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  1. Yes I did already get some, I couldn't have gone this long without! Haha but more comments are always welcome for when this one runs out I went with the Maybelline fit me concealer and I love it!
  2. Wow I love the blue, so pretty! Here's my efforts for a nice dinner date with the other half
  3. @ that's a really good suggestion, it is probably best that I invest in one that I will use a lot and if I do see a big difference I will grow my collection! Thank you everyone for the advice, it's been really helpful as usual
  4. I think it depends on which brushes you mean. I was concealer, foundation, primer (anything that's not a powder) about every week because they start to get caked up. Others it depends on how they look and how much powder has remained on the brush after each use.
  5. I love this idea. I'm glad your phone is fixed now @@Reija I don't know what I would do without mine! I've had a new car about a month ago and it's had to go into the garage already for a modified clutch pedal because of a manufacturer issue. My boyfriend is going with me today to pick it up when I finish work, so hopefully it's all done and shiny!
  6. I'm glad I'm not the only one who doesn't seem to get much benefit from them, I thought it was because I was using a cheap one! I won't be spending a lot on one in the future if it's not going to work. Thanks!
  7. I tend to get dry lips through the day and I find that lipsticks that boast long lasting colour tend to dye the dry parts of my lips and it still wears of the rest, occasionally I have been asked if my lips were cut - very embaressing!! Is there no way you could re-apply through the day? I have 2 GOSH lipsticks one 'Scarlet' and one 'Mat Antique' and these do last well but I would still need to touch them up after eating. I hope you find what is best for you and it all goes well!
  8. @@Jayderose I'm always put off by eye shadows if they look green or yellow because I think they are going to be really bright, but they look lovely on you! You may have converted me!
  9. How do people rate make up setting sprays? I have one from Avon, but in the past have been known to just spray my face with hair spray!
  10. I use Avon Mineral Powder Foundation and I really like it, it is loose powder but it is in a compact tub. They do sell pressed powders too but I haven't tried them myself
  11. I prefer the powders because I think they are easier to build and blend
  12. @@ohelizabeth I normally have to wash my hair daily - I know it's not the best thing to do for your hair but if I do 48 hours without washing my hair my scalp becomes itchy and greasy. Does your hair get greasy quickly?
  13. I have never really had a set of nice, expensive make up brushes, but now I have a new better paid job I have been considering investing in a good set. But are the more expensive ones really worth it? I have always bought ones that don't feel horrible and the hairs don't fall out as soon as you touch them, but what other benefits are there for the more up-market ones?
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