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  1. Sorry to hear that but I hope it will bring you an exciting, new and wonderful opportunity.
  2. I like that offer but I can't decide if I'm going to buy anything. I am so overloaded that it's now become a major organizational issue. And, of late, I have discovered Cult Beauty and Look Fantastic who often have a better price on some of the higher end products. Not to mention, this month is SpaceNK's and next is Barney's bag events.
  3. SpaceNK is pre-ordering for their winter beauty bag at stores right now. It's always a fabulous haul but a bit pricey for the buy-in ($250). Must admit, I have not been able to resist it since I learned of it. I believe next month should be Barney's Love Yourself event but I haven't heard a peep about it yet.
  4. The box is moving so quickly! Good thing I am not next.....we are having a blizzard and who knows when I will get out again. I hate winter!!!
  5. Looking forward to seeing your pictures!
  6. I really like Beauty Heroes and Art of Organics as well. This month Pearlesque seems great. I stopped most of the boxes that got me into this addiction but keep finding new ones to replace them. Currently also get Look Fantastic. Sent a lot of PopSugar boxes at Christmas time with that fantastic Black Friday deal. Wonder if they will have another deal like that!
  7. Hope I can find as much as you did! Great job!
  8. Bummed that I lapsed last box and now can't get this box.
  9. Looking forward to seeing what is in the box before I authorize the charge. Have been trying cleaner ingredient boxes and lifestyle boxes lately.
  10. I already see items of interest.
  11. So glad you can use the curly hair stuff. Now I know someone in our group uses it so I have a place for all the samples to go when received. My hair is stick straight and fine....not a great combination when it comes to subscription boxes and samples of hair products.
  12. Do you feel like that's worth the price? It looks so very small!
  13. I had a problem with my payment for the Winter box so missed it. That was a good box! Will be watching for spoilers for the Spring box before deciding to correct that issue.
  14. We have updated rules? I'm up for the next Hello from the beach in Moolalaba, Australia..
  15. Glad the box arrived safely. The Post Office really outdid themselves delivering before Christmas! Hope everyone had a good holiday.
  16. Well, the snow stopped, thankfully, and not much of it stuck to the ground for long as the temperatures rose. I just want the storms to stay at bay until I go to Australia next week! Have messaged you the tracking number so hopefully all will go smoothly now.
  17. This is what I am adding. Sure hope someone has curly hair; mine is stick straight! Planning to go to PO today after the snow stops. Was supposed to rain today and now we're getting snow, snow and more snow. Not too happy about that, actually! Merry Christmas everyone! And, joyful 'whatever else you might celebrate' as well!
  18. This is what I took from the box.
  19. I am a day behind my plans. Will post the pictures and send out the box tomorrow. Reija, is your address still the same?
  20. The box arrived today. I will try my best to turn it around by Wednesday. I will say that this is the least full I have seen the box. But there is still plenty for me to browse through and enjoy. I had picked up a new box when I was mailing my Christmas packages just in case it's needed. It may not need to be replaced, though. At first glance, it doesn't look too worse for the wear on the circuitous route it took through my state. (Honestly, There are five towns surrounding mine and it visited three of them before landing here.) So weird! Guess it's crazy this time of year.
  21. I think the box may be delivered tomorrow. I can't be sure because, although it has gotten to my state, it has now visited three towns around me (but not yet my own town)!
  22. Just a quick update to say the box has not arrived yet. I guess it's not surprising.....all of the packages I have sent in the last week have been delayed en route. I was supposed to have three deliveries by USPS today and none of them arrived. Will keep you posted. Meanwhile, I hope everyone is enjoying their families during this special time of year.

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