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  1. On the shipping notification, what are the letter and number at the end of your invoice number? Mine number was 1071-DO-2A, and the 2A meant yellow paisley roundie, red lip kit, and the cuff. 1 is for tie dye roundie, 2 is for yellow paisley, and 3 is for warm geometrical. I am pretty sure A is red lip/cuff, I think B is red lip/earrings, C is nude lip/cuff, D is nude lip/earrings, E is pink lip/cuff, and F is pink lip/earring. The MILLY bags seem to be random. Hope that helps!
  2. It seems like when everyone else got their shipping notice, it told them what was in their box, but I can't find what's in my box listed anywhere! The shipping notice did say my box was 2A -- does anyone know what is in 2A? Someone who got 1C said she got the silver necklace, silver candle, and purple notebook. I really wanted the silver necklace and I'm worried the 2 means I'm getting gold.
  3. My Lycopene was also half empty, but my mom said hers was full. I do like the container, though. My Palmetto Derma mask was missing. I sent Glossybox a message a couple of days ago and have yet to hear back from them. The lip pencil was pretty, but I generally only use clear lip liner. The eyeshadow was okay. I got a teeny Beautiful Nutrition shampoo sample that is okay, but I'll only get a couple of uses from it. Not a good month. I used to love Glossybox, but they've really gone downhill this year! The December box is usually fabulous, so I'm hoping it'll be good.
  4. I got one and highly recommend it! The box is worth about $270, so the value is amazing. Everything except the Fango mask is full size. My only problem was that the Deco Miami nail polish cap was slightly unscrewed. It comes in a box, so fortunately, the box kept the nail polish cap on, but it was unscrewed enough that the polish was very dried out and goopy. I let Glossybox know, though, and they sent me a replacement. The colors of the nail polish and the Borghese lipstick vary, but I got gorgeous colors for both. I liked it so much that I've been thinking about buying a second box.
  5. Just got this picture in an email from Glossybox. Couple more possibilities. I noticed on Glossybox's website, in one part it says subscribers will get six items in September and in another part it says 5. I hope it's six!
  6. Terra Bella Box is cruelty-free and they actually just started a new box called The Makeup Edit that is only makeup. The regular Terra Bella Box, which used to have a mix of makeup, bath, body, hair, and skincare products, will now have everything except the makeup. It's a great box and the owner puts so much thought into the curation of it. Here's my review of the first The Makeup Edit (it just started last month): and here are my reviews of previous Terra Bella Boxes: Petit Vour is also nice, but it's usually light on the makeup, so it's probably not what you're looking for. Vegan Cuts has a good amount of makeup and they also just started a quarterly makeup box, so that might be worth looking into.
  7. I'm pretty upset. The ads Glossybox put out for July said that this month's box would be worth $95+. How much was my box worth? $53. That's a huge difference! I checked their site and they've now change the ad to say it will be worth $60+ and my box isn't even worth that much! I was really excited to get the Nuxe shimmer oil. Of course, I didn't get that. Did anyone get the Nuxe oil? And was anyone's box worth $95+?
  8. Sorry . It is a long time to wait and I would be sad. I hope they get them out before that.
  9. I got my shipping notification a couple of days ago. Are you a new subscriber? I am and I signed up on March 6. Their FAQs say that because they got more orders than expected, boxes ordered after 3/3 would ship out 3/25 and boxes ordered after 3/8 would ship out 4/15. https://beautycon.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/215275508-I-just-signed-up-when-should-I-expect-my-package- I ordered on 3/6 and mine has already shipped, so they are beating that deadline at least. If you were a subscriber before this box, though, I imagine you should already have a tracking notice. I hope you get one soon!
  10. I got an e-mail from PopSugar a couple of days ago saying my box has shipped, but I keep going into my account to track it and it still says processing. I thought maybe they just needed some time to update it, but it's been a couple days! Has this happened to anyone else? I just want to know if my box is in the mail and when I should expect it. I sent them an e-mail. Hope they will get me tracking info soon.
  11. This is my first month with Beauteque. I got an e-mail from them saying my box had shipped, but no tracking info, and I couldn't find any tracking info when I logged in to my account. Is this normal? I'm assuming it is, but I find it very annoying. I really like to track my shipments so I know when to expect them.
  12. Ruelala has Glossybox subscriptions on sale for the next few days. It's $15 for 1 month or $95 for 6 months. I wish they had a three month option.
  13. I just saw that the March box is called Lucky Charm. That's all I know, but it makes me think there might be something green in there.
  14. No, not at all, which is why people are so surprised and upset. Usually, people either got the same five items (with perhaps varying colors or scents) or the same four items plus a fifth item that varied (the fifth item usually being one of two things of roughly equal value -- like in January, there were two different makeup brushes sent out, one by Tarte, one by Teeez). I hope this isn't how they'll be handling boxes in the future. I got lucky in that I got the highest possible box value this month (Scalisi exfoliator, Royal Apothic lip stuff, Julep Heartleigh, Unwash, and Rituals body wash, worth about $75), but I'm mad for the people who had the Teadora bar soap or the products from the November box thrown in because I don't think it's fair. They're going to lose a lot of subscribers if they keep this up. I've referred a bunch of people to Glossybox and I would have been embarrassed and apologetic if they got one of the cheap boxes.
  15. Hi, everyone! I've been seriously considering subscribing to PopSugar lately (I have Birchbox, Ipsy, Boxycharm, and Glossybox, but PopSugar seems like a really cool, different box like no other). I see the waitlist option for signing up -- is there a chance of getting the February box still or do you think there is no chance of getting off the waitlist? The Feb box looks great and I would definitely sign up if there was still a chance of getting it.

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