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  1. It's been a wonderful, wonderful, *wonderful* day. I spent the day with my two children and an incredible woman whom I've been with for nearly 26 years (16 married). I just wanted to wish everyone a Happy Valentine's Day!!! How did you spend your day???
  2. That's actually the reason my first wig was longer--I think someone mentioned it softening my jawline. I do like the idea of combining the two... it's s shame these things don't grow out so I can easily try different styles!
  3. This is a great thread! Makes for an interesting but quick read (much easier than going through profiles). So neat to see so many people into gaming on here :-) Gaming is definitely a big thing for me, but I just don't have the time to do it nearly as much anymore. I enjoy PC gaming (console to a point), with my favorites genres being either space or fantasy turn-based RPG's. I like the strategy involved :-) I *do* get to play multiplayer games a bit more as my daughter (and now my son) are into Minecraft. Really cool game. I also love corresponding with people in general, even if they aren't involved in any of my direct hobbies. I'm always told that I never meet a stranger, and I guess I never do. I love to talk! Internet gaming (mainly Utopia) actually began my love of communicating with different people in different parts of thew world, and it's a great hobby to have. It kind-of fits in with all of my other hobbies. To sum up a short list... --Being a parent!... Does that even count as a hobby??? Being a spouse is pretty cool, too, when I'm not in trouble... --Gaming --Meeting new people from all over the world --Science and math (I've always been a big space nut since I was a kid. I enjoy stargazing and astrophotography) --I saw a lot of Kindle lovers. I completely agree! I get hooked on a series and have to have the next book *right now* --I love brewing beer. I have a group of friends that meet and brew fairly often, and we're usually drink the last batch while we work :-) --It doesn't go well with the previous hobby, but going fast :-) Driving fast cars, snow skiing, water skiing, etc. --One of my children is autistic, so research, development, interaction, methodologies, life stories & experiences are always something I always read. That kind-of takes up the bulk of my time!!! I'm someone who's kind-of up for just about anything. There is so much talent on here, but I have to say that I'm envious of those with baking skills. Pretty amazing stuff!
  4. I didn't even know there was an option... who knew?!? I always start with just a drop of unscented moisturizer (it really helps makeup go on so much smoother with my skin), then my foundation (whether it's creme, liquid or powder... if I do any contouring it happens here, as well), and then I do my eyes. Before doing my eyes, however, I put a couple of layers of loose powder directly below them in the tear trough. I usually use Ben Nye highlighter (pink powder) for this. It catches any eyeshadow that falls down from the eyes, and when you're through with your eye you just dust it off with a fan brush. Not only does it keep the undereye area clean, but it also brightens the area under the eyes. It makes a big difference letting it sit there and "bake" while you do your eye makeup. After that it's just blush and lipstick. Often I will apply loose powder over my entire face once I'm through to help set everything one last time, and then I'll apply mascara if I even bother to wear it.
  5. False lashes really are difficult for me to apply by myself. I either hit it just right or it drops way too far from my lashline... then it's just a mess. When I do get them right, though, I love them! What I usually do every few months is dye my lashes with Roux Lash and Brow tint. My lashes actually get pretty light during the summer, and using the brown really helps to define my eyes without overdoing it. Girls may not bother doing this as it doesn't increase the volume of the lashes like mascara. Next time I take some time to do my makeup I'll take a couple of shots with the other wig. It's long and somewhat curly, and I usually end up putting it back in some way, shape or form (I'm not the best hair stylist, and it keeps the hair out of my face!). It's a very nice wig--it's just not as easy to wear. I have "tried on" several wigs via online makeover tools, and virtually all of my favorites were short-haired wigs. Perhaps it's just because they're closer to my natural hair. Here is one of the pics from one of the makeup sites. I really liked this wig... And here it is accessorized with a hat... The pictures are tiny, but hopefully you can see them all right (and once again, they are dark...!). Looks like they were done in the summer of 2013. I see several good brands listed for mascara--thanks! Would you recommend any specific product from any of the brands that is smooth, non-clumpy yet gives some fullness/body? Biancardi--it seems like wet mascaras are more what I like (not thick and clumpy). Do you think it may be too much?
