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  1. I've been using korean skin care products for quite long and mostly fighting with wrinkles and you know, once you have some on your neck it's really difficult to get rid of them. So I tried a couple of creams and stopped at vella neck cream and since my skin very dry the cream moisturizing it quite enough and makes it more elastic. Well I'm using it for a couple of weeks and one thing that have noticed for sure is that the skin on my neck looks better now, like more healthier and brighter.
  2. I've been using Korean skin care cosmetic products for quite a long and know most of brands and it's really difficult to say which one is better. But there is one thing I'm sure in - it really helps to support the "life" of your skin, especially problematic one. Well, what else to say? The prices are quite fine, the quality is great (at least for most of them) and the main is the result will not be long in coming.
  3. hey! I don't have any pimples for now but when I get some, I make sure to clean my face even more than usual. The best way is to always keep your face clean and always hydrated enough after washing it because dirtiness and dehydrated skin with dead skin cells can be the cause of acne. Then what you have to do is to drink a lot of water, to keep your skin clean and hydrated (especially during cold season), to be careful with your life style (food, sleep etc...). To get rid of pimples, I use the IASO AC Booster or the SKII Specialist cellumination (they are both really efficient). To moisturize my skin I use Hydrafresh from L'Oréal for dry and normal skin which leaves my skin really fresh and well hydrated. I bought them through these websites skii.com, go-iaso.com and sephora.com.
  4. Pretent to watch some wedding dresses or rings sometimes...
  5. I wouldn't accept this situation. An ex gf will always be a danger and someone who slept with my husband. If I were you I would ask him to cut the links between them, no matter what...
  6. I love asian brands like SKII, IASO and IOPE, they sell high end products but they are the best for me.
  7. That's normal, he is really young and need some time just for himself. Just keep an eye on him and don't let him stay alone for too long, I mean, not always.
  8. You should tell your bf about that. Since his friend can betray him, he is not a real friend and you can't trust someone like that... Stay far away from him and cut the link.
  9. There is a difference between "thinking" and "having". The right age to have a children is when everything is ready to afford his needs, that you have a stable situation and you're sure of the father you chose. However there is no right age to think about children, it depends of everybody because we all think different and we are all different.
  10. I think he should learn to give you more time and to spend less time with his mom. At least do you get along with her?
  11. I think it's only up to you but that's normal that you are scared to live with him. I agree with your mom, you can try then you will know if you can get married with him or not. If it doesn't work you can go back to your mom's place. It's not a waste of time but experience
  12. I'm using Stila Stay All Day Foundation & Concealer, and the concealer comes with the liquid foundation. I like this concealer (even more than the foundation lol), it's really good at covering the pimples and blemishes on my face.
  13. It depends on the makeup though, I usually spend about 20 minutes. If I put more makeup than usual, such as for eye makeup, I spend around 30-40 minutes
  14. Lash Discovery Mini-Brush Waterproof mascara. This is my the most favorite mascara!
  15. Not that much cause I don't know any nice brand I could use
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