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  1. @@cpl100, that was last year's box and it was a good one. I enjoyed the products in that box.
  2. @@lauradiniwilk, you always for get your ebates!!! lol I did not know there was a copy of the magazine in the box, that is great also! 16 full size items, awesome! Yes I ordered one, been waiting for this to go on sale. Wish BOS style would release the Winter Box spoiler, so I can decided if I want that box or not and then I am done!
  3. New Holiday Net-A-Porter on sale. $195.00 but over $900.00 worth of product. Be sure to use Ebates if purchasing, 5% cash back on NAP purchases. Full Spoilers up on MSA.
  4. Yep, yep, yep, I pressed the purchase button. No restraint at all!!! Looks like another holiday at BBW (as I groan) time for the holiday customers drive me crazy mode!!! This will be my 7th holiday there. Sorry for the vent, my own fault.
  5. My box was billed, processed and shipped today! Yes, a score for the day! PS is really on it this month. There must be a Thanksgiving related item in the box. This is the fastest mine has ever moved.
  6. My box is finally processing. Hope it ships soon. My mini box has already shipped. So I hope there are spoilers soon. I could not pass up the mini for $15.95, but makes me wonder if the value will be less. Oh well!
  7. @@Bizgirlva, you could just order your meal from a local market or restaurant and have a nice quiet thanksgiving at home (that's what I want to do. But don't get to). The election has been nothing but a circus. Maybe this PSbox will cheer you up. On another note has anyone been charged yet? My mini shipped but no charge for the large box. Arggggg. Here we go again. For Holiday with PS!!!!
  8. I received my box today and it was good. I got the body butter so it was with the wait. The eyeshadow was a little random. Got the oat milk dry shampoo. And the sponge smells so good and I have not even opened yet. This may be a sub I keep after my year is up. Even though their CS is kind of crazy. Ok back to watching football, War Eagle!
  9. Wow the box is really changing already! Can't wait to see what happens next!
  10. Arrrgggg!!! I got sucky box #6. At least my chips were not busted up, I have already traded the sticky notes, bingo going to TFT or Lovelady Center, not sure what to do with the post cards. The charger and hair stuff I may keep, oh and I forgot about that dern bottle of bubble bath that is a bugger to ship, store or even keep close to your tub! @@Pixels, hope your box is better! Now, off to debate it out over the PSNM box, to get or not to get!
  11. I have not even received an email that mine has been shipped. I can't wait to get another spongelle and would love the body butter, I have tried the hand crème.
  12. I won't be home tonight after I receive my box, but I will post items in the morning unless @@Pixels gets to it first.
  13. I won't be home tonight after I receive my box, but I will post items in the morning unless @@Pixels gets to it first.
  14. @@Pixels, don't bust my bubble!!! LOL, just kidding. A girl can dream. I am adding the weight of the box, because of the size of the box. Can't wait till I get home tonight, I wonder if my dog can open it and call me with the contents!!!!
  15. I passed on this box this year, but tomorrow starts for everyone, who knows I will probably give-in to it tomorrow. I did so well yesterday!!!! I like the thought of this box, I wish they would have released a spoiler. Oh what to do!!!
  16. So my box is out for delivery, given the size of my box it is still 14x10x5 and holding @ 6.2. The possible boxes are either #4, 5, 6, 9 or 10. Any of the boxes will be good except #6 it has a lower value then what they advertised. Really hoping for box 9, since the dimensions are close. Can't wait to see what everyone gets! Almost like a Christmas present!!!
  17. My box will be here tomorrow, still holding @ 6.2, the measurements are 14x10x5, so I am sure that has a bingo game in it, which that is ok. We collect for Toys for Tots, I don't need another bottle opener. Hopefully it is another box and I am psyching myself out! Sorry for the rant, I almost want the swan box now!!!!
  18. So according to MSA website, the boxes are also going to run from $118 to $169 worth of items in each box. The 6.2 box is about $118.00. Oh why do I do this to myself, I have a love/hate relationship with PS. I am not doing the mystery boxes anymore, I keep getting those damn bubble bath jars. I know what people are getting for Christmas this year! I think the better boxes come from CA and NY has crappy boxes. Also the boxes could have some of the PS mini items! Arrrrggggg!!!
  19. @@northwest22, sometimes the weight changes after the boxes start moving.
  20. And don't forget extra Popsugar books for everyone!!! If I get another pool float I am decorating my yard with them for christmas and they will be sitting on yoga mats reading Lisa Sugar books!!!
  21. A lot of people were complaining about receiving palettes in the same color families and were wanting a palette in purples. I resubbed back in August so I did not get the Ofra palette. I will say that the one they sent in September is very pigmented so use a gentle hand when applying. I guess I will stay on til next month.
  22. Mine is also 6.2 coming from NY. I wonder if they will also have products from the mini box also. Please no swan floats. Although even if I get 3 out of 7 items that are good it is fine with me. The farmacy gel would be good and the mascara from the September box would be good and the Victoria Secret lotion would make a nice gift. Can't wait to see spoilers. Too bad these boxes don't have some of the LE box items.
  23. I just sent @@MissKris17 the tracking number, the box is back in circulation on its way out! I put a couple of other items in the box that did not make it in the picture.
  24. I like the bag, super cute! Mine is suppoed to be here this week, can't wait! I like 98% of my items, the perfume could be questionable (like if it gives a headache, I can do strong perfume but no florals or I am down for the day).

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