  6. Thank you, biancardi! I have no idea why, but I'm just not a fan of mascara. From a distance it looks really, really good, but up close it seems clumpy and unnatural. Well, if you put enough on to really make a difference. To be fair, however, I've only bought a couple of tubes myself, so maybe it's time I begin looking for a good brand. Any suggestions for a mascara that goes on smooth and looks natural? I *do* love the look of fake lashes, but I usually don't take the time to bother with them. Would that be too much? Does anyone actually wear false lashes out (maybe just on the outer lashes) other than for night out on the town, etc.? Any thoughts on hair? I have another wig that used to be my favorite, but I came to like the simplicity of this wig. I do have most of the hair back in a clip in this picture, but I like how to curve in the hair frames my face.
  7. I'm not sure if this looks any better, but I used an image editing program that uatomatically adjusts pictures kind-of "do its thing" on the above picture. It just looked way too red. The colors might show up a *little* better, but I do see where I could use a little more color on my eyes.
  8. Thanks! Eyes are a bit tricky for me. I've been experimenting with different lights when doing my makeup, and it's pretty incredible (daunting??) how different the makeup looks in different types of light as well as how concentrated and/or diffuse the light is. I usually do my makeup in our master bath, as it actually has makeup light bars. They are a warm (and very forgiving) color, and all of the colors on my face look smooth and even. However, in flourescent and/or LED lighting, eye makeup really stands out. I'm trying to put together a look that is more "natural" in any light so as not to draw (more) attention. Esepcially with contouring. I can make my face look truly amazing with contouring, but with wrong/bright/harsh lighting it begins to look unnatural. Thus my attempt at a look without contouring. I've never bothered with photos much before, but since I'm asking/needing advice it's kind of necessary I've been taking photos in the same room mentioned above, but despite the lighting my pictures always come out dark. It's odd--the light in the room is bright--VERY bright. I have to actually brighten the photos most times to see anything much at all. So... I'm going to work on some photo space for better pictures. Hopefully you'll be able to see things a bit better then. With all of that said (I'm very wordy whether talking or typing!), is there a trick to keeping a makeup look seemingly the same in different lighting? Most of the makeup I use is free of any shimmer and/or glitter, although there are some shimmery eyeshadows in the palattes. I try not to use the camera flash for close-ups as it completely washes out everything; I assume because the flash is so close. I sometimes go without liquid foundation, which helps the light from a flash not wash out the color as much, but if anything a close-up shot is when you need foundation the most! I'll keep experimenting, but in the meantime I would love to hear suggestions from anyone/everyone about how to keep a look more-or-less consistent in different lighting. Thanks!
  9. Well, this is more like "FOY" (face of yesterday!), but I would really like some opinions on this look. I used a pressed powder foundation (Serenity Scott), neutral/bronze eyeshadow and dark pink blush (both come from a Shany makeup kit). I can post my lipstick color later if anyone is interested (downstairs right now and too lazy to get it!). It's a very simple and very easy routine... no contouring, etc. It's always hard to tell when you look at yourself in the mirror, but I feel that my face looks fairly good despite the fact I haven't done much to contour my face. I think the hair helps (sweeping under my neck), but aside form that, any suggestions on things I can do to give my face a more feminine appearance? I'm trying to put together a look to actually wear out shopping sometime. It may not be the *best* look, but I want something that blends and looks natural. Thank you for any advice/comments you can give me! :-)
  10. I would definitely go with the last color! The rest of your makeup is very muted, so a bold color on the lips really makes the look!!!
