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    Bye guys!!! Thanks for everything!!!
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  1. bye guys!!!!! thanks for everything!!!!!!

    1. makeupilove


      13april 2015 -31august 2016. Please take care of youeself and love yourself always. I will remember you

    2. Reija


      Bye! We'll miss you! Hope you come back some day!!

  2. Im so proud of me. Good morning. Today's eye makeup.
  3. ....its sugar coating by essence. Alone. Do u like them? Im not sure. But I was dreaming that polish today so I put it.
  4. 1.Use hair spray for your eyebrows to stay.And to your baby hair if you have. But not too much. (I also have heard that you can use it to set your face but dont do this idk i think its bad) 2.Use turmeric powder mixed with water (for oily skin), and olive oil (dry skin) for brightening the complexion and dark circles 3.Wash your hair with cold water. Makes hair stronger. Apply coconut oil after. 4.Use vinegar for dry scalp 5.Use skin conditioner to remove extra colorant in the perimeter of your face with a cotton pad after hair colour diy at home. 6.Use greek yogurt after sun burnin. Haha Its very common here. 7.Wash your makeup brushes with johnsons baby shampoo And many moreeeeee
  5. Makeup geek cosmetics??? Mac??? Inglot?? Morphe brushes??
  6. I had the same bad view about detoxification . I thought it was dangerous and unhealthy and starvation and bad. Until I learnt that deroxidication is a whole process in which the body getting rid of toxins and the symptoms are bad because of the toxins you have. But then your body returns clean and healthy. I didnt know that. Read more about detox. Its good if you know what you are doing.
  7. Eat as healthy as possible. Eat raw whole plant based. You need vitamins and minerals. More fiber. And drink a lot of water You dont need opi to do the work for you. Do this and your body will follow.
  8. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=EVnNx5bZYuk Ive seen these women 50 and 70 years old and theyre looking 40 only by healthy eating. This is beauty. Must watch beauty lovers!!!! She has great skin and healthy hair!!!!!
  9. I dont know what the ... are you suspectinhlg for me. I am not anorexic neither I have problems with my relationship with food. I just have a different opinion from you and thats okay. I do think veganism and plant based diet is the most healthy diet in this planet. I wont try to convince you or anything. Its you that you are the lead of your body. Also, I dont care about what men think I dont know why you are telling me this again n again. Anyways. Im now going to post some videos here If you want to watch them and educate for food and not only for ED and weight appearance in general. Food is more important.health. not what other see you Anyway. Im posting thess,no obligation to see them.just because i dont want to try to make u understand exactly what i am thinking. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=es6U00LMmC4 https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=d0IhZ-R1O8g https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=hGQTpxjbwaM https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=W4HJcq8qHAY This is my last post. Take care and love yourself!
  10. Hello. Im gonna talk for myself and not in general because i dont want to confuse that. Im 5.10 and im overweight. I have some extra weight im not obsessed or like that. If you educate yourself and see whats inside that cupcake or doritos or cheetos you will never going to want this. Im just educating myself and i have heard things about these foods that dont like Remember this. Food is your medicine. Food is something that gives you energey and nutrution to live. Its not there to solve your mental problems. Its not there to comfort you in your depression or anxiety. Since i made this post a lot of things Ive learnt. I ve seen what bad "food" is gonna do to you and its not just make you fat. I was bullied in school becauss I was shy...but never told me fat. Anyone. I was a chubby kid in school. But if you have such a problem,dont try to fix that with food or smoking or makeup or anything. Problems have to be managed with otger ways. So... there is meditation,and a lot of other techniques. By lovibg yourself and accepting. I ve passed this stage. I no longer feel fat ir ugly or shame. I just to this for my health. And i am not talking about the freaking calories. I was on research then and i will always be. Food is a medicine remember that. We cant have a cupcake because of our emotional situation. Just think about it and watch maybe a few videos on the internet just to help you see that weught loss and overall health its not about others. Is for yourself. Your cells need nutrition from valuable food. Not junk. And by the way...when it comes to judgement or what other people think of your looks,its only in your mind. The biggest enemy and judge is yourself. So less food or more food its not the solution. Solution is be kind and nice to yourself. And something else. Men and women are equal. We are both humanity with struggles. Dont just think that women are suffering in weight loss and image,and men dont give a shit. They give a shit. One person gives a shit about his health. They want to look good and feel good. And it can be only successful with healthy eating..not diets.

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