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  1. PS- I did feel guilty for buying so I cancelled my Julep box for the month #winning
  2. @edithS2- You are inspiring! I have used 16/30 items on my journey and it feels great! I need to use more foil packets to get my number higher. I did fall off the wagon and bought two palettes (my weakness ) that were half off- so two for the price of one... Around $50. They are in the mail and I told myself to put them away until my no buy is over- punishment for buying! tsk tsk. I am back on track and happy to have used up a jumbo purity face wash I've had in the shower for a year! a half full foundation and a setting spray already this week!!! Keep at it peeps!!!
  3. @@LadyGordon, Welcome! it is tough- you will have to stay off the web while healing But it can be done! I'm dying to shop it's been 2 weeks for me. I allowed myself to keep ONE subscription box, I cannot wait for it to arrive next week! Shopping is such instant gratification! I'm trying to use items up and have not had anything to dispose of this week.I know next week I may have several items but it feels more productive when I can use up and toss something every week. Good luck with your surgery and write here anytime, I know I like the ongoing support to stick with it. I call my plan "ProjectUseItUp"
  4. @@EdithS2 Thank you for the long post- I think those are very normal feelings for most all of us on this journey. It was nice to see someone else feeling the same way as I am. I am keeping a list of the items I want to buy when I'm off the no buy and I see my thoughts changing about them. That after a week or two I don't want them or I like something I already use better or deciding I won't even like the product after a few weeks of seeing reviews. Keep up the good work. PS- I really liked that you put the new items away to use a as a reward! Good thinking. @@EdithS2
  5. Hi Edith, I love that you have seen big results- paying off a credit card is huge- but also late fee's! A $25 late fee makes the $50 pallet $75- EWWW! "It also allows me to enjoy what I have"- This is so simple but needs to be a reminder to me!!!
  6. Hi Reija, How many items have you used up? I have found already that it's easier to use something up if you really focus on it- instead of having 5 opened lotions- I am focusing on ONE- and I just finished it today. On to the next one! I have about 5 foundations opened as well, so I'm focusing on one to finish up first - could be this week. I have also allowed myself to keep my Julep monthly (or skip if I'm not interested) and can rebuy a need- such as eye cream.
  7. I'm doing a 30 day no buy with myself, and would love to jump on this group to stay motivated. Along with the No buy, I have a list of 10 full size items to use up. Now I'm tempted to add in foil packs and samples to bump that to 30 items in 30 days. I will assess what is needed at the end of 30 days and start again for 30 and 30 more. Hoping this will get me out of the 'I want it- so I buy' it routine. Thanks for the support!
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