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  1. It's enough time for me but I will be away from October 21 - 31. I always seem to be near the end of the list so it shouldn't matter.
  2. I scrolled down to the bottom without looking at the spoilers because I still don't have my box. It is annoying me to no end that it took a week from label creation to get my box to a mailing location. And now it has taken six, read that SIX, days to go from Sacramento to Los Angeles. Really? I could drive it in six or seven hours! And it still has to come to the East Coast. Is everyone else having the same issues?
  3. I have to keep myself from ordering things 'because of the bag'. Hope you love at least some of it. I recently purchased one of their favorites kits.
  4. If the box is coming from Spartanburg, SC, my shipping label has been created and it states Fedex Ground 4.6 lbs.
  5. The Fall Equinox is in ten days so our timing is perfect! In for another round.
  6. I'm still in the label stage also. Not really shipped....they trick us by sending the tracking but it's really not the real deal. What book? No, I don't want to know. Don't want a book. Know nothing about a blanket but not sure I want that either.....
  7. I don't think you're being picky. I skipped this one because I didn't think it was worth the $10. I mean, if you total everything up, it would cost more than $10. But, for me, it didn't make the cut.
  8. Try it! I took something I am only kind of curious about and also something that I thought my son's girlfriend would like in an effort to lighten the box as promised. My failure becomes your opportunity!
  9. 4.7 lbs. Oh, I don't want to see any spoilers, actually! I will come back here again when I receive my box and will post the contents if not already spoiled. My box hasn't moved yet....
  10. Good! I'd say maybe it will settle a little en route....but it had a chance to settle while sitting on my table over the weekend during my absence. Just PM'd the tracking number to you. They said it should arrive by Thursday.
  11. Okay, this swap went well and not so well for me! Planning to mail box today. I set out with the goal of lightening the box as promised. I thought I did a good job! Since I had to go away for the weekend. I decided to put everything back in the box and add when I had more time since I'd missed the Post Office closing for the same day (Friday). To my dismay, I could barely fit the stuff back in the box. But I thought I would do better when I returned and was relaxed. .....not really! Here is what I added. And, I apologize but I didn't leave much or any room for the next person as this is what the box looked like before I sealed it. All I can say is: Better luck to Ann!
  12. Do they post all the spoilers? Can't decide on this box.
  13. Okay...well I could use help packing my suitcase too. I travel frequently (pleasure not business) and usually for at least two weeks at a time and have yet to master that art (or the packing light art).
  14. @@MissKris17 You must be a Tetris Queen! I took out some stuff and now I can't even get all the original stuff in the box let alone add some. I'm usually better than this! Must.....KEEP......TRYING! Oh my goodness, can't believe this.
  15. The box made it here as scheduled. Will try to go through it and re-mail today. If I can't do that, it will be after I return on Tuesday.
  16. I need some of your willpower..... Not only did I buy this box (my first PSMH LE) and the Addidas box, I just ordered the Allure Thrills (along with a second one of the previous box). ....AND, I just placed orders for both the Barneys and the SpaceNK events today. I seriously have to have my head examined! Oh, I just remembered that I ordered the Fifth Avenue whatever it's called box too. Just call me by my new name..... Crazy!
  17. Thanks MissKriss17! I got the tracking. Hopefully it will arrive as listed and not be delayed as I will be away for the long weekend. Just in case, I have held my mail at the PO so it doesn't have a chance of sitting outside from Saturday through Tuesday when I return.
  18. Total miss for me....not getting it. Thanks heavens! I am long on beauty items and short on self-control (apparently).
  19. Well, I am next and I will try, really try, to lighten the box. No promises, though. We all have so much stuff!!!!
  20. Thanks. My bank called yesterday to say my card was compromised and I'm getting a new one in the mail. Hopefully that will be a short turn-around time.
  21. Does anyone remember when this is charged? I hope we get another definite spoiler before charge date so I can decide if I want to keep this. I am leaning towards it with the sneakers and pants, though. Well, actually they say the 'prints' are being featured; they never come out and say it's the pants!

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