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  1. I used to be a makeup artist and I am letting go of a lot of my kit. I’m shipping from Canada and fees to Canada and USA is $5, shipping to anywhere else is $7. Free shipping worldwide though for any purchases of $60 and up. All fragile items will be individually wrapped in bubble wrap. No refunds or returns, payments by Paypal only. All reasonable offers will be considered I used to have a lot of reviews on here but I am not sure where they went. Ebay reviews are under my-chan. *My list is missing eyeshadows and some other items such as paintpots, Prep+Prime and other stuff which I will add during the week. I can put your items on hold if you want to check if you’d want anything else once I uploaded what’s missing. Some items are marked as “sample” or “regular packaging” because they were items given to MAC employees which I rebought. Happy shopping! Blushes BNIB $18, all others $13 1st Row BNIB Giggly BNIB Sakura BNIB So Sweet So Easy (creamblush) (The following have all be used about 3-5 times) Rhapsody in Two Moon River Giggly Sun & Moon 2nd Row Sakura Gleeful Dainty Gleeful Gentle Blushes $10 1st Row Fashion Frenzy 1x Lovecloud 10x Desirous 5x Full Fushia 5x Her Blooming Cheek 5x Dollymix 10x&+ 2nd Row Fleur Power 10x&+ BNNB Ladyblush (creamblush) Feeling 1x Breezy 5x Sweet William 1x (creamblush) Stunner 10x 3rd Row Pink Tea 5x Barefaced 10x&+ (sample) BNNB Ablaze Prism 10x&+ Tantone 10x&+ BNNB Eversun 4th Row Enough Said 1x My Highland Honey 5x Wordly Wealth 10x Eversun (sample) chipped Studio Fix Powder BNNB $20 / used $15 *No sponge included 1st Row C40 used BNNB C6 BNNB C8 NC35 used NC40 used 2nd Row BNNB NC40 BNNB NC42 BNNB NC45 BNNB NC55 N3 used 3rd Row BNNB NW15 N4 used N5 1x BNNB NW25 NW45 1x 4th Row NW48 1x NW48 used BNNB NW50 BNNB NW50 BNNB NW50 Eye shadow palettes $10 each BNIB Double Feature 8 BNNB Double Feature 4 Whims & Fancies used Treasure Me / Tall, Dark and Handsome used Sweet Liaison x1 Eye shadow palettes $20 each 1st Row Heatherette Trio 2 used Hello Kitty Too Dolly lightly used 6 Mystic Cool lightly used 2nd Row BNNB Desert Camouflage BNNB Jungle Camouflage Brooke Shield used (sample) BNNB Marge’s Extra Ingredient Quad (sample) Eye shadow palettes $20 each 1st Row BNIB Cutie Palace Pedigree lightly used BNNB Colour 3 BNNB Smoke Parlor Lady Grey lightly used An Amourous Adventure used 2nd Row Colour 4 used Photo Realism used Notoriety used Tone:Grey lightly used Burmese Beauty lightly used 3rd Row Burmese Beauty lightly used Call Me Bubbles used Call Me Bubbles used Tempting lightly used Tempting lightly used Misc. powders $20 each unless stated otherwise 1st Row BNIB Blot Powder Loose Dark Honey Rose used BNIB Hello Kitty Pretty Baby $30 BNIB In For A Treat $25 2nd Row Mineralize Perfect Topping x1 BNNB Mineralize Semi Precious Goldstone Mineralize By Candlelight 5x Mineralize Sun Power 5x Misc. powders $20 each unless stated otherwise 1st Row Lady Edna Spectacle used My Paradise 1x BNNB Azalea Blossom BNNB DSquared² Accentuate Sculpt 2nd Row Lightsweep Shadester used Rosé Olé used BNNB Bronze Bronzing Powder BNNB Golden Bronzing Powder 3rd Row Lucent used $10 Pigments $15 each unless stated otherwise 1st Row BNIB Mutiny BNIB Royal Flush BNIB Brash & Bold BNIB New