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  1. I agree that it is so fun to watch the items come and go in the box.
  2. I am okay with whatever happens.
  3. I will return by mid-April so I would like to be included! Thanks!
  4. @@Reija You didn;t take anything?
  5. I am away where there are no Whole Foods. There are plenty where I live but this time I am unfortunately out of luck. And I wanted it!
  6. Yes, this is so much fun. Looking forward to the next one. I will try to keep checking the posts while I am away for the next three weeks.
  7. @@Queennie I'm curious! What's in the container that looks like wood or cardboard (far left)? Glad it all arrived safely. Hope the next person likes palettes since I added two and you added one. I do spy one item that I know Reija will like!
  8. @[email protected]@queenie Your pictures are not showing up for me.
  9. Well, despite the detour the box is at her Post Office now!
  10. I guess I just do not understand shipping. Queenie and I are in the same state. The box has gone to a adjoining state overnight. Maybe I'm ruled too much by logic, but what kind of sense does that make?
  11. Well, I don't know why my picture posts never look as nice as everyone else's. Anyway....the box is full to bursting and I am off to the post office because I just got the address from Queenie. Although it has seemed like a while, when I look back I see that I only received the box five days ago, so we are actually still on time!
  12. Here is what I am going to add.
  13. Here is what I took. I was lucky this time and found a lot more than usual!
  14. Just to update, I am still awaiting address confirmation. Will post the pictures today, though.
  15. I thought I was just going to use the return address from the box to re-send the package. However, it's a little damaged so I need to confirm it with Queennie. Hopefully she will get back to me with it shortly. Shouldn't matter too much because we are in the same state and I don't believe she has returned from her trip yet.
  16. I plan to go through the box today. May not be able to mail today, though, but most likely tomorrow.
  17. Just so everyone knows, the box is en route to Queenie. However, she is going to be out of town for a week so her friend is going to forward it to me when it is received. Then I am going to send it back to her. This works out (rather than the box being held at her place) because I am going out of town mid-March. There was concern that the box might miss me here and be further delayed. All is good.
  18. Which is so disappointing because I would love to receive dry shampoo!
  19. Oh, that sounds hopeful. Thank you for letting me know. Have a great day!
  20. @@LadyGordon Sent you a PM. Not sure how often you check them.
  21. Just want to throw this out here: I know I always see people bashing 'black eyeliner' in subscription boxes because it so frequently appears in them. However, if anyone wants to put in a black liquid/felty type eyeliner in the box, I can give it a good home. Somehow I ended up needing this despite all the boxes I get...well, maybe it's because I mostly get skin care vs. make up.

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