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  1. Just a heads up to all the other ladies who got the Urban Decay, if you cut a tiny hole, apply with a brush, and cover the hole with tape you get lots more uses out of it.
  2. I get lip stuff every month. I will never need to buy red lipstick ever again because I keep getting it from Ipsy. Not that I am complaining, but I don't do anything special for it.
  3. I have the Pixi bronzer and want nothing to do with it, willing to trade it for just about anything.
  4. Man, I got the freaking bronzer, oooof course I did. I wish I had gotten the chella pencil or the toner. I am pretty excited for the Urban Decay, and for the sun screen lotion, but man do I not like bronzers.
  5. Ooo, love the luxe brush I got last time, would love another one. I don't use bronzer, so that'd be a bummer for me, but not the end of the work.
  6. This is gonna be my last bag for a while. My husband is gonna be a stay at home dad soon so I'm cutting back on my frivolities. Hoping my last bag is a good one.
  7. Please do! I got the points from october (my first bag) onward, by it took a few hours for all of the new points to show.
  8. Hey girls, don't know if anyone else noticed this, but apparently we can go back and re-review bags before the new site launch to get the extra five points. I've only been a member for six months so it didn't net me a whole lot of extra points, but an extra twenty five points per month you were subscribed is nothing to sniffle at.
  9. Do you like patchouli? Because I think patchouli stinks like mold anyway, when I meet women wearing it I have to stand a wide berth away or it will make me nauseous. I gave the top of my "tint" a good stir with my finger and because it was the closest balm to my person, and I had a sleeping toddler on my arm I put some on my mouth. The patchouli smell and taste nearly made me hurl. Which is such a shame because I was kinda excited for it. Unfortunately my husband wont come near me because he has an even more violent gag reflex to patchouli than me.
  10. So I got a response about the mica and mullein and sparrow on facebook.Allegedly the primer was tested for microbes before leaving the factory and being sent to ipsy and was fine? And the cheek and lip tint has some kind of root in it that apparently can affect texture? Which is why some people are finding black grittiness? Both answers sound kinda iffy to me.
  11. I'm glad I'm not the only one who saw the Elizabeth Arden as pinky. I agree with you though, it is so silky and nice to wear.
  12. Got my bag today, a whole day earlier than my estimated delivery date. Holy cow the balm shadow is so tiny, I mean like seriously at first I thought it was missing. I haven't swatched it yet (confession I'm writing this on my way home from work) but the color looks nice and I am glad it isn't bigger because I have several similar shades. The mullein & sparrow tint goes on sooooo much paler than I thought it would in the tin. I saw a few people say it smelled off to them, and I think I know why. In the tin it has a pretty noticeable patchouli smell. Once its on it isn't as strong, but as that is one of my least favorite scents I don't know that I will use it a lot. The Elizabeth Arden lipstick packaging is so freaking pretty. I swatched it on my hand and the color looks nice, although after rubbing it off a bit it was very pink, so I don't know how much I will wear it. Gonna have to give it an honest go tomorrow and see what its staying power is. Still not super excited about the julieG matte top coat, but my polish was wearing out anyway so I'll try it out tonight. And the crown brush is as soft and nice feeling as the last one I got. Overall I'm pretty happy with my bag. There are things I would have rather tried but sometimes ipsy surprises me and knows me better than I do.
  13. I feel like its very narrow minded of you to assume only teens or tweens would be interested in drugstore brands of makeup. I'm 24 and while I have loved the high end samples I have gotten from ipsy (and I generally get at least one every other month)I prefer the more inexpensive items I get because I know I will never buy the expensive items for myself.
  14. It's a matte in confident. The color has stayed vibrant through my whole work day with just one light application. Even after coffee and lunch I didn't need to reapply, and the amount of transfer is very minimal.
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