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  1. At least you can hope that they are different because the weights do vary, if only slightly.
  2. Both were 6.2 lbs. Other items: Christian Lacroix post it notes Gramr postcard pack Powergloss Universal charger Briogeo hair repair mask (full size) Bubble Elixer Fig and Grapefruit Gold tone church key (very large) Small bag of chips
  3. Received my two boxes today. So disappointed they are both the same. And they both contain the Bingo game. I already have multiples of it because I can't even give it away!
  4. Thanks for the update! Hope you enjoy the box.
  5. After seeing the last mystery boxes, I was sorry I hadn't purchased one. So this time I purchased two. (I'm sure that only makes sense in a subscription box addicted mind!)
  6. I got an email that they received a shipment of new headphones and will be shipping them out. Meanwhile, an extra little gift will be sent to make up for the problem.
  7. @@jenny1973 Wondering if the box has arrived?
  8. I already see stuff that interests me but since I am last it will probably change completely before it arrives. But maybe.....
  9. Honestly, they have a store (warehouse!) full of products and they keep sending the same stuff each month. It's great if you want to stockpile a favorite but other than that it's kind of boring at this point.
  10. Would love to learn about this program. Could someone fill me in or direct me to the basic information please? Thanks!
  11. @@Reija A whole box full? I keep seeing your wonderful posts about being on an enviable low-buy or no-buy. Can't see how you can do that and keep coming up with all these extras! As for me, I seem to have spiraled into a gwp addict as well as a subscription box addict, so my house is running over with stuff! I don't seem able to resist the urge to 'get more for free' no matter what it is!
  12. I get this box intermittently. I wait for the reveal to see what is in the box.
  13. I am a few dollars away from Platinum with my recent order. They just had a Platinum bag offer which looked quite good. Wondering if it's worth going to the store and making a small purchase soon so as not to miss out on the next one. If my next online purchase gets me to Platinum level with the order, would I be able to avail myself of a Platinum perk with that order, or not until the next one? This is my first year of doing much shopping at Ulta.
  14. OH, your post made me check mine and they, too, are ripped off one side. This makes me wonder if these are 'returns' and not first quality products as they problem is so wide-spread. I filled out the form on the website so we shall see. These were going to be a gift but I can't gift these! Did you receive a replacemet?
  15. Oh NO! So sorry that happened to you!
  16. When are the SF and LA events? I'll be vacationing in CA in a few weeks.
  17. Time has taught me: Don't spend your time chasing people who do not want to be in your life. Spend it with (and on) the people you enjoy in your life. The ball is in her court...give her the space to either make it right or walk away. Either way, your life is better. Alternatively, if this is a very dear friend with whom you sincerely wish to maintain the friendship, you have two other choices: a. assume the best of her and that she had a valid reason for the miscommunication and let it go. b. be the bigger person and reach out to her (personally, not in a text or online) and tell her just that: you value her friendship and wonder why she has been distant. Whatever way it works out...let it go. And the reason people end up letting things go (sooner or later) is that holding on is a heavy burden on YOU. Best of luck!
  18. Oooh! Those cute Sephora Play bags!
  19. Does anyone have any favorite skin care items (not acne items, though) that are from Japanese lines? DS is going to Tokyo and I was hoping I could ask him to pick up something there that is either great and cheaper than here or not available here. More interested in items for mature skin rather than young/acneic issues. Thanks!
  20. I doubt that it will interfere.
  21. I got a shipping notice also. But....still stuck in Kissimmee (for days).
  22. I think you are in time. We are starting Monday, October 3rd.
  23. Has anyone gotten a shipping notice for the September Serendipity?
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