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  1. Why most of the people think that dry brushing is not good for skin?
  2. No, I have tried several times to live without makeup. And to be honest, I look horrible. Even, my friends make fun of me. So, I can't imagine to live without makeup.
  3. Why our skin becomes raised, red and itchy when an insect bite us?
  4. I just want to recommend that whenever you use moisturizer prefer using in the night after washing your face. In the day, dust particle and pollution may settle down on your skin making your skin even more worse.
  5. From few weeks I have included green tea in my daily routine and unfortunately find a difference on my skin.
  6. I haven't used charcoal cleansers yet. But I have bought the one and soon going to use it on my face. Just hoping that it might have positive effect on my face.
  7. Is there any way to get rid of natural way to get rid off scars?
  8. Are there any supplements available to get naturally tanned?
  9. I haven't used tools for makeup till now. Instead I apply makeup through my fingers which I find the better way to apply makeup.
  10. How to maintain beauty products properly so they can be used for long time?
  11. Can I use my face with a soap after using face wash? Does it cause any harm to the skin? Or should I use face wash instead of using soap?
  12. I have used this face wash once in a day only and it has really worked on my skin. If you feel that it is bringing results in one time use only then why to prefer for the second time.
  13. What should I use cleanser or toner if I am not using make up? Or both of them are optional?
  14. One of the home remedy I know for weak nails. Just mix up 2-3 tbsp of lemon juice in a luke warm water and dip your nails for atleast 10-15 minutes every day. This will make your nails stronger.
  15. What are the natural ways in order to tan your skin?
  16. I generally avoid hot showers because using hot showers can remove the essential oils from your skin thus leaving your skin as a dry skin.
  17. Hey! Thanks for the suggestion but would like to ask that are there any products available.
  18. I am a swimmer and swimming is my passion. I spent at least 7-8 hours for swimming. While swimming my skin becomes rough and in a bad condition. I would like to ask that what should I apply in order to make my skin soft and supple? Which products should I recommend for my skin while swimming?
  19. I think to fill up brows I generally prefer for the brushes in order to have a perfect eyebrow. While filling eyebrows I keep in mind that it does not spread around my eyes and I prefer for the dark filling as my brows are light.
  20. I have used bio oil for my first pregnancy but this doesn't work for my stretch marks. There can be many reasons behind such as may be I have used it before the pregnancy or during pregnancy or the way that I have used might be wrong. So, my question is do bio oil works for stretch marks?
  21. Whenever I wash my hair, I use Loreal Paris shampoo for my hair.
  22. At what temperature should I wash my face with face wash?
  23. What are the best scientifically proved anti-aging creams that can best work on your skin?
  24. I have never tried earlier but sure gonna want to try these remedies. Though I am little worried about my skin.

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