Fixation $10 BNNB Reflects Very Pink BNNB Pink Pearl BNNB Violet BNNB Kitschmas BNNB Helium 2nd Row BNNB Reflects Transparent Teal BNNB Reflects Transparent Teal BNNB Quick Frost BNNB Lark About BNNB Silver Fog BNNB Provence BNNB Cocomotion BNNB Cocomotion 3rd Row BNNB Melon BNNB Mega-Rich BNNB Gold Stroke BNNB Steel Blue BNNB Jewelmarine BNNB Aire-de-Blu BNNB Softw 4th Row BNNB Madly Personal $10 BNNB Brash & Bold $10 BNNB Bloodline $10 BNNB Teal $10 BNNB Hi-Def Cyan $10 BNNB Tan $5 Pigments 1st Row $10 each unless otherwise stated Mutiny used Bell-Bottom Blue used Reflects Duo Purple used Steel Blue used Rose Gold used Cocomotion used Golden Lemon used Reflects Blue used $5 Ever so Yellow used $5 2nd Row $5 each Viz-a-Violet only a little left Violet only a little left Jardin Aires only a little left Golder’s Green only a little left Lipsticks *Usage as shown 1st Row $15 each BNIB Full Fushia BNIB Viva Glam Gaga BNIB Sweet Experience BNIB Who’s That Chick (sample) BNIB Show Orchid BNIB Commotion BNIB Quite the Thing! 2nd Row $10 each Fafi Not So Innocent 1x Eugenie Charlotte 2x BNNB Opera Riri Woo 2x Lipsticks $10 each *Usage as shown 1st Row Cherry Glaze Dramatical Fresh & Frisky Bare Hug Red Necessity 2nd Row Play it Soft Fashion Force Quite a Thing! Love Long Distance Chock-ful Lipsticks $10 each *Usage as shown 1st Row Crosswires Lovin It Rococco Lush Amber Equality Our Pick Made to Order Most Popular 2nd Row Naturally Eccentric Empowered Lovemate A Novel Romance Mlle Beauty Secret Lover Riveting Lipsticks $10 each *Usage as shown 1st Row Strange & Exotic Hearts Aflame Saint-Germain What a Do Warm Me up Supreme Me Hue 2nd row Creme Tribalist Hipster Bombshell Girl Next Door Riri Woo (in regular packaging) Viva Glam Gaga Viva Glam Nicky Lipglosses $12 each 1st Row BNIB Lilt of Lily BNIB Lilt of Lily BNIB Lilt of Lily BNIB Patience Please BNIB Richly Revered BNIB Fabulous Fun BNIB Miss Dynamite BNIB Loud & Lovely BNIB Moon Beach BNIB Gimme That! BNIB Vanity Fair 2nd Row BNIB Good Times BNIB Painted On BNIB Fold & Tuck BNIB Schemer BNIB Naked Frost BNIB Rock Out BNIB Loving Touch Lipglosses $12 each BNIB Be Nice BNIB Hi Falutin’ BNIB Utterly Tart Lipglosses $8 each *All slightly used 1st Row Dame Edna Ultra Frost Nice Kitty In 3D Lightswitch Miss Marble Tasty Ruby Woo Send me Sailing Viva Glam Cindy (regular packaging) Hush, Hush Rose Cultureclash True Babe Fierce & Fabulous 2nd Row Snowscene Pas-de-Deux Painted On Glamour for All Good Times Major Minor Liquor Liquor Spree Mauro Pret-a-Papier Sin Lipglosses $8 each *All slightly used 1st Row Vital Spark Naked Space Magestic New Spirit Soft Wave Blessedly Rich Light That Fire Light That Fire Buzz Tabblicious Liqueur Metalberry Lap of Luxury 2nd row Pink Fade Pink Fade Budding Love Budding Love Lull Nico Now Utterly Discrete Strange Potion Fold & Tuck Perennial High Style Viva Glam Nicky (regular Packaging) Force of Love True Babe Lipglosses $8 each *All slightly used Dynasty at Dusk My Favorite Pink Petite Indulgence Fabulous Fun Blackfire Over Indulgence Miss Dynamite Utterly Posh Geo Pink Dare to Dare Strut Your Stuff Sweet Tooth
  2. Lowered prices on everything guys! Free international shipping on all orders over $60 until next sunday!
