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  1. Easy pass for me. I just can't see the value in these boxes anymore since Target made the samples so small and brands low value. In the past there were at least some full size products like a mascara or a lipstick.
  2. Target has lots of new boxes nowadays, including a very good Dermstore favorites box for $24.99. On Saturday, it was BOGO 50% off, I wanted to get two but didn't since I shopped too much already during this Black Friday sales season ?But, I may get one if they do a super sale at the end of the year (and if it is still in stock by then) Here is the link if you would like to check: https://www.target.com/p/target-beauty-box-153-holiday-dermstore-skin-care-collection/-/A-75574512
  3. Thanks I received the advertised GWP, MAC lipstick in Gumball, but the CS rep sent it to my old address in the system (my subscription and order had my new shipping address). There was a bit of drama in there, I tried really hard to reach the new occupant of my old house to retrieve my package and the new tenant couldn't care less, didn't bother to respond ? Luckily, I am still in the same city and managed to get it
  4. I was unsubscribed for a long time and just resubscribed at the beginning of this month (September 7) to get the full size MAC lipstick gift with subscription. They didn't ship my box until today and this is their response to my inquiry: "Unfortunately it looks like the box we intended for you is currently unavailable, due to unforeseen inventory issues. We didn't want to send you a box with product that didn't fit to your Beauty Profile so we have issued a full refund for your charge. This is certainly not the standard nor typical of the service Birchbox strives to provide and we sincerely appreciate your patience and understanding with this issue." Please note that they also cancelled the MAC GWS although the refund is for this month's box only and they didn't cancel the recurring subscription charges! They couldn't even send the curated box and they took almost 20 days and my inquiry to tell me they won't be sending anything. When I left Birchbox, the service was not this bad. Is this the new norm? Not a happy camper here PS: I asked about the GWS and pointed out that this is Birchbox's mess up and not mine. CS rep said she is sending the freebie as a one time courtesy.
  5. There are two new beauty boxes available now: https://www.target.com/c/beauty-box/-/N-54wll It's sad that, although Target fixed the price at $7, the value keeps going down ?
  6. Schmidt's has been my regular deodorant for the past years. It is really good, the only issue is white staining. I recently started using their sensitive line with no baking soda and it's much better. I hope you like it, too @Reija
  7. Thanks for this link and information. I just tried signing up for this forum using the link you provided (I am a participant of the main program) and the system didn't let me. After seeing my email address, said I can't sign up because I already am a L'Oreal consumer testing panelist.
  8. I second the Diorshow, it's a fantastic mascara for volume and length.
  9. There's a new target baby box and it's still available if you're interested. It's $7 and Target lists $35 value.
  10. I am in love with a rich lather in shampoo but hate sulfates. I thought I would hate Wen, but I actually really like it. It doesn't make my hair limp as I thought it would and my second-day hair looks nice as well. Ladies, please put your unused Wen up for swap, I'll take it
  11. I think they meant "catwalk/fashion behind the scenes" since September was the month of Fashion Weeks
  12. I will join you on both no buy and use it up (which I have been doing for a long time already, I have way too much stock). The only exception for me would be buying something small on Sephora website to get my birthday gift. I won't buy anything for myself, however, I will still need to buy stuff for my husband and our baby My goal is to continue for the rest of the year, not only during October. I should stop looking at MSA, it gives me strong FOMO Good luck!
  13. My second order has a LE box (fitness box), an MSP, a GWP set (ingredient conscious set with $50+), and these CAD extras. It's still en route. I am so happy with the gifts and free $10 they gave us for CAD, this is very generous of them <3

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