't received any extra gift at any point other than the gift card for her shop she sent out previously... Hmm.
  4. @@wmb07 I don't think so. I tried at my closest Sephora in JCP in May and they called HQ but were told no. I'd love it if they changed that because the JCP is much closer to me than the mall.
  5. Ugh Birchbox is making me feel like such a negative Nellie lately. I would have preferred almost any other Milk products than those three. I feel the same way about the curated box too - I might get it just to be sure to get another Vasanti, I can always use that. And I like the dr jarts, so I can use that for travel (although I just got the Marcelle bb cream last month for that) but I don't want the mascara or the Amika, that is my least favorite dry shampoo. Maybe I'll just take my chances and hope that I get one of those crazy rogue boxes that doesn't have any of the sample choices in them (that happened to me once when I didn't pick a sample because I liked all of the options - of course!)
  6. I have mixed feelings on the cape. Agree that I like "cape" as a concept but don't love the black and white and I worry about the quality of items that are made specifically for a box (this box or others). I loved the ring last winter but wasn't wowed by either the fringe purse or the necklace from this year. It seems like the hero item is going to be a custom item from here on out perhaps. I debated over whether to renew my annual as I loved last fall and winter but wasn't as happy with this years spring and summer boxes but I procrastinated and my sub renewed this week so I guess I'm in for another year. Fingers crossed! I am glad we're getting a chance to pick our lip gloss (I assume) color... I like that there isn't too much beauty stuff in this box as I get plenty of that elsewhere so if we are going to get it, at least choosing an option will make it more likely that I'll get some use out of it (I'm looking at you, light blue sparkly eye crayon from the spring box).
  7. Hmm. Of the sample choices I guess I wouldn't mind trying the oribe, but I'm not sure exactly what it does from her description. I'll probably go with the curated box though. I can probably use everything and there's no perfume. My last few non-curated boxes have been awful so I'm not sure I want to risk another disappointment this month.
  8. The link isn't working for me ... But I've been wanting to try something from IT cosmetics! Is that the annual subscriber gift or just something that may be in the box? It would be fab if they could let us choose the color... I was really bummed with the eye crayon color I got the last time they did variations. I was hoping then they would at least sort them according to the survey they sent out (like a conservative color if we said we liked classic style, etc) but it was just random. My annual sub renews with the Fall box, and I've been debating whether to switch to seasonal. I feel like my first two boxes were awesome (last fall and winter) but spring skewed way too young for me, and Summer's was just okay ... I don't know. I was waiting to see the fall spoiler before trying to guess which way they might be going! Fall is my favorite season for fashion though so fingers crossed!
  9. I'm confused by the watch and app too. I need to find a more in depth instruction guide. I have only tried it once - I got it late Monday night and I stuck it on the charger and then tried it on an early Tuesday run/walk, so I haven't had a chance to really sit down with it yet... So that was not terribly helpful but I guess I'm agreeing that it's not super intuitive! I'm used to a Garmin where I can see pace, miles, etc., all easily in the face. Once I get a chance to sit down and play with it I'll update! Overall I'm really happy with the box. My favorite thing might be the tank! But the shoes seem like they will be great too!
  10. I'm really excited to get this box - the theme sounds like it could be right up my alley! And it's my last box in an annual sub . I'm sad about that, but it's a bit to pricey for me to re-sub under the new rates and I'm trying to cut back anyway as we've had a bunch of unexpected expenses this year. I'm hoping to keep an eye on Serendipity, as it really seems like a fun surprise for $10 a month! Come on, shipping! I'd love another sun hat (probably unlikely as we got one last year, which I still love and wear), something like Mio workout wipes, unique sunglasses - like something that wouldn't be a dupe of something already in our purse... Some delicious snacks, portable picnic things... A picnic basket (I know they just sent the cooler in Serendipity) .. I'm usually wrong! I have a good feeling about this one.
  11. I'll be interested to see what the curated box looks like. I like the Benefit mascara but I've gotten it three times now ... So I'd probably pick the Marcelle. I've got a few months left on my Black Friday deal annual sub... For the price it's worth it to me to just ride it out till October or November (not sure which month it started with) even without review points, but all of this does make me feel bummed about Birchbox. Anyway, crossing my fingers that the curated box isn't full of sunscreen so I might want to pick it!
  12. I got the info email too. Not wild about this box, but that's probably good as I'm cutting back on subs. This was my last of a six month subscription with the Black Friday weekend deal. I'll keep an eye on it though and would consider resubscribing later this year if it seems like it's getting back on track (and if I ever actually work my way through all the body lotions I now have )
  13. Anyone get a shipping notification yet? This is my last box of an annual sub and I'm really hoping to be wowed by this box, as spring wasn't a huge hit for me. The caftan will be worn as a read on my back porch, ha, so I hope it's comfy as well as being fun to look at.

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