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  1. What is wrong with contacting your credit card? I would never tolerate a $35 "processing fee" for refunding my money that they shouldn't have billed.
  2. Thanks everyone for posting their box pics so I can live vicariously through you! I opted out of getting this box because I'm moving, so it is nice to see what it included.
  3. I've seen people post that they either got a .6 pound replacement shipment or a 1 pound, so I wonder if your replacement items will be similar to what was in other .6 packages? I decided long ago that I thought the next box would ship in August, since their last box shipped in May, and I'd rather be pleasantly surprised than disappointed. I also am assuming that Sothys will be included, since it was in all of their previous boxes, but it would also be a pleasant surprise if they left it out. I don't follow currency trends, but I wonder if the cost of the dollar versus euro changed in the dollars favor since they first started? That would effect pricing.
  4. I've seen it now- I looked as soon as you let me know it was a picture. I'm hopeful the next box is awesome! It's interesting that they exclude home items on their box description- those are my favorite type of item.
  5. Ah- attachments don't email. Thanks for posting it. I tried to sign up for the newsletter, but it didn't work, so I'll have to keep trying!
  6. I'm an annual subscriber and haven't received an email. Can anyone post the contents here? Thanks!
  7. First, I seriously doubt you are going to get skin cancer from makeup, even if it is old and moldy. You might get an infection or irritated skin, but not skin cancer. I always check beautypedia for reference before I make any makeup or skincare purchases. If I had to overhaul my collection I would do research there first. As far as my personal taste goes for high end, I love MAC lipstick and eyeshadow.
  8. You might try curling the lashes, then putting on clear mascara to hold the curl. That will open up your eyes.
  9. I just got my email that they are sending my replacement item. The package is 1 pound. I wonder why it would weigh so much? Just to be clear, I don't think ouiplease is a sparkly perfect company, and I don't work for them. In order to get them to send me a replacement I got a response to my first email, and to get a follow up with a shipping tracking number I had to email them three times before they responded that they are shipping the item to me, and gave me a tracking number. I got my first box (1.3) a month late, and it was beauty heavy when I had expected a wider range of items. I did enjoy the box, I think it is high quality, and I want more! Whether or not I will stay subscribed with their inconsistencies and poor communication is yet to be seen. I do stand by my original comment. This is my one pricey box, and if stops being fun I will stop unsubscribe. Though if they turn out to be a quarterly sub I might have awhile before I can do so!
  10. Sparklesgirl you emailed them that your box was very incomplete, and they replied that your box was in fact incomplete, and not a variation, and they would be shipping you replacement items. While some people have received their replacement items, many have not, and it hasn't been that long, so I'm not sure what you expect contacting them daily would accomplish. They know you're unhappy, and they said they would try to fix it. If someone were to read this thread and not realize how large a quantity of the unhappy posts were from you they may get a skewed impression of how people feel about ouiplease. There are unhappy people, but also happy. Even if it will take longer to get my boxes, and the value of my boxes is lower than others/ what is advertised, I find it fun to get authentic French items. With how unhappy you are, you might find a chargeback to be in your best interest, both so you don't feel like you didn't get what you paid for and so your stress about the box goes down. Boxes are not a necessity, they are supposed to be fun. I truly hope you are able to find a box that you have a better experience with if Ouiplease isn't able to resolve your problem in the time allotment you are comfortable with.
  11. I saw them post somewhere that it is shipping in July, which I assume means August.
  12. I would 100% agree that they should send something to everyone- an email explaining the situation. Their lack of proactive communication is odd, to say the least. As for an item, there were huge discrepancies in value and item selection. Some subscribers got two or three pieces of substantial jewelry, socks, a good range of the Provence creams and beauty oils, the candy, and the lavender. Other subscribers got an empty envelope, beauty creams and oils, candy, lavender, and some Sothys makeup. There is one subscriber here who is particularly unhappy with her box selection, which was clearly way off in items included. I really wish this box just picked the items and gave the same thing to everyone. Is there anyone who wouldn't prefer that?
  13. They put it in the previous boxes, I see no reason why this box would be different. It would be really wonderful if it was not so beauty heavy. Surely the cost of items that last are not so different than expensive beauty products? Even two food items instead of one would be an improvement.
  14. This seems like a really tricky situation for ouiplease. On the one hand, they have subscribers who have strongly expressed dissatisfaction directly to them in a way Ouiplease acknowledges as legitimate enough to them to merit sending out an item to try to repair the situation. On the other hand, they have the rest of their subscriber base, who fall into two categories: happy subscribers, and unhappy subscribers who did not contact them. In addition, whatever they send out is an additional expense, both item and shipping wise. Unless they were waiting on an item that finally came in that was intended to be in the boxes of the slighted customers, the item cost needed to replace one to two hundred dollars worth of product to each slighted customer could be very substantial, assuming it actually did that. And, if they sent out a product that did do that only to the slighted customers who contacted them, and not all of the unhappy customers, anyone who came across the information that they did not receive that second product could feel slighted again. That could include both unhappy customers who have legitimite reason to feel slighted again, and happy customers who could potentially see something they now feel left out by not receiving, especially if it was an item not in their original box. I'm hoping they were waiting on the geometric wallet mentioned but not pictured in the brochure.

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