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  1. Thanks again! I wanted to double check--you know how sometimes they'll have you click to get a free item added to your box? Better safe than sorry I had really been hoping that we would see some of their pedi products returning for sandal season. I know there's still time left during the summer, but I loved Mint Condition and that stick-thing they used to have. Their makeup hasn't been super impressive to me and the skincare has been pretty hit-or-miss but dang, help a girl's feet out!
  2. I have some old Juleps that I would love to thin. I had always kind of planned on picking one up from another supplier but I'm glad to have one that is made specifically to go with Julep polish just in case. I've been a Maven since 2013 I think? I always find my first one or two manicures with their polishes work wonderfully and then I get globbiness. It's gotten to the point where I will no longer swatch my new polishes and will only open the bottle when it's fresh mani time. I will definitely put a bottle of this solution into my box this month. At some point long ago I unsubscribed from Julep emails, and now even though I've tried to sign up again they won't send them anymore, so thanks for posting this news, Reija. Is the email just a notification that we can add the thinner on, or is it possibly a promo code to add it at a discount? And Jenny: I feel you and am on polish overload too. I have enough Jules for a Whole Shebang box but I'm waiting until I really crave all the polishes and that almost never happens. I go through a fair amount of bonding base coat and oxygen performance top coat, though, so I wind up with a box pretty frequently even though I'm rarely taking any color.
  3. Very cool, thanks! I've been a member for two years but I've always used the original non-substituting format (too cheap to spring for the extra $5 for My Maven). If there wasn't a box that appealed I skipped. I think this new change is so smart for them, because there'll be a reason for me to take a box almost every month now. A lot of the skincare will wind up almost as low-priced as secret store prices, and taking a box = Jules. It's a win for me, anyway.
  4. It's about time! I thought it was dumb that they waited this long. This is a win for me, since I don't have many holes in my nail polish collection but I am a fan of Julep's skincare and nail care. I will wind up taking a box more often because of it. Can someone who's had My Maven for a while verify how it works for those of us who have watched from the sidelines? Is there a limit to which products you can sub into your box? Like, could I go crazy and do three bottles of Rethink Your Shower if I wanted while still keeping the original price?
  5. None of them did it for me so I skipped. I did put Finley in my wishlist and maybe sometime when it's a 4.99 polish I'll pick it up. I have and love Michelle which is similar, but it's almost empty and I find I really like having a navy in my stash.
  6. I really like the idea of the Zodiac collection. The first color, Aquarius, is really beautiful. I'll hold off until the end of the year and buy it in a holiday gift set instead of one at a time. I was glad to see them move away from the birthstones! I also like the idea of "collection-exclusive colors and finishes" and will be paying attention to see how the set evolves over the year. (Plus I'd love a golden/tawny lionish shimmer for my Leo nature.)
  7. I took my Boho Glam box and kept the lip balm too, just like LuckyMoon! I added on Joss and the holiday It's Balm... Merry Berry something. I was going to take the new moisturizer but somewhere (I think on the video reveal) they said that it's the same as the old Luxe cream with the fragrance dialed down a notch--but now it's more expensive and in a smaller container. Boo! The old cream was fine with me so I bought two of them from the secret store. They were packed with the Luxe serum for 14.99, (**eta: the set is called "Night Night" and it's not in the secret store as of this writing, but you can type the name of the set into the search box and still find it) and the serum really helps my hands at this time of year so I use it even though I think it smells bad. Rosehip oil smells terrible to me, you guys, I just hate it. I have a lot of love for Julep skincare/nail care, but I think most of it is way too expensive, so the secret store is my favorite thing. Oh! Another thing I picked up: two three-polish slot empty gift boxes for five bucks each. I have a few duplicates and some colors I've never opened, and they'll make decent hostess/surprise gifts. I really liked the holiday branding this year.
  8. I got an email but this one blamed the difficulty of getting "our newest polish collection" instead of the freebie. I got it only after I'd contacted them myself and said "um, my friends all have their boxes already, what gives?" I did a bunch of add-ons too which managed to make me even more annoyed. I didn't know there was yet another extra polish to be claimed! The one I know they're including in all of the boxes is the one called (confusingly) Julep. AFAIK you didn't need to use a code or anything to get that one. Hopefully if I'm wrong someone will correct me.
  9. SISTA. I saw the collection on instagram and I agree with you. I'm reserving my judgment on the silver until I see a shot from one of the better nail swatchers out there because it's hard to picture it based on the swatch cards/bottle images. I don't get these choices! There are so many better ways to do the 70s than this. (And that's leaving out the obvious goldenrod/avocado/pumpkin, the color scheme of my mom's 70s kitchen.)
