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  1. Ok, I have it. I'm torn. I really like a few things, don't like a couple and I'm ambivalent with the rest. Here are the contents: 1. Robyn Rhodes adjustable ring and bracelet set. RV $169. I really like this. Simple, pretty and looks great on. I chose the gold and I'm happy. 2. Deepa Gurnani Irene headband in gold or silver.RV $62 I received the gold so maybe if you chose gold jewelry you'll get a gold headband? This is very pretty, I'm just not sure if I'll use it. 3. Rosè et Marius L'eau de mademoiselle rosè citrus eau de parfum. RV $75 Very elegant packaging, I'm enjoying the scent. Very fresh. 4. Bellapierre 9-stack of eyeshadows and travel brush set. RV $130 but let's be serious and subtract $100 from that because I see this brand at TJ Maxx. This was a big miss for me, does not feel lux at all. I think I'd be very happy overall with a different makeup product because I see these all over for very cheap and there is no way RV is that much! Just my opinion though. 5. Marie Belle New York chocolate samples, small box and bar. RV $21 I think I really like this box. Love the jewelry, perfume and I think I like the headband. Really don't like the bellapiere and im fine with the chocolate. I think everyone has gotten the same minus the gold/silver difference. What does everyone think!??
  2. Mine is in the area but isn't scheduled to arrive until tomorrow. If I get it first before others I can post the contents. I really hope it's fabulous! I'm excited!!!
  3. Just recieved this. I think I may have been missing something but the only thing in it was the mascara, travel size shampoo and travel hairspray. The rest were very tiny samples on cardboard. There is also a coupon for $5 of $20 loreal merchandise at target. I really just wanted to try the mascara so I'm not upset. Nothing thrilling, and cardboard samples are the worst, but I'll use it all. For $5 it's hard to complain!
  4. I just received my tracking for the most requested box, but it says it will ship out the 9th (tomorrow) via USPS priority. I'm guessing it won't be here until Monday or Tuesday then.
  5. Here is the response via email that my sister received from Kloverbox: "Thank you for contacting Kloverbox. Per the Goldfaden website "Rest assured our products continue to be safe. The warning has been given to ensure compliance with Proposition 65 so that we can continue serving our customers in California." It is clear this Goldfaden wants to be in 100% compliance. The ingredients check out to be completely safe." This isn't really addressing the concern I don't think. She wrote them back stating that they market themselves as an organic and natural company and she doesn't believe this item falls into that category, but I think that's the end of their correspondence because she hasn't heard back. I am not one to preach about ingredients but like @@Reija I've been trying to slowly move toward more natural ingredients for things that stay on my body like sunscreen and moisturizer especially since I'm breastfeeding and along with @@PA Anna I have sadly known a number of young people developing cancer over the past few years. If this item had come in another box it wouldn't be a big deal because it is a luxury item. I'm only having an issue with it because it came in a box that markets itself to be void of any added chemicals which is a big reason I wanted to try it. Thanks to all of you who have researched this more. I'm slowly educating myself on the subject with your help!
  6. Here is a link to the actual product which has a warning that is posted by law under California proposition 65 simply because that ingredient is on the list. http://www.goldfadenmd.com/sun-visor/
  7. This is true and I defenitley don't work for a sub box company. I'm a mom and work part time in health care. I'm also breast feeding so I've been looking for more natural ingredients. I talked my sister into buying this box as well and she contacted Kloverbox for clarification regarding this ingredient, and to call it to their attention. Still no word from them. She also has a baby and is breatfeeding too right now so we're both a little concerned. The ingredient is banned in other countries. if you google it you can see lots of info. Other than the sunscreen I think the box was pretty nice
  8. I recieved my box yesterday and I liked it more than I thought I would. I'm happy with the tote and the price change doesn't bother me much. The shipping issues were frustrating and I don't think they would be acceptable at all coming from another company but oh well, what's done is done. I do think they should have switched out the hand soap or sunscreen for a "fun" item like a piece of jewelry and people would have been happier and felt the box was a little more well rounded. My only issue now is with the sunscreen. I partly purchased this box because Kloverbox is supposed to be all natural, but the sunscreen contains benzophenone which is labeled as the most toxic sunscreen ingredient by the environmental working group. Here's a quote describing it: "it penetrates the skin very easily and gets absorbed into your bloodstream. Once inside your body, it mimics the hormone estrogen, which, over the long term, can lead to reproductive issues and thyroid problems, and autism researchers suspect that the chemical is also neurotoxic." They highly recommend avoiding it. Yikes. I won't be using this. Overall, lesson learned. I probably won't be buying another box curated by Liz just because I don't think our tastes mesh well, but I do think she did her best in this situation. I need to cut back on boxes anyway
  9. Anyone else's box still in pre-shipment mode? I received my tracking on Friday and nothing's happened since.
  10. It will! I use mine to carry just my iphone 6, cards and cash.
  11. "So how do you defend them telling customers out of the blue in an email that their subscribers are of subpar IQ? The LLB family are operating from a very negative, insecure place to behave in such a way. I am at a point in my life where I have no tolerance for bullying and certainly will not support it with my money. These karmicly bankrupt sort of folk always spiral downward and I prefer to steer clear." Yeah, I definitely can't defend them from a business standpoint. They'd be much better off sending short and too the point emails. Canceling people out of the blue is obviously not great business behavior either. I'm just trying to say that there are some people who have had really positive experiences with them. I know the negativity and backlash is deserved after reading some of their responses, but trying to let people know that they don't seem all bad. I've had a couple of terrible, out of the blue, customer service experiences over the years and I simply stopped buying the product. I do realize that the one negative and nasty response from one customer service rep that I received does not represent the whole Company though. However in this case it seems like it was the head of it... They all seem to like to write, viewing their description letters so I think an explanation statement would serve them well at this point.
  12. I didn't think I would but I'm going to chime in here but make a general statement overall. Sub boxes are supposed to be fun and exciting! They are my entertainment and I have learned which ones I really enjoy over the past two years. If you're not enjoying a sub box anymore for any reason then forget about it! This is supposed to be fun! Personally, I have had only wonderful correspondence with LLB. I'm sad others haven't had the great experience I have had because it really has been my best sub experience to date and I've tried pretty much all of them. I have a feeling that Darth was getting defensive over his business and family and had taken negative comments to heart. I would too if I was in business with my family so maybe that's why I'm not in business with my family! Anyway, most of my correspondence via email has been with Kat Taylor and she's been great. So many people have complained on multiple forums about general automated email responses from sub companies when they have a problem (cough cough, popsugar October debacle) but complain when they get an actual response from a living person, no matter what it may be...
  13. Customer service emailed me yesterday and said shipping will start April 1 and no more spoilers from them at least. Oh well, can't wait!
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