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    I'm a Certified Makeup Artist based in Britain. I am mostly working within the fashion industry as well as taking care of private clients. Ask any questions you wish! I'm also on Instagram if you'd like to have a look!
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    Makeup Artist, Interior Design student at the Glasgow School of Art
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  1. Mmmmm should I buy more makeup? Probably not. *buy*

  2. @ What I used in my kit is RCMA foundation palettes. They are highly pigmented, it's easy to match a client because of the amount of colours and they are good value for how much product you get as you only need a little bit as the foundation is highly pigmented. I wouldn't advice buying DrugStore foundations for clients and other Makeup Artist Jobs. The reason being, clients expect to be spoiled and if they see that you're using stuff they have or could easily afford then they won't have as much respect for your work - I KNOW IT'S RIDICULOUS but it's actually pretty accurate ahah!
  3. @@Apmorrison Hey! I would strongly recommend the RCMA complexion palettes. They are for professionals, they are 50% pigment (most foundations are between 13 - 20ish %) you can mix and match them to get a perfect colours match! Only thing - It's based on bee's wax so you will have to consult your clients if they aren't allergic to Bees!
  4. @@laurenchill hey sweetheart What might sound very odd is using mineral powder foundations. If you used a good moisturiser under it and once it dries you used a mineral foundation then it might be better for you because: liquid foundations are generally a lot heavier on the skin and so they tend to dry skin out and cause breakouts due to clogging pores. Mineral foundations don't have as many ingredients in them and its easy to buy ones with fairly healthy ingredients. This way you don't use as many layers, because instead of, moisturiser, primer, foundation, powder, contour whatever else, you just use one coverage product. Also, because it looks a lot more natural on the skin then it won't need as much contouring to over-compenstate for the flattening effect that liquid foundations create. And also, because you're using less product your pores wouldn't clog as much and then your skin would maybe even normalise. Remember to drink plenty of water too! I hope this helps! xxx
  5. klarachomicz

    Eye Looks By Me

    In this album you can have an insight on some of the eye looks I have created in the past
  6. @@Jayderose that is crazy! in mainland europe is that hot as well but here in Britain it's absolutely freezing haha! Sitting under the covers within for some sun xx
  7. I really like some of the Real Techniques brushes because they're really affordable and really good quality. The expert face brush is only about 11 pounds in the UK and it is incredible - doesn't leave many brush strokes, perfectly blends the product into the skin and buffs everything beautifully. I also acquired some Zoeva brushes and they are really affordable too and the quality is great for the price, a lot of makeup artists in Britain use them. They have a variety of natural and synthetic brushes, some are sustainable as well - made out of bamboo. They come in so many shapes and sizes! And they also come in sets <3
  8. @@Jayderose when it's particularly hot, it might be a good idea to use a good eye primer (maybe even some powder on top depending on the base) to make the colours pop and help them stay all day long when it's hot outside! <3
  9. im so curious about this site, don't know where to start :D

  10. I just gave you a wee sub i have started my youtube channel a few months ago so you can check it out if you like! www.youtube.com/klarachomicz xxx
  11. Hey I'm new as well and indeed this site seems really great! Hopefully catch you soon for some makeup chat!
  12. Hi Everyone This is my first post on this wonderful website. I am a freelance and (halfly) self-taught Makeup Artist. I have been a model for 8 year during which I have acquired an enormous amount of knowledge on Makeup Artistry. I have recently started a Youtube Channel that you can have a look at if you wish, link on my profile. I am also attaching a wee sample of my work so that you can see the sort of thing I do Anyway, hope to converse with some of you soon ! Kindest Wishes, Klara xxx

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