  11. Hi, Redcat. I completely understand where you're coming from. When I was in middle school my nose went from a cute, perfect little nose to something bent, crooked and very large by the time I graduated high school as a result of a severely broken nose. I never had plastic surgery, but had two reconstructive surgeries via orthopaedic surgeons. Thus, it wasn't the svelte microsurgery you see from a plastic surgeon, but a comprehensive, practical yet radical repair to make my nose function again. Ever since, I have thought about plastic surgery to do that "final" repair. Let me just say right now that I could respect any decision you make. Self-image is a curious thing. Many people see it as the evil of all evils, but I thinks it's an unavoidable part of being human. I just think you need to look at it more in a macro sense to make sure you're not nitpicking little things here or there. A couple of thoughts... What do you feel is the problem with your nose? Is it too wide or does it protrude too far from your face? If it's too wide, that is something that can completely be remedied with contouring. When I do this with my nose, it takes me all of 3 mins and it looks truly amazing when compared to no contouring. It used to take me a good 10 or 15 mins, lots of experimenting with technique, color and so-on, but once you understand theory and methodology it becomes second nature. If, however, your nose protrudes too far, contouring can do a little to mitigate the size, but not as well as covering a nose that's too wide. BUT... stop and take a look at yourself. Really. When I got serious about trying to look more like a woman, I did what seemed to make sense... Look through magazines like Vogue and Cosmopolitan and get ideas from the masters of makeup. And yes--the makeup is amazing and the women are gorgeous--but could I be them if I did my makeup like them? The answer was no, and although I was disappointed initially I realized that it was 100% okay. You see, I have the advantage of being a heterosexual male. I started paying attention to women that I thought were attractive. Then I started paying attention to women that I thought were very attractive. Mind you... I'm picky. I was actually surprised by my conclusions. Although there were (obviously) significant differences in levels of attractiveness amoung women, there was a myriad of diversity in the women I found to be most attractive. These definitely included a range of nose sizes and shapes, and they were incongruous with my assumptions of attractiveness. There are large noses, wide noses and even crooked nose that just "fit" the face. I guess a good example for a male would be Tom Cruise. He has a nose with a pronounced hump, the cartiledge in his nose is crooked, and his teeth are as much or more crooked than his nose. Yet he has been considered one of the sexiest men in Hollywood for years. Would he look better with braces and a nose job? Maybe....? But at what point do we become lemmings? If you feel your situation is best addressed by Rhinoplasty, then consult with a Plastic Surgeon. It wouldn't hurt to consult with a therapist, as well, to discuss your thoughts, feelings and expectations (I think it ought to be mandatory... although I do hold doctors in high regard, keep in mind that they--especially plastic surgeons--make their living off of these procedures). After all, we're only getting a small piece of the puzzle here. If you're not sure about which path to take and you've never tried contouring, try it. You have nothing to lose. But most importantly, give who you are now a chance. One of the best pieces of advice I ever recievced was to be confident. Mind you---not arrogant, cocky, self-absorbed and so-on, but walk with your head up. Look people in the eye and smile. Do a little people watching... you'll be amazed at how some of the "average" people have more friends and dates just because they accept who they are and set out to enjoy life. People *want* to be around other people that are happy and non-judgemental. And always remember--looks fade on everyone. The higher up the "mountain oif beauty" you are, the further you have to fall. Good luck to you!!!
  12. Wow. Just wow! That is a VERY dramatic look for such light colors. The look truly accentuates your eyes and lips. Beautiful eyes, BTW!! (I wish I had your lids!) I agree with Alexis--the lip color looks very good on you. Is the FITME foundation and concealer a single item? Your skin looks flawless :-)
  13. Thank you both for your input. :-) It's a lot different for me, I suppose, in that I do want to wear something that blends more than stands out. My penchant is for very feminine clothing, and the "dressier" the better. I've never really dabbled in the day-to-day wear of women, other than loungewear (fleece pajama bottoms and so-on), and as I venture out a bit here-and-there I want to wear more casual yet fashionable outfits. Leggings are an easy thumbs up for me as I don't care to keep my legs shaved (I spend 99.9% of my time in male mode, so I take the easy way out...LOL!). A couple of other questions on tights. Do you typically try to match the leggings somehwat with the skirt and/or the shirt? I only have black leggings and planned to wear a black skirt, but if I decide to change things up a little is there a typical way to wear them? I assume with patterned leggings you want more of a solid top and/or skirt? One big question I have is about lace overlays. I have several skirts that are one color, but they have lace overlays. Can you wear a patterned shirt with a skirt that is one color but has a lace overlay?