  3. I am sadly selling (most of) my MAC collection - All prices are in USD - I ship internationally - Shipping costs are as followed (if the weight of the package fits the limitations of the small package requirements; if it doesn’t, buyer will need to pay for actual shipping costs if shipment exceeds the limitations) Please note that shipping from Canada is a lot more expensive than in the US, and ironically, it is a hell lot more expensive to ship within our country. So if you are from Montreal Canada, we can meet up so you can save on shipping costs. I will ship items twice a week: once in the weekend and once in the middle of the week. · Canada: $10 · United States: $6 · Internationally: $7 - All items will be individually wrapped in bubble wrap and shipped in a padded envelope. I am not responsible for the items once they leave to the post office and no refund will be applicable if an item is broken upon arrival. I wrap everything very carefully so there shouldn’t be a problem. - I accept gift payments through PayPal only. - I will not hold items for anyone unless you pay me half upfront. - All sales are FINAL *Some items are marked as samples. That means that it was a product given to Mac employees as free items when the collections came out and thus, may not have the original packaging. Those items will be a little cheaper. Some other items have white marks on them but no discounts will be given for those. BNIB – Brand new in box NNB – New no box Used 1-10x – approximative use of the item When only ”used” is mentioned, item had a little more love **You can check-out my feedbacks there: http://www.specktra.net/classifieds/feedback/index/user_id/52247 http://feedback.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewFeedback2&userid=my-chan 1st row Aire-de-blu NNB $28 Apricot Pink SOLD Bell-Bottom Blue 50% $28 Cocomotion (A49) NNB $28 Cocomotion (A49) NNB $28 Cocomotion (E47) 95% $28 Copperbeam 75% $28 Copperclast SOLD 2nd row Gold Stroke NNB $28 Golden Lemon 90% $28 Golder’s Green %45 $14 Helium 80% $28 Helium SOLD Jardin Aires 25% $10 Jewelmarine 90% $28 Kitschmas NNB $28 3rd row Lark About NNB $28 Mega-rich 98% $28 Melon 95% $28 Mutiny 90% $28 Pink Pearl 90% $28 Provence NNB $28 Quick Frost NNB $28 Reflects Duo Purple 90% $28 1st row Reflects Transparent Teal 95% $28 Reflects Transparent Teal 95% $28 Reflects Very Pink 95% $28 Rose Gold 80% $28 Royal Flush SOLD Silver Fog 95% $28 Softwash Grey NNB $28 2nd row Smoke Signal SOLD Steel Blue 50% $14 Steel Blue NNB $28 Sunpepper 50% $14 Tea Time SOLD Violet 60% $14 Violet NNB $28 Viz-a-violet 40% $14 1st row Objects of Affection Pink+Rose Pigments+Glitter SOLD Brash & Bold BNIB $30 Mutiny BNIB $30 Royal Flush BNIB $30 Spiritualize BNIB $30 New Fixation BNIB $23 2nd row Bloodline NNB $23 Brash & Bold NNB $21 Ever so Yellow 90% $23 Hi-Def Cyan 95% $21 Madly Personal NNB $23 Reflects Blue 90% $21 Teal 99% $22 Tan $8 1st row Sakura mineralize blush (not pictured) BNIB $35 Giggly mineralize blush BNIB $35 So Sweet so Easy cremeblend blush BNIB $22 Ablaze NNB $22 Desirous used ~5x $20 Enough Said used ~5x $20 Eversun NNB $22 MAC Fafi - Fashion Frenzy used ~1x $30 Feeling used ~1x $22 Full Fuchsia used ~5x $20 2nd row Giggly mineralize blush used ~5x $22 Her Blooming Cheek used ~3x $20 Lovecloud used ~5x $20 Moon River mineralize blush used ~5x $25 My Highland Honey