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  1. Just a heads up they have the $10 version up on the site on sale for $7, must not have been a big seller. Since they went monthly, I feel like they aren't quite the deal they used to be. Not saying I don't still pick them up, but I don't snag 2-3 like I used to.
  2. I got #977, which was fine, I love the Clearing Mud, and will always take another sample. Not a fan of the perfume or the lipgloss. So very pink... I like the eyeshadow stick, it seems a decent size, too. Not sure about the other stuff, we'll see how it works when I get to, but so far looks like things I would use. Again I am stuck by how much I love this box and how much better it is overall than any of the others for my tastes, especially for the price point. Reija, I am so sorry that happened to you, I will say I that's my only complaint: I had to pull every card except the one I use for this sub off entirely to get them to bill it correctly. If anyone gets #322 and doesn't want/like the perfume (Replica 'By the Fireplace'), pm me, I would love to set up a trade, I've been wanting to see if hubby likes/smells good in that since it came out since the notes are all in his very limited wheelhouse, but have never managed to find it anywhere to snag a sample. I have decent backlog from the past few months and would even do a 2 for 1.
  3. I have another free box in Nov, and if a good deal doesn't pop up on black friday I am likely done with this sub. I honestly wish they'd pay attention to something besides age on the profiles. I really truly do not need any more super ultra hydrating old lady creams for my oily acne-prone skin, despite being over 30. Nor any more taupe eyebrow pencils as a redhead.
  4. Mine came yesterday. The box is gorgeous, here's the variation I received: MONUspa Rosewood reviving mist: a setting spray, I think? Smells nice enough. Modellauncher Brow Duo pencil: would be great if it I got a version for redheads (grumble) and no taupe doesn't work, it just makes them look grey. eb5 skincare daily repair eye treatment: maybe, I do have some wicked dark circles.. Korres eyeshadow stick..nice sparkly neutral color Lierac Micellar Water: can I confess something? I don't get the appeal of these...is it just different kind of toner? I guess because I have oily skin I would prefer a bit of oil control.
  5. Ooh that box is pretty! When I heard there was going to be a LE box, I went ahead and cashed in some dots for an extra this month, glad I did! Less impressed with the brow stuff since it never seems to work for me (dark red hair) but the Korres looks nice. I would love to try the perfume, but for whatever reason, the only time I seem to get fragrances in these is if it is Birchbox and then it's Harvey Prince.
  6. I am really liking all the Tues and Thurs new rollouts in the rewards boutique, FINALLY something I want to spend points on! So heads up if you have a ton of points to blow. If you like the Elizabeth and James Nirvana fragrances, a deluxe sample duo of Bourbon and Rose is under NEWCREW. These are big, at least 2xs the size of the freebie samplers you usually get. I really liked the Black, and with the new ones, I like the the Bourbon pretty well, but I am not big on the Rose.
  7. I was able to redeem my first one there last month, and when my second one didn't scan this month, I called CS and was told they'd had some issues with that and my 50 pts credited, but nothing was mentioned about it being due to my going to a SiJCP..
  8. Thanks! I agree the shade is better than some in that it isn't oompa loompa orange, but I'm guessing that since I already have the freckles where the bronzer would typically go, that might be my issue. It will work as travel contour, though, so there is that.
  9. Oh yeah, that would have ticked me off, too. At least the other two were sorta comparable in use, that crappy shower gel is just meh, it isn't even the Rituals stuff which is nice.
  10. Oh yeah, that would have ticked me off, too. At least the other two were sorta comparable in use, that crappy shower gel is just meh, it isn't even the Rituals stuff which is nice.
  11. Were they all the same shade, or did I get a fluke dark one? Because mine say 'med/dark' and in no way will work on my skintone, and I'm the tannest I've been in a decade... (redhead tan, sooo not at all tan, just not translucent with more freckles) I want to like it, but it just looks like I have dirt on my face.

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