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  1. cpl100

    Anyone want to do another round?

    Wonder what happened to our little group?
  2. cpl100

    Anyone want to do another round?

    I guess we are the only two.... ­čś× I have been saving up stuff for this swap....ready to get rid of it!
  3. cpl100

    Anyone want to do another round?

    Okay, I guess not! Have a great day all!
  4. Every time I think I'm going to have a no buy, something 'that seems great' and is irresistible to me comes up. Very frustrated that I can't resist 'a deal' even though I probably have more than a years worth of beauty items.
  5. It's been a while so I thought maybe others (like me) have a lot of stuff accumulated.
  6. cpl100

    Circular Swap Winter 2018

    I will be sending the box today and posting pictures as well.
  7. cpl100

    Circular Swap Winter 2018

    I have received the box. Will go through it, take pictures and post back. Is Reija next? Thanks!
  8. cpl100

    Winter 2018 Circular Swap

    Is it too late? I would like to join but would probably have to be at the end due to traveling. Will be going away for a month. Actually, unless we get more participants, I probably would still be away by the time it got to me. I guess I am in, if it works timewise!
  9. cpl100

    Fall 2017 Circular Swap

    I don't think there is a new thread yet.
  10. cpl100

    Fall 2017 Circular Swap

    When are we starting?
  11. cpl100

    Fall 2017 Circular Swap

    Yes, I am in.
  12. cpl100

    Fall 2017 Circular Swap

    Have we given up on this?
  13. cpl100

    Fall 2017 Circular Swap

    Fine with me.
  14. cpl100

    Fall 2017 Circular Swap

    I have been away and just returned last night. Thought I might have missed the start of this. I'm in for another round.
  15. cpl100

    Summer Swap 2017

    Not sure what you mean exactly. But I started organizing using Birchboxes from when I subscribed. I had a lot but not enough to finish the job. Sorry for the late reply. I have been away on vacation in Europe.
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