used ~5x $20 Other Worldly SOLD Pink Tea used ~5x $20 Rhapsody in Two mineralize blush used ~5x $20 3rd row Sakura mineralize blush used ~3x $22 Smile NNB $22 Stunner used ~5x $20 Sun & Moon mineralize blush used ~3x $20 Tantone used ~5x $20 The Perfect Cheek used ~10x $20 Whim NNB $22 Worldly Wealth used ~5x $20 Mineralize Dainty used ~10x $18 Gentle used ~5x $18 Gleeful used ~10x $18 Gleeful used ~5x $18 Love Thing SOLD Warm Soul used ~15x $18 Regular 1st row Breezy used ~10x $13 Cubic used ~15x $13 Dollymix used ~10x $13 Fleur Power used ~15x $13 Melba used ~10x $13 Regular 2nd row Prism used ~15x $13 Ladyblush blushcreme NNB $18 Sweet William blushcreme (discontinued) used ~1x $20 Studio Fix Fluid NW15 half-used - $10 Studio Fix Fluid NW20 only used a few times $20 Studio Fix Fluid NW30 only used a few times $20 Studio Fix Fluid NW35 only used a few times $20 Studio Fix Fluid NW50 half-used $10 **There are no sponges in any of the used compacts 1st row Studio Fix Powder C3 NNB $20 Studio Fix Powder C4 slightly used $18 Studio Fix Powder C3 slightly used $18 Studio Fix Powder C6 NNB $20 Studio Fix Powder C6 SOLD Studio Fix Powder C7 used ~3x $18 2nd row Studio Fix Powder C8 NNB $20 Studio Fix Powder C40 slightly used $18 Studio Fix Powder N3 slightly used $18 Studio Fix Powder N4 slightly used $18 Studio Fix Powder N5 NNB $20 **There are no sponges in any of the used compacts 1st row Studio Fix Powder NC15 slightly used $18 Studio Fix Powder NC25 (sample) NNB $20 Studio Fix Powder NC25 pan showing $10 Studio Fix Powder NC30 pan showing $10 Studio Fix Powder NC35 slightly used $18 Studio Fix Powder NC40 slightly used $18 Studio Fix Powder NC40 (no sponge included) NNB $20 2nd row Studio Fix Powder NC42 NNB $20 Studio Fix Powder NC42 used ~1x $18 Studio Fix Powder NC45 used ~3x $18 Studio Fix Powder NC45 (no sponge included) NNB $20 Studio Fix Powder NC50 used ~5x $18 Studio Fix Powder NC55 NNB - $20 **There are no sponges in any of the used compacts 1st row Studio Fix Powder NW15 (no sponge included) NNB $20 Studio Fix Powder NW25 NNB $20 Studio Fix Powder NW43 slightly used $18 Studio Fix Powder NW45 used ~1x $18 Studio Fix Powder NW48 (no sponge included) NNB $20 2nd row Studio Fix Powder NW48 slightly used $18 Studio Fix Powder NW50 (no sponge included) NNB $20 Studio Fix Powder NW50 (no sponge included) NNB $20 Studio Fix Powder NW50 NNB $20 Dark Blot Powder Loose (discontinued) BNIB $15 Golden Bronzing Power NNB $18 Golden Bronzing Power NNB $18 Bronze Bronzing Power NNB $18 Sun Power Mineralize Skinfinish Natural used ~10x $22 1st row Accentuate Sculpt NNB $30 Lightsweep Shadester used ~10x $28 Azalea Blossom NNB $35 Ripe Peach SOLD Rose Ole used ~5x $30 2nd row Brunette used ~5x $30 By Candlelight used ~5x $30 Perfect Topping used ~1-2x $35 Semi Precious Goldstone NNB $35 1st row Hello Kitty Pretty Baby BNIB $40 Semi Precious Rose Quartz SOLD In For a Treat BNIB $35 Honey Rose 80% $25 Lucent Mineralize Sheersheen Powder 80% $20 2nd row Surf, Baby! My Paradise Cheek Powder used ~5x $30 Dame Edna Spectacle! High-light Power used ~10x $50 Heatherette Smooth Harmony SOLD Venomous Villains Briar Rose used ~3-4x $35 Call me Bluff $16 Commotion swatched 1x $16 Full Fuchsia $16 Quite the Thing! $16 Show Orchid $16 Snazzy SOLD Style Curve SOLD Viva Glam