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  1. Drawbones was 2/3 correct! Good guesses! I'm kinda stoked for "boardgame". As usual, my shipment left Miami and then went back.....now on to Kansas or Oklahoma.....it takes the weirdest route to Canada. Meanwhile, Cocktails and Cigarettes is such a winner, it set off this pacific blue I have and makes the coolest shimmery colour!
  2. Could it be? Could my shipment really be out of Miami in less than 6 days??? I'm really excited for this one! Who has ideas?
  3. I love the sheer one actually. It kinda reminds me of the most amazing polish I ever had back in the 90s (Revlon Street Wear in Goldmine). I would have liked the copper to be a bit thicker and opaque but it's quite nice and I always love a good silver. The honeymoon hasn't worn off for me just yet (unlike Birchbox Canada) but I could use a little more deviation next month. Don't get me wrong, the February box was a surprise home run with my skin tone (Tunic is almost a peachy nude on me which was unexpected after seeing it on others and I love the other two as well) and January was just gorgeous, though my partner hates First Flight on me (what does he know?) but I've had enough of the pink theme for a couple months so I'd really like to see some edgy choices for April. Perhaps an Emerald City green?
  4. I found the same thing. I got another perfume and it's nice but almost the same scent as the Tocca last month. The shampoo I got last month, I rated low and they sent me another from the same brand this month! I dunno, I'm considering switching over to Topbox if April doesn't offer better variety. FEBRUARY was my first and it was awesome! I don't want to be a complainer either but I do expect to not get the same type stuff again and again and to especially not get repetitive items that I rated low the previous month.....otherwise, what's the point of reviewing?
  5. Mine is still showing "pre-shipment info sent to USPS" too. Since March 3rd. I wonder what's going on! Looks like a long wait this month.....booooooo. I'm hoping for that gold that's been predicted!
  6. I got an email from them, talking about the 20s and it sounds like women getting the vote is going to definitely be a feature. I found the colours surprisingly similar to the 1900s at first......thinking there was another pink and grey. Happy to know it's more olive, and the pink seems more sheer than the January one......but I did expect more of a difference in subsequent months. This is my first box so I'm glad I didn't get Prague because I'd be miffed too. Strange, it is the first duplicate I've seen between all the look books this far! Sigh, shipment only left Miami this morning. Hope customs doesn't keep it for days!
  7. Nooooooo! I just accidentally saw them on Instagram! I was trying to avoid spoiling the surprise!
  8. Anyone in Canada who can tell me how long they usually take to get here? Btw, SilverNail, I must thank you for your post about begging for January! I did too and they agreed to send it as my "surprise" box! Yay! They seriously have the best customer service out there! Now I won't miss a single decade! So stoked! As of Monday, I'm going to try and force myself to avoid all feeds that might give away the surprise......this will likely last for mere hours before I cave from the suspense. Hahaha!
  9. Me too. Wonder how long it will take to get to Canada (Ottawa)......
  10. February will be my first one and I'm pretty stoked about it! I'm loving this subscription box idea. It'll be my first BB and SquareHue, and my second Ipsy!
  11. I'm so excited for this box (and my surprise one) since it is my first one! I love some of the theories - a nice gold or something inspired by Titanic! I'm skipping a little ahead but I'm really hoping the 1930s acknowledges The Wizard of Oz (like a sparkling Emerald City green) or, being the nerdy nuclear engineer I am, something inspired by the splitting of the atom! I'm totally excited for this whole year! I can't help but have my fingers crossed that they send me January as my surprise box......perhaps I should beg them.....
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