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  1. Well I wasn't going to order it, haven't ordered anything PSMH in almost a year, but decided to go ahead and take a chance and give myself a Christmas present. I like the watch, the purse is Ok, I may give it to my mother though, more her style. Guess we'll see if I should have held on to my money LOL.
  2. Nice bag! Mine seems to be lost so Ipsy said they will send out another, somehow it never made it to USPS.
  3. Well my Birchbox got lost between carriers, I contacted Birchbox and they were super nice and have shipped me out a replacement! Funny my Ipsy got lost between DHL and USPS this month too, not my month I guess!
  4. I decided to take up the $10 for 3 months, so I'll be getting this box. I already got the Kat Von D perfume, the Saint version anyway, in another box and LOVE it. And anything Tarte I will usually try. For $10, I'm happy! And why do I keep these pretty boxes? Oh yeah, they are pretty LOL.
  5. I haven't either and frankly I suspect I never will, I assume they will be filing bankruptcy.
  6. Ok, I apologize this is late, but here is what I took: And here is what I put in: And thanks for the support ladies, been a tough couple of days. Love my job and the people I work with, but hey I've been through this before. It seems in IT this happens fairly often, maybe I should consider another line of work
  7. I just sent the tracking info to @@Saiza, the box is on its way. I will post pictures tomorrow when I'm in a better frame of mind. I just got notice my office is closing and I am losing my job in two weeks.
  8. I just got home from work and I have the box. I will go through it tomorrow and post pics and mail it back out by Wednesday.
  9. I checked tracking and the box is scheduled to be delivered on Monday. I'll let everyone know when I receive it.
  10. I got mine on Saturday and overall it's a nice box. I don't use false eyelashes though, so no clue what I'll do with those. The lipstick is not my color but I can give it to my best friend. I love the clutch, although I'll probably use it for carrying other things and not really as a purse. This was my last of my 3 month gift subscription to myself, think I'll take a break for awhile. Unless they come out with some really great coupon codes that is, as I'm always a sucker for that lol.
  11. I love both the throw and the purse, so I caved and bought the box. I have a mini purse that I use on the weekends to run errands, so this will give me another. Yeah like I needed one LOL. The throw looks warm and cuddly, and I can never have enough blankets. Hope the rest of the box is nice as well, guess we'll see!
  12. Well I obviously have zero will power, this deal suckered me in. I bought myself a 3 month gift subscription (I always do the gift sub as I never remember to cancel) as a Christmas present to myself LOL. I haven't received this box in a few months, but this spoiler combined with the deal lured me in. Such a sucker LOL.
  13. I actually love my box. I love the cute stoneware dish, mine is in sea blue. Think it goes well with the ceramic measuring spoons. I use small stoneware dishes like this when I make dips and things, so it works for me. Since it has now been named one of Oprah's favorite things, will be awhile before I can purchase more, but that's fine with me. And I'm into organic laundry detergents, so will be happy to give this one a try. My pj's fit just fine, my husband thought they were a bit loud as I get the yellow and red ones, but he's the only one to ever see them so I don't care lol. They are comfy, I am tickled to get another kilner jar, got one in the Serendipity and just love it. I even went and bought a set with the gift card I got from LLB for signing up for a full year subscription. I normally remember to use the codes that LLB sends, so that isn't an issue for me. Over all I was really happy with this month's box. Looking forward to the next one! Oh and thought the added bangle was a really nice gift for the shipping delays, I love mine!

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