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  1. I recently started shaving my underarms again and I don't know what I'm doing wrong. The shaves don't look clean, I see bits of little hairs left. My underarms are very dark and on top of that I get a lot of red bumps after. I read that it has to do with your blend but I'm not so sure on my part because my blade is a new one... What am I doing wrong? I normally apply a layer of shaving cream. Shave one direction. Apply again, shave another. I don't apply pressure and I try to shave as lightly as possible. I also shave AFTER my shower so that my "pores" are soft or so a couple websites told me too. Should I try some of those home remedies of lighting the underarms? Because at my current point, I'm tempted to just spend a couple hours twizzing all the hair out once and for all and start doing that on a regular bases. O.O
  2. Hello! It's unfortunate that my post comes with such lame news but I desperately need advice. My sculp seems to be very dry that despite properly washing it and changing my shampoo to a one specifically used to help dry sculp, it still has those white flecks the very next day. I washed my hair on Friday and now on Monday, it's already so itchy and just flat. Not to mention my hair doesn't keep the smell of the shampoo. It stinks right away the minute I sweat a little bit and I've been told I have stinky sculp. How do I cure this? D: I just want my dandruff to go away and my hair to actually smell nice after a wash T.T
  3. Hello! My name is Elizabeth and I'm 21 years old. I've always had fairly okay skin without serious ance issues until I was dianoised with thyroid at the age of 19. My thyroid's pretty stable now but it's left my hormones in a whirlwind of topsy turvy-ness. I don't want to take any pills or serious meds for my ance because it's not THAT bad. I just have lots of blackheads everywhere (cheek, chin, forehead, even my ears) due to my oily skin and no matter how much I clear it (with those special tools) it still keeps coming back. And well... I do the egg white mask for blackheads from time to time. And I have recently changed facial products to Nutrogena and a light matte feeling daying creme fron Nivea, but I'm still struggling to get RID of my blackheads. Apart from scrubbing it two a week, does anybody have any advice on how I can get rid of this face invasion? Because it's starting to go to my chest area (near my neck) and god I will cry if it doesn't go away soon T.T

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