  14. You're welcome! If you try it out, let me know how it works for you :-)
  15. I agree with the mantra "there's a red for everyone". Now, for me, the color "true red" (Pantone 19-1664), which is lacking in any shages of blue, green, etc., looks terrible on me. My skin is a light pink/reddish undertones, and something so devoid of anything but red clashes with it. However, "deeper" reds look fabulous with my skin.
  16. I haven't seen anyone mention Shany cosmetics here, so maybe I'm about to embarass myself.... However, I was looking for a cosmetics set that had a lot of variety in eyeshadows, blush, lipstick and even foundation/contouring. I searched for quite some time, and ended up finding a lot of good feedback on the Shany "The Masterpiece" 7-layer set. You can find it on Amazon, and it has 4.5 out of 5 stars with 310 reviews. I haven't owned a lot fo higher-end makeup, but I have owned a few MAC eyeshadows. The Shany set reminds me of them quite a bit. Deep, rich, lasting color that goes on evenly and very smooth. Love it!!!
  17. Gosh--after those two great replies there isn't much left to be said! You look beautiful in both pictures, but I have to agree that you look best in the outdoor picture. My guess is the indoor picture used a flash which not only washes out the face but also REALLY highlights any and everything you might not want to see (I actually placed a post on here asking how so many people take such great selfies!). You can always cheat mother nature with some contouring tricks, but I can't imagine why you would do that. You have a very nice facial shape, no noticably sagging skin, your tear trough isn't noticable (dark circles under your eyes from loss of fatty tissue) and so-on. Good luck, and post back results as you continue to experiment!
  18. I'm not sure if this will do the trick for you, but my face used to be oily, oily, oily. Years ago I came across a product that used to be carried in Kerr drug stores called Cabot Seban solution. I thought I would die when the Kerr Drug chain closed down, but I was able to find the product online a few years later. As I have aged my skin isn't nearly as oily, so I rarely use it anymore. However, when I was younger, I would use the pre-packaged wipes after showering, and I would have NO oil... I mean ZERO... for a good 5 or 6 hours. Here's a link to the product: http://www.cooperlabs.com/Seban/ It doesn't dry the skin *at all* unlike a lot of products made for oily skin. It simply stops the production of oil somehow. They also claim it to be non-comedogenic, fragrance free (it is), hypo allergenic and oil free. I think it would be worth checking out.
  19. Thanks for posting! Makeup for guys is still (IMHO) a long way from being universally accepted. Thus, I can certainly understand your trepidation on using it to cover up your acne spots. This is by no means inclusive, but here are a few of my thoughts. First, they DO make tinted acne creme. You say you no longer have acne, but bear in mind it is a legit product that you canalways say you're using instead of makeup. I used it when I was younger, and so did a lot of guys I know. I wouldn't recommend using it now as it will dry your already dry skin (based on your description). I would stay away from powder foundations--even creme to powder. Most times they aren't as translucent, and if you go with straight powder, any dry skin will show up quite a bit. I know you want to completely cover the discoloration, but if you wear foundation thick enough to completely cover it, it will likely be noticable close-up. Same with concealer... it will likely cover the spots well, but unless blended well it will definitely show up. Also keep in mind the various lighting you'll be in. Sunlight, flourescent, LED, incandescent and so-on. Unless you test your face every day in each lighting type you just won't know what shows and what doesn't. I would definitely go with a sheer liquid foundation that is made for sensitive skin. These are very gentle, typically very thin/sheer, and disappear magically when applied correctly. Most also don't have too strong of a "make-uppy" smell. You can find many inexpensive brands at your local Walmart, and for $25 you can buy a couple of bottles you feel are close to your skin's color. Lots of people swear by testing the foundation on your hand, wrist and whatever, but the only true way to find how it blends with your face is, well, on your face. Your face is exposed to more sunlight than hands and/or wrist, and the skin moisture content, absorption rate, etc., can be very different. Grab a couple of bottles, try them out on small portions of your face, and see which seems to disappear/blend in very bright light. Since you have dry skin, I would also recommend a facial cleanser made for dry skin for washing your face (never general body soap), as well as a fragrance-free lotion/moisturizer to uise as needed. Very important...! Lastly, as a last option (but doesn't sound very budget-friendly based on your post) are chemical peels. I had a friend with severe acne scars, and he had a carbolic acid peel (very deep peel done by a plastic surgeon). The peel is relatively expensive and takes months for full recovery, but when it was healed you never would have known he had acne. Ever. It sounds like your case is much milder, and there are medium peels (also requires a plastic surgeon), that heal much quicker and are less expensive. I'm just throwing that out there to let you know that there is a definite fix, and it's usually a pretty quick one. But--if you can do it naturally--I'd shoot for that. Hope this helps, and good luck!!!
