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    Makeup, yoga, music, languages, plus size fashion, writing, magic realism novels, comedy t.v. shows and shopping


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    25 y/o plus size girl. Currently studying to become a makeup artist as a hobby. I have a bachelor's in Linguistics. I played the violin for over 10 years while growing up. I constantly change my interests, depending on what's trending.
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    Makeup, yoga, music, languages, plus size fashion, writing, magic realism novels, comedy t.v. shows and shopping!
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    Unemployment enthusiast
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    Basically everything I see whenever I go to makeup stores!
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    Ford Fiesta?
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    I'm not a big movie fan, but who doesn't like Mean Girls?
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    Oldies, hard rock, rock, pop, clasical
  • Favorite Books
    Stephen King's It
    Love in the time of Cholera
    Harry Potter Saga
  • My Favorite Makeup Brands
    MAC, Just for you, Urban Decay are pretty much the ones I use. I am looking forward to try more makeup brands soon!
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    I feel like I live in an alternate world, where I am the main character of some weird ass story.
  1. Hello and welcome! It is great that you're following your dreams
  2. So, at school they told us to do your model's makeup while she is facing the mirror and you do all the work from the sides. They also said that if you needed to check out something (like her eye shadows, blush, lines etc..), we should look straight at the mirror for any possible mistakes. The issue here is that I find that INCREDIBLY exhausting and difficult, because I keep fighting the urge to turn them around facing me so I can get a full look of their face. I feel like if I work this way -specially while doing eye makeup- the eyeshadow ends up uneven, I mean, the eyeshadow looks higher on one side and I waste a lot of time correcting those mistakes. Is this actually the way to do someone's makeup? Or is this just some other technique cosmetologists use? Is it wrong to have the model/client facing you? I would really appreciate some feedback and opinions from experts. Is just that I feel l would do a better job if the model was facing me instead of the mirror. Thank you so much for reading this and I hope to read some responses soon! Killer Queen
  3. I don't know how the educational system works in the US for those kind of situations, but I want to assume that you can get certified as a makeup artist by any local school, you can also try beauty college, just so you get your diploma and start gaining experience from there. You can also try getting small gigs by creating your own Facebook page, which if promoted properly and wisely you can get a lot of viewers. You can also get a part time job at a local salon, so you start meeting costumers and try to build up your contact list. If they like you enough, they might ask you to do some outside work for them and so, you start having your own customers and scheduling private appointments! You're still very young and you've got plenty of time to figure out what you wanna do, how you want to do it, and start to gain some experience on the field. I turned 25 in April and started taking makeup lessons from a local school and I've learned a lot so far. I'm pretty sure that if I keep at it, I could easily use it as a secondary job. You can make very good money as a makeup artist, as long as you love what you do, focus on your goals and practice as much as you can. People gotta love your work, so never stop practicing and learning! Good luck!
  4. I am using the same body wash! Totally love it, it is great and my skin feels so soft and tender. Also, I smell like vanilla, which I love. Feels great against the skin while washing and makes tons of foam. Totally recommend it if you got slightly dry skin.
  5. I am from Mexico and I spent the whole winter in New York, so my lips resented the change and chipped like crazy, they were almost frost bitten. Anyway, I tried the EOS chapstick and totally loved it, I applied it whenever I needed it and also before going to bed, after taking a long hot shower. Problem solved and I totally made it part of my skin care routine!
  6. Thank you so much! It is great to be in a community surrounded by makeup experts and lovers! So much to read and learn! Totally loving it!
  7. Yay! Gotta try it out sometime! Thanks for your review!
  8. Thank you so much for this review! I am a fan of The Balm products, and was really interested in acquiring a palette but was not really sure about it since they're a bit pricey where in Mexico.... Xoxo
  9. Hello there, Makeuptalk members! I must say that I'm fairly new to the makeup artists' world. I have always loved makeup and how it can transform you in very drastic ways, but I was (or still am) a little bit clumsy. That's why I decided to start from 0, and joined a makeup 101. Of course I still learning the basics, but I really think I am improving. I don't go to a very renowed school, but the products they use are awesome and the techniques I'm learning are really helping me understand this marvelous world. What I love the most is that the posibilities are endless, and I might not want to do it to make money after I finish the whole thing, but it its incredibly relaxing and it is definitely something I want to keep learning and getting better at. I don't know a lot of brands or whats good for me, because I am still learning. I used to stick to MAC all the time because that was the first brand I went to after I stopped using drug store makeup (I still do, but it is not my first option anymore), so be prepared for a lot of questions about brands, product reviews and eye shadow palettes, which are currently a big obsession of mine. Please let me know what your favorite makeup palettes are! Other than that, I am an eternal dreamer, hopleless romantic, I have a fluctuating personality and I usually picture myself in a different world. I talk to myself a lot. I went to college and have a bachelor's in Linguistics. I love traveling, going shopping, learning new skills, reading and writing. I'm an Aries, pure dazzling fire. My favorite color is pink. I have three pets: a poodle named Vokdo, a mixed Chihuaha named Tony and my adorable baby kitty (who is not a kitty anymore), Ziggy. Oh, and I live in Mexico. I am really looking forward to make new friends and listen to all your tips and makeup experiences! You're the experts! Lots of love, Killer Queen

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