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  1. DRY SHAMPOO. I don't use it and was glad not to get it, until I saw a tip on pinterest today. http://thekrazycouponlady.com/tips/style/22-life-changing-shoe-hacks/ - it is tip number #22 on this list and says to spray dry shampoo in your shoes to keep them free from sweat. I am now off to dig in my pile of unused products to see if I kept a dry shampoo, to spray in my husbands shoes
  2. I got a shipping notice today. I'm kind of surprised, because I got a new card and hadn't updated my payment info yet. I guess my bank let it go through anyway. Yay. I'm looking forward to it. It looks like a useful box. By the way, my shipping notice says WMF Classic. Is that what everyone's says or is F the version of the box I'm getting?
  3. I don't remember when, maybe around May?... Anyway msa posted that Walmart was doing away with box by age. Now you choose which box you will get. If you want to get the classic box at some point, you will have to go to the website and change it. I personally get the classic box and like it, but I much prefer it is by my choice rather than being decided for me based on my age.
  4. I had a year subscription that ran out in August. I called to find out when I needed to cancel, to make sure I would not have any issues. They told me to cancel when I get my August box. I did that. cancelled online. Got a confirmation email of the cancellation. We just got a letter in the mail that Allure tried to charge our card for another year sub. Thankfully, our bank switched over our credit and debit cards in the last month, so the charge did not go through. I am still irritated about it. I should be able to cancel, whenever I want to cancel. What if I hadn't gotten a new card in the last month?
  5. I bought this box. I thought for $5, even if my husband doesn't use it, it is still a good price for 2 five-blade razors for me to shave my legs with
  6. I like it. I am looking forward to getting my box. My only complaint is the lipstick color. I am glad it is not another red, but I already got a couple of similar shades (i think from allure?). I personally prefer more fun colors like fuchsia, plum, or rose. I love know what the variations might be. I wonder if that will be the only variations this month, or if it is just a variation from boxes that get borghese? Can anyone read what the sneak peak for September is?
  7. Thanks for the heads up. I do not always get around to trying new item quickly. This will encourage me to use it sooner.
  8. I got my second box. Not 100% sure which is from my sub and which is from my glossydots. This box had Nuxe Dry Oil Huile Prodigieuse, Nail Miracle Mist, Too Faced Melted lipstick in Chihuahua, Fango Moisture treatment sheet Mask, Eyeko fat stick in Satin, and the Glov quick treat.
  9. Anyone have this brush? I think I saw it come out in a different sub box last year ... maybe popsugar? ... I am excited to get it and try it. I don't know if it is great but I really want anything with blue lotus in the name. It sounds luxurious. I did get a Rosemary mist from a box last year. I don't mind getting another though because I love face mist sprays.
  10. I got the same box as you with the same card mentioning the solid perfume, which was not in my box. I got the same shower oil sample instead. I am going to call them. Can anyone tell me if the outer box had a white sticker sealing the lid? I got a replacement box last month because someone tampered with the box and the mask was missing. I am wondering if Glossybox was the one who added the sticker to eliminate the possibility of tampering... 9Although this box also look someone opened it)
  11. here is an ad for 2-step manicure http://https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LD-Q4sd1UUc
  12. I finally opened my replacement box (the first box had clearly been opened somewhere along the postal route). Wow, I am really glad that Glossybox sent a replacement to me. I had initially told them that nothing was missing, I was just iffy on using products that were clearly tampered with. I only just realized that my first box was missing the face mask. So someone not only opened my mail, but they stole something out. Unfortunately, this is not the first time there was evidence of someone opening our mail before we get it. (we have a P.O. box... so I think it has to be someone at the Sorting center in Sandston VA, one of the drivers that ship the packages, or someone at our local post office I wonder how many other things have gone missing without me knowing.

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