Gaga $35 Win-Win SOLD 1st row Hello Kitty Big Bow used ~3x $35 Dame Edna Coral Polyp SOLD Culture Class SOLD Eclipse SOLD Electro SOLD Fafi Not so Innocent NNB $30 DSquared Nude Rose half-used $13 Toledo Opera half-used $13 Riri Woo swatched 1x $40 2nd row Riri Woo (no red writing) NNB $30 Barbie Rocking Chick SOLD Sci-fi-delity SOLD Snob Appeal SOLD Wonder Woman Spitfire SOLD Hello Kitty Strayin' SOLD Fafi Utterly Frivolous swatched 1x $30 Viva Glam Gaga (no red writing) NNB $30 Viva Glam Nicki (no red writing) NNB $30 1st row Acid Washed SOLD Angel NNB $12 Aristocat SOLD Back to Del Rio swatched 1x $16 Black Knight SOLD Bombshell NNB $12 Call my Bluff NNB $16 Chock-Ful NNB $16 Crème Tribalist $16 Crosswires swatched 1x $16 Double Spin SOLD 2nd row Empowered NNB $16 Equality NNB $16 Fleshpot NNB $12 Frenzy NNB $16 Heartless SOLD Hearts Aflame used ~10x $14 Heroine NNB $16 Hipster NNB $16 Intricate NNB $16 Kittenish NNB $16 Love Long Distance NNB $16 1st row Lovemate swatched 1x $16 Lovin’ It swatched 1x $16 Lush Amber NNB $16 Made to Order swatched 1x $16 Mlle SOLD Most Popular swatched 1x $16 Naturally Eccentric swatched 1x $16 Our Pick NNB $16 Pander Me half-used $10 Play Time SOLD Quiet, Please SOLD Quite the Thing swatched 1x $14 2nd row Riveting NNB $16 Rococco used ~3x $16 Saint Germain NNB $12 Secret Lover NNB $16 Skew (discontinued) ¾ full $10 Something New SOLD Strange Exotic swatched 1x $16 Surprise Me swatched 1x $16 Twig NNB $12 Warm me up swatched 1x $16 What a do NNB $16 Gimme That! Dare to wear lipglass $20 Vanity Fair Kissable lipcolour $20 Moon Beach Sheen supreme lipglass $20 Loud & Lovely Cremesheen glass $15 Richly Revered Cremesheen glass $20 Fabulous Fun Dazzleglass $20 Miss Dynamite Dazzleglass $20 Patience, Please Pro Longwear lipglass $20 Disco Blend Superglass SOLD Fold and Tuck $15 Good Times $15 Naked Frost $15 Painted On $15 Rock Out $15 Schemer $15 Loving Touch See Thru lip colour $15 3X Lilt of Lily Suntints SPF20 $15 1st row Paintpots (usage as shown on picture) Bare Study BNIB $15 Nubile BNIB $20 Coral Crepe (beginning to dry a bit) $13 Perky $16 Rubenesque $15 Soft Ochre NNB $15 Soft Ochre $15 2nd row (usage as shown on picture) Softnote tendertone $15 Sweet Tooth tendertone $13 Dark Division BNIB fluidline $15 Added Goodness fluidline $13 Gentrified fluidline $13 Little Black Bow NNBfluidline $15 Uppity fluidline $13 Dame Edna Hot Frost swatched 1x $20 In 3D NNB $15 Lightswitch NNB $15 Mauro used ~5x $14 Metalberry swatched 1x $15 Naked Space half-used $15 Hello Kitty Nice Kitty used ~5x $20 Vital Spark half-used $15 Viva Glam Cyndi (no red writing) used ~5x $15 Viva Glam Gaga 2 used ~5x $20 Viva Glam Gaga 2 (no red writing) NNB $15 Viva Glam Nicki (no red writing) NNB $15 Amber Russe ¾ left $15 2X Resort Life NNB $15 She-Boom ¾ left $13 2X Straight to the Head NNB $15 Who’s that Lady? ¼ left $5 Dare to Dare NNB $20 Strut your Stuff NNB $20 Boss Brown NNB $20 Ripe & Ready NNB $20 Blackfire NNB $25 Dressed to Dazzle NNB $20 Fabulous Fun NNB $20 My Favorite Pink NNB $20 Miss Dynamite NNB $20 Utterly Posh NNB $20 Geo Pink NNB $20 Petite Indulgence used ~5x $18 Over Indulgence used ~5x $18 Dynasty at Dusk NNB $20 Miss Marble NNB $20 Tasty NNB $20 1st row Blessedly Rich used ~5x $13 Buzz NNB $15 Cultureclash NNB $15 2X Budding love NNB $15 Fierce & Fabulousswatched 1x $13 Fold and Tuck used ~5x $13 Force of Love swatched 1x $13 Glamour for All NNB $15 Good Times NNB $15 Hush, Hush Rose swatched x1 $13 Lap of Luxury used ~5x $13 Light That Fire! NNB $15 Light That Fire! Used ~5x $13 Liqueur NNB $15 Liqueur swatched 1x $13 Liqueur used ~10x $13 Lull used ~5x $13 Majestic used ~5x $13 2nd row Major Minor used ~10x $13 New Spirit used ~10x $13 Nico Now NNB $15 Painted On NNB $15 Pas-de-Deux swatched 1x $13 Perennial High Style NNB $15 Pink Fade NNB $15 Pink Fade used ~5x $13 Pret-a-Papier NNB $15 Rebel NNB $15 Runway Fave swatched 1x $13 Snowscene used ~10x $13 Soft Wave swatched 1x $13 Spree NNB $15 Strange Potion used ~5x $13 Tabblicious NNB $15 True Babe swatched 1x $13 Utterly Discrete NNB $15 Eyeshadow palette (old palettes) BNIB $5 Blush palette (old palettes) BNIB $5 Skin Brightening Serum BNIB $30 Vibrancy Eye Primer BNIB $30 For your Amusement Casual Colour Lip & Cheek BNIB $15 Skin Refined Zone NNB $15 Sun Rush Lustre Drops BNIB $25 Grapefuit+Chamomile Care Blends Essential Oils BNIB $13 To the Beach Bronzing Body Oil NNB $25 Select Cover up NW35 NNB $13 Prep & Prime Skin used ~10x $18 Prep & Prime Face Protect SPF 50 half-used $8 Line Filler Base $15 Desert Camouflage Full Face Kit NNB $35 Jungle Camouflage Full Face Kit NNB $35 Brook Shield Look 2 Night (sample) used $20 6 Mystic Cool Eye Shadows swatched 1x $30 Heatherette Trio 2 used $40 Hello Kitty Too Dolly used ~5x $40 1st row Notoriety used ~10x $30 Photo Realism used $25 Tempting used ~5x $28 Tempting swatched 1x $30 Tone : Grey used ~5x $30 2nd row Double Feature 8 BNIB $20 Double Feature 4 swatched 1x $20 Extra Dimension Treasure me/Tall, Dark and Handsome used 10x $18 Wings & Fancies used ~10x $18 3rd row Sweet Liaison swatched 1x $15 1st row Cutie BNIB $35 An Amorous Adventure Quad used $25 Burmese Beauty used $25 Burmese Beauty used ~5x $25 Call me Bubbles (sample) NNB $28 Call me Bubbles used ~10x $25 2nd row Colour 3 NNB $28 Colour 4 used $25 Lady Grey used ~3x $25 Marge’s Extra Dimension Quad (sample) NNB $25 Palace Pedigreed used ~3x $25 Parlor Smoke NNB $28 1st row Atlantic Blue $7 Atlantic Blue $7 Black Tied $7 Flourishing SOLD Free to Be $7 2nd row Goldenrod SOLD Lucky Green $7 Parfait Amour $7 Red Brick $7 Sunny Spot $7 3rd row Sweet Lust $7 Tilt $7 Vibrant Grape $7 Winkle $7 1st row Blue Flame used ~5x $15 Cinderfella used $15 Fresh Green Mix used ~10x $15 Gilt by Association used ~5x $15 2nd row Odd Couple used ~5x $15 This & That used ~3x $15 Two to Glow swatched 1x $15 1st row All that Glitters NNB $12 Arena used $8 Blackberry swatched 1x $12 Blackberry swatched 1x $12 Blanc Type NNB $12 Blanc Type NNB $12 Blanc Type swatched 1x $12 Black Tied pan $8 Blue Flames watched 1x $12 Brown Down pan $8 Charcoal Brown pan $8 2nd row Club used $8 Contrast NNB $12 Corduroy used Cork pan $8 Cranberry pan $8 Da Bling NNB $12 Electra used ~5x $12 Fig. 1 swatched 1x $12 Flourishing used ~5x $12 Free to be NNB $12 Gesso used $8 3rd row Girlie used ~5x $12 Humid swatched 1x $12 Jest used $8 Motif used ~5x $12 Mylar pan $8 Naked Lunch NNB $12 Pink Freeze used $8 Print used $8 Prussian used ~10x $12 Scene used $8 Shale NNB $12 4th row Shale pan $8 Soba NNB $12 Swiss Chocolate pan $8 Tete-a-Tint used $8 Tete-a-Tint used ~3x $12 Trax used ~10x $12 Twinks pan $8 Typographic used ~3x $12 Vellum used $8 Vex used ~10x $12 Woodwinked NNB $12 1st row Crushed Metallic Pigment Aloha BNIB $25 Crush Metal Pigment Stacked 2! BNIB $25 Crushed Metallic Pigment Strawberry Patch BNIB $25 2nd row Sexpectations Mega Metal Shadow BNIB $18 Sexpectations Mega Metal Shadow swatched 1x $18 Glamora Castle used ~10x $18 White Jeanius BNIB $18 Weathered Pro Longwear Eye Shadow swatched 1x $18 3rd row Caribbean Mineralize Eye Shadow BNIB $20 Clarity BNIB $20 Magnetic Attraction BNIB $20 Blue Orbit Extra Dimension Eye Shadow BNIB $20 Warming Heart Pressed Pigment BNIB $20 4th row Banshee swatched 1x $16 Bows & Curtseys BNIB $16 Deep Fixation BNIB $16 Fresh Daisy BNIB $16 Haunting BNIB $16 Love Lace BNIB $16 Purple Shower BNIB $16 1st row Dark Indulgence NNB $20 Danger Zone used $15 Young Punk swatched 1x $18 Mercurial swatched 1x $18 Past Midnight NNB $20 Silversmith used $15 Sweet Heat used $15 Under your Spell used ~3x $15 2nd row Dalliance swatched 1x $18 Mating Call used ~3x $18 Peek-at-You used ~10x $18 Fresh Flare used ~3x $18 Weathered swatched 1x $18 Glamora Castle used ~10x $15 Golden Crown used ~10x $15 Empire used $15 3rd row White Jeanius NNB $18 She who Dares (sample) NNB $20 Impassioned Solar Bits half-used $13 1st row Surf USA used ~10x $14 Swell Baby used ~10x $14 Venomous Villains Sweetjoy used ~10x $15 Venomous Villains Vainglorious used ~10x $15 Venomous Villains Vile Violet swatched 1x $16 2nd row Barbie Magic Dust (Barbie print in eyeshadow isn’t visible anymore) used $18 Barbie Mothbrown used ~10x $18 Cosmic used ~10x $14 Night Manoeuvres used ~10x $14 Sweet & Punchy used ~10x $14 3rd row Crystal Avalanche swatched 1x $14 Jaunty used ~5x $14 Blue Violet used ~10x $16 Flag Navy used ~10x $16 Zone used ~10x $18 1st row 100 Strokes used ~3x $15 A Little Folie swatched 1x $15 All Races used ~5x $15 Aqua used ~10x $15 Aqua used ~3x $15 Aquavert used $15 Arctic Grey NNB $16 Buckweath used ~5x $15 Crazy Cool used ~5x $15 2nd row Crest the Wall used ~10x $15 Cut to Fit used ~10x $15 Dark Edge swatched 1x $15 Dream used ~10x $15 Dreammaker used ~10x $15 Fab & Flashy used ~10x $15 Fashion Groupie used ~3x $15 Free to Be used ~5x $15 3rd row Fresh Daisy NNB $16 Gazette Grey used ~10x $15 Give me Fire used ~10x $15 Going Bananas used ~10x $15 Going Bananas used ~3x $15 Hypnotizing used ~10x $15 Illegal Cargo used ~10x $15 Juiced swatched 1x $15 1st row Light Ray pan $10 Lime swatched 1x $15 Louder, Please swatched 1x $15 Memorabilia used ~5x $15 Mink & Sable used ~10x $15 Modelette used ~5x $15 Mythical used ~5x $15 Nautical Navy (sample) NNB $13 One-Off used ~10x $15 Pandamonium swatched 1x $15 Pen’n’Pink swatched 1x $15 2nd row Petalescent pan $10 Pink Source used ~5x $15 Rosy Outlook used ~5x $15 Rated “R” used ~5x $15 Samoa Silk used ~10x $15 Seedling NNB $16 Shock-a-Holic used ~5x $15 Showstopper used ~5x $15 Straw Harvest used ~5x $15 Strike a Pose used ~5x $15 3rd row Suave Intentions swatched 1x $15 Suede used ~5x $15 Sugarshot used ~5x $15 Swell Baby (sample) NNB $16 Violet Trance NNB $15 Unbasic White used $12 Warm Chill used $12 Wow Factor used ~3x $15 Cosmic Blue pan $10 Highly Charged Electric Cool used ~5x $15

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