  20. Wow... I'm surprised that so many women actually use contouring in their makeup routines. I'm curious to know if it's something you use every day, or something you bother with only on special occasions. I used makeup for years, doing just you basic foundation (sometimes just pressed powder), blush, eyeliner and lipstick/lipgloss. I still think it looks really good, it takes me literally about 4-5 minutes to do, and it suffices most days. However, I'm planning to start venturing out in the near future, so I've been doing all that I can to make my face as feminine as possible. My favorite way to do contouring isa with different color foundations. I used to swear by powders, but foundation goes on so smooth, blends well, and doesn't "cake" like some powders tend to do--especially when you're using them for contouring. I do still use powders for contouring, but mainly as touch-ups. Below are a couple of pictures of me with and without contouring (just regular makeup). The one with the contouring isn't as clear (it was a full-person selfie that I cropped just the face to post here), and it's the one with the white shoulder straps showing. I especially like the effect contouring has on my nose. Again--it's light as far as contouring goes, although there's more that doesn't show due to my wig. The other photo is a picture of me with my regular makeup (powder foundation, blush, eyeliner and lipstick). I need to apologize in advance for not having a toothy smile. It will likely be this way for several months at least... I recently acquired a set of (painful!!) braces :-)
  21. I'm so impressed with the looks I've seen here on MUT, and try as I might I can't seem to get good, colorful pics. With that said, the only thing I've used is my cell phone :-) I'm just curious, but what do you all use for taking pics of your makeup? Dedicated digital camera? Smartphone? Brand of either? What about lighting? Do you have a dedicated makeup table and/or area with ample lighting? I've been experimenting with colors for quite some time, and although some of the work I do looks amazing to me in the mirror, the colors seem to be VERY muted and/or washed out in photos. I would like ot get better at taking pictures of myself so I can get better feedback on makeup application and techniques.
  22. Thanks, Trainee!! Sorry it has taken me so long to reply... it's been a busy day (and week, for that matter!). Is there a month/date/time where leggings are phased out for the year, much like white used to be a no-no after Labor Day?
  23. I'm trying to piece together a casual outfit, and my plan is to wear leggings, a short skirt and a fitted top. I've browsed online, and although I have found similar outfits on Pinterest and such, on some sites I've seen people post that you should NEVER wear leggings with skirts, that if you wear a skirt it should be fitted and so-on. My plan was to wear a mildly flared skirt with the leggings and a ribbed turtleneck top. Is this a fashion faux pas? Any other suggestions? What about shoes? Given the wintry motif of the outfit, should I wear boots, or in the very least ankle boots?
  24. Hi! I just signed up to be a member of makeuptalk. I look forward to not only getting lots of tips, but I also hope to contribute what I can... when I have something useful to say! :-) Although I'm not new to makeup, I *am* new to a lot of the more advanced techniques like contouring and so-on. Thus, you'll have to forgive my naivete as I blunder through posts with questions from time-to-time. Looking through some of the posts on the site I am absolutely amazed at the skill of many of the contributors. Just, "Wow." I look forward to seeing you in the forums!
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