  10. You're so right. I used to lurk on this board before I started an account and your insight has always been on point. I liked that duochrome as well--I saw it on instagram! But yeah, the other two were ho-hum, even though mattes are at least a different finish. I bolded the section about running SquareHue as a business because it reminded me of this, which I found a while ago, especially this part: In talking to George Cuevas, it was clear that he and his five partners are in business primarily to raise money for charity. They are all members of a church that four of them work for. So I urged them to focus on the advantages they have but aren't currently using. If they're really running the business primarily to raise money for A21 and not to grow the way a traditional business is, then that explains a lot of the decisions that feel less wise to me. I don't mind them doing whatever they choose with their money, but a company that is focused on profits will care a lot more about keeping their customers happy. It's notable that when I closed my sub permanently, there was no survey question asking why I chose to quit--not in the dashboard on the site nor sent to me via email afterward. They either don't really care or (more likely) know that they're bringing out duplicative, uninspired boxes and don't care as long as subscriptions stay on. I kept mine going because, without a spoiler image, I never knew if the next box would be great (and didn't want to email Laura asking for an extra every time I wanted one). I did roll my eyes a bit every time I told Julep a reason why I'm skipping a month but it's useful information to them. I'll be surprised, like you, if Squarehue are still operational a year from now.
  11. Of all the ways they could have improved their service, this wasn't the one I'd have chosen. The subscription doesn't need to be cheaper; it needs to be better. Getting rid of spoiler images was a bad move. A quality control issue like War Crinoline should never have happened. There's no way I would trust them to pick a color to leave out of my monthly box if I were still a member. If it happened to be the one color I actually liked best, my head would explode. I'll say I'm glad to see a woman of color on the artwork for the 70s. --- And Reija, since you asked: I'm a subscriber to Roaster's Pack (three sample bags/month), Parachute Coffee (one full-sized bag), and Nomad Coffee (one full-sized bag) --all Canadian If I were in the US I'd be looking at Mistobox and Beanbox. Sampler-sized subs are good for variety but we drink way too much coffee at home to have that be enough for the month. I'm also not in a major city so we don't have much in the way of local roasting nearby. Every once in a while there's a bag that's less than thrilling, but that's when I'll switch from black to cream-and-sugar. Otherwise, I've been really super pleased. Great to think of coffee as something to look forward to and explore instead of just as an efficient caffeine delivery system.
  12. You know, I quit a few months ago and every time I've looked at the new collections on instagram I've been glad I stopped. I even perma-quit, not the temporary hold. I got sick of all the creams that I could have found anywhere--really ordinary colors that I don't think were worth the price. I think back to some of their more incredible colors in 2014 and comparatively 2015 has been a huge disappointment. There are other factors: I was a longterm subscriber who didn't get the freebie box that so many got at Christmas. That stung a bit and stayed with me. A close friend, someone I recommended SH to, had a very negative customer service experience. (And I believe that Makeuptalk isn't the place for a political discussion, but I've also learned some dismaying facts about A21 and don't want to give them any more money.) I'm back to spending money on OPI, Zoya, and a few favorite indies who innovate. And for my monthly surprise fun, I got a coffee subscription
  13. Is there anyone on the board who has both this box and the Amsterdam collection from last year? I'm curious about how similar Boardgame is to Kalver Straat. I have KS on right now and it's super bright, but it's definitely a pink-coralish orange and not an orange or tomato red... and my monitor isn't very helpful I think I'll get a good amount of wear out of these... but I am so tired of cremes. I don't think it's too much to expect at least one alternative finish out of three per month. Cordova94, I'm with you, girl. Mine hit yet another Miami location today and then I guess Kentucky based on past history. It's still running a bit early so I'm guessing mine will hit me on the 14th-16th if customs doesn't lose track of it. And I'm still really thrilled with Cocktails and Cigarettes too. I used it on top of an acid green last week and loved it.
  14. Well, my box finally showed up! That was ridiculous. I do a lot of online shopping from the US and everything else that goes via USPS gets here in seven days or less, including weekends. I don't know what SquareHue does so differently since everything's coded "international inbound express" but when it takes two to three weeks between the charging of my card and the delivery and in the meantime I forget to care about the box, it's probably a good sign that I'm ready to cancel. I will say that I liked all these colors a lot. They're a little watery for me, but several of my older SH bottles were watery on first open but after a few months became thicker. The greenish one from the Paris box comes to mind, and so does the chartreuse from Tokyo. I tested the pink sheer topper on a variety of shades just to play with it, and I find that I really like it on top of Notre Dame, which means I might get some use out of ND itself . The copper also looks great against my skin tone. I prefer the platinum from Beverly Hills over the silver from this month, but it'll still definitely get used.
  15. Considering changing my username to "Frosty Grandma" in your honor

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