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  1. ashleysummer

    Looking for new clothing sites

    I have recently discovered https://regalgoldboutique.com . I have not yordered anything from there but have done a lot of browsing and found many amazing plus size items for such low prices.
  2. ashleysummer

    How Spas Are Using CBD in Treatments

    I have read that CBD oil is known as a supplement to help calm your pets, as a way to alieviate persistent pain in humans, and even as a potential treatment for acne. It’s also been heralded for its moisturizing and acne-curing capabilities.
  3. ashleysummer

    Cannabis being used to improve skin care

    Some researches have proved that CBD oil can be helpful for dealing with acne and may even give your skin a more youthful look , due to its inflammation-fighting prowess. More info on https://www.ncsm.nl/english/cbd-oil/elixinol
  4. ashleysummer

    Hair dye help...red

    I have my hair dyed a very vibrant red at the moment. Normally it fades like theres no tomorrow but my current dye is fantastic ( Manic Panic Vampire Red Hair dye, it's reviews on https://www.theolive.com/reviews/best-red-hair-dye/ ). Hope this helps.
  5. ashleysummer

    favourite shampoo and conditioner

    I personally use the Art Naturals Organic Moroccan Argan Oil Shampoo and Conditioner The shampoo is gentle but cleans thoroughly and leaves my scalp nice and fresh.It well moisturizes without weighing my hair down; leaving it with plenty of body and great shine. You can find a review on it here https://www.theolive.com/reviews/best-volumizing-shampoo/
  6. ashleysummer

    Best concealer for dark circles?

    I swear by the MAC Pro Concealer. I have tried a ton of different concealers from higher end brands and this is the only one that stays put all day for me and doesn't crease. It even stays put during the hottest summers. Check it out here https://www.theolive.com/reviews/best-concealers/ .
  7. ashleysummer

    orange hair!! help!!

    Hi there! I'm a middle age natural red head. Started getting the gray and white prematurely, especially after coumadin. I use henna and it covers VERY well. Henna comes in different shades of red and is natural, you can find a decent review on it on https://www.theolive.com/reviews/best-red-hair-dye/
  8. ashleysummer

    i need a new hair straightener!

    In my opinion, CHI is worth the price. I wouldn't trade my CHI for any other flat iron ever ever ever in my life. It works perfectly for my long hair and it's definitely the Best flat iron I've ever had. To keep my hair healthy looking, it is super important to use daily conditioners & lotions while straightening.
  9. ashleysummer

    Whole House Humidifiers

    I currently have a case humidifier. But, since I have really dry and itchy skin during cold days, I am considering getting a whole-house unit. I actually had one a couple of years ago but it broke. I'm currently learning the issue, read reviews online https://iwaterpurification.com/best-whole-house-humidifiers-reviews/ . I know that humidifying the entire house is good for the people, pets, plants, and even for furniture
  10. ashleysummer

    I love flowers and gardening! :)

    I'll definitely check the link! Thanks!
  11. ashleysummer


    I'm nut's about it too!
  12. ashleysummer

    Breakouts and Pimples :(

    I used to have amazingly clear skin, and the past couple of months, every time I get over one spot, another one pops up! It's not an apocalypsis but it's just so annoying. I've already made an appointment at (link removed) to get a professional advice.
  13. I'd suggest that you try laser hair removal for you hairy chest. My boyfriend has already got 4 sessions done at (link removed) and the result is obvious. Almost hairless chest:)
  14. ashleysummer

    Very new to the world of blogging, any advice?

    I run my own cosmetics school blog. To set it up, I personally used one of these cosmetic school wordpress themes. That's easy to customize a specifically oriented theme . If your budget is close to zero, you can find a free theme there too.
  15. ashleysummer

    Very oily hair

    Hello ladies! I have combination skin however extremely oily hair! So I've got a few recommenations for you: - Look for a different shampoo/conditioner combo that is suited to oily hair. Personally, I double shampoo focusing on the roots of my hair . - Never use leave in conditioners. - Rinse you hair with white vinegar , it may help you manage oily hair (more tips here https://therighthairstyles.com/apple-cider-vinegar-for-hair/ ) .
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