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  1. I really like my bag this month. The only sad part is that I'm getting the It CC cream and as much as I want to love it, it's too warm for me. The medium shade gives me an orange tint and the light is too light. But all in all, my glam bags are 1000% better now that I cleared my quiz minus a thing or two.
  2. I got my shipping notice yesterday. I'm thinking I'll put the whole thing up for trade minus the towel and taffy lol. We are going to the beach in a couple of weeks so at least that will be useful, but I've never met a towel worth more than $10. It's my birthday month and my last box on my Black Friday/Cyber Monday deal, and I'm really disappointed. I had asked my hubby to extend the sub as my bday gift but I'd rather have the $ to spend at Sephora. *Sigh* See ya PopSugar Must Have, it was lackluster while it lasted.
  3. I'm getting a perfume sample and 2 lotions for the 3rd month in a row. Aren't there a million other items they could send? At least I'm halfway through the 6 perfume samples a year Option. I'm very tempted to cancel. I HATE anything Harvey Prince (getting Yogini this time). Looking forward to Benefit balm and the macadamia oil (PYS choice). But they better step it up next month.
  4. I ordered the beauty box with the Pamela polish. Though I think Cora is the better color, I saw spoilers for the polish box on YouTube and wasn't impressed with the whole thing. Hopefully the beauty products will be good.
  5. I bet giving a lot of new subscribers a really high end item (compared to other brands featured this month) was a way of enticing them to stay or maybe even get referrals. I remember when I first signed up 3 years ago almost everything in my bag was full size or high end. Now we get crap like that Starlooks gloss almost every month. Sorry, I know some people like it but I found it to be very cheap and it's been featured forever now.
  6. Got my box today, I do appreciate that shipping seemed a lot faster this month. But just was not excited by this box. I do love the candle and my husband found the basil bag intriguing lol. Other than that, I hate the bag. Target has really adorable ones with the same concept for the same price. May better be amazing otherwise I won't be resubscribing. The Rachel Zoe boxes look very promising but way out of my budget.
  7. So what does the candle smell like?! I neeeeed to know lol
  8. I'm a little annoyed that I'm getting blush, lipstick, and cheek/lip tint in the same bag but at least they look promising. I've gotten blush and eyeshadow 3 months in a row, but my bags have gotten better since I cleared my whole quiz.
  9. I have mixed feelings about this box. Seems light in that there's only 5 items. I wonder how big the bag is? I'm highly annoyed with the umbrella because I'm in Texas and we have been in a drought for a couple of years now. I'm most looking forward to the candle. I am so jealous of the people getting the Too Faced stuff! I wonder how they pick because one of the girls who got it only had like a couple hundred followers on Instagram. I hate the word lippy. Sorry, I'm just not happy with this box. Especially because it's my second to last one.
  10. My tracking also says 3.3lbs. For some reason my account doesn't show any tracking info for March or April but I got emails. Also, it seems they shipped earlier than usual, similar to Feb. boxes. Can't wait! Should be here by the 14th.
  11. I would love it if the bag has fringe, it's so in right now.
  12. Everything but the Mad Men boxes was sold out by the time I finally got my email. Haven't heard back from BB customer service yet. I'm going to pass on the MM boxes because upon further inspection, I figure I'd use maybe 2 things out of each. I will give BB another chance to "wow" me :-)
  13. Ugh, didn't get my email. I shared on Facebook as soon as the page was up on the 24th/25th early morning. It took forever since their website was having problems. But now I'm torn between PYS and the New York box. I know for sure I'll use most of the stuff from that box. But I like the colors of the POP shadows. Decisions, decisions,
  14. Spoilers from the April 2014 box is why I signed up (also the great cyber Monday deal). Hopefully this year will be just as awesome. I would love the pretty new Tarte palette and maybe a roomy tote but that may be too similar to last year.
  15. I love the Balm even if they are a little gimmicky (same with Benefit). A couple of years ago they sent out Meet Matt(e) eyeshadow singles but the pigmentation was lacking. I hope these are better. I've been eyeing both of their nude palettes so this will hopefully help me decide on one or both. March was a big win for me after I unselected everything on the quiz. Hopefully